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Law & Order SVU - Educated Guess - recap

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Written by : published Sunday 18th December 2011

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A young man sees his girlfriend take off her clothes in Central Park. He chases her. Finn and Collins are doing the rounds of the Park at the pond due to airport of a groper in the bushes. Suddenly they see a man running in his underwear all the way through. 
He takes off his underwear and shouts “It’s a jackhammer!" The crowd laughs but is shocked as well.  They apprehend him but he swears his girlfriend is there laughing a him. They guess PCP. 

He has a bad trip, says Collins, and at Bellevue she gets nervous because her sister had it rough. Finn says we all come from something. 

The orderly says he recognizes the man from Internet. The naked man has been online. The  Naked Fish on YouTube has 2,000 hits. The doctor negotiates the admit and Collins watches him. He says the guy is his, for now. Finn says they will see him at the arraignment.

As soon as he gets his EKG he’s going straight to jail, the guard says. The man gets out of his room.

He sees the attack on a woman. He wheels his chair and screams rape. White girl, dark blonde hair.(Natasha Lyonne)

At his hearing he speaks out. A guy was choking her. He told the guys, the guard. The arresting officers. This is the first time they  heard everything about rape. Collins defies belief in his statements. She was trying to pull his arm from the neck. She had a deep scar and a hospital bracelet.

Olivia and Collins go to Bellevue Ward 6. The physician in charge speaks to them. That is Gia Eskes. Is she lucid now, they ask. The guard is very sarcastic. He was handcuffed to a wheelchair. There was a code 85 so the guard was called away when someone attacked an officer and two nurses.

“Letme get ya the footage.” Cagney and Lacey were just leaving. She was upset last night she had to be sedated for a bad hair day. Olivia questions her.  She is working on finding her triggers. They caught her making a noose. Collins says the best way to make this go away. She wants a rape kit. 

“What happens if you find something”. Olivia she shows classic signs of assault. Gia is housed in a locked ward. No other patients have a record of sexual assault. Collins wants a look at her medical records.

Kragen says something happened. The rape kit found  sperm and DNA from an unknown male. She has the laceration scar. Gia’s wont file. If Gia’s hiding chronic abuse it may not be her call. Munch says medical records are tough to get. Collins says her mom may help them get the court order for the medical records.

When she was 14 she accused the doctor and a neighbor. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia. She was perhaps coping with the loss of her father. Her father is there at Bellevue. Olivia thinks Gia needs them to  want to find the rape without accusing anybody. The mother says she has to go now, she is cooking, the other sister is on a special diet and she has to go.

Olivia says a lot of victims recant. The mom says Gia has told her she wants to commit suicide and for her to find the body. 

At the house the sister and brother in law of the mother approach. They say they saw Gia that Friday and brought her flowers. This is Gia’s aunt and uncle. They say sometimes she turns on people who care for her. The mother jumps out to the sidewalk while they are talking with the detectives and gets Bella the fragile other sister inside.

Detective Romero finds an accident she got heated with another patient, a Jay Delaney days before the attack. He was shaking Gia like a rag doll. An orderly got in the middle and got a cut lip. He says he shouldn’t have touched her. He says he has already apologized.

In the interview Jay gets upset and says he snaps at her. Collins and Romero ask him about Gia. He says he looks out for her and attacks Romero. He is completely aggressive and uncontrollably violent.

Jay accuses guard Charles Lee. Collins looks through his locker. They find a uniform in his locker. A stained cloth uniform. He says that Finn knows him and is this about the rape. Lee refuses to delay the interview. He says legally nobody at Bellevue is capable of consent. They call DNA.

It wouldn’t be from a rape.  That would be him doing his job. Tuesday night Gia comes to him. She says she needs a gun. Drops to her knees. He found out nothing. He has confessed of sodomy. Olivia says the guy is smarter than he looks. He says he didn’t get her the gun he won’t give a loaded weapon to a squirrel.

Gia says nothing happened and Olivia says they are running the DNA right now. The gun was a bad idea. Gia says that Olivia carries one on her hip and she tells Gia  she has a gun but it didn’t save her from rape. She says why speak up now, nobody has ever believed her. 

Olivia says that the force believes her and that she believes her. Gia confesses. Her uncle George Zane raped her. He has cameras and in their garage a type of place and also in their bedroom. He posed her and would take the photos. Gia’s mother  wouldn’t believe it. The mother is financially dependent on George.

“You falsely accused other men because George is family”. Olivia understands. Collins and Olivia  agree that some things are not worth pursuing. Olivia says that is how they win. They vow that will not happen this time around. 

Olivia and Collins go to arrest George Zane. On the sidewalk Bella is harshly criticizing the mother for not bringing cold groceries out of the trunk first. The police arrest George Zane. He tells his wife Bella to call a lawyer. Bella says to her mother this is her crazy sister’s doing. But George says it is not as he is dragged off.

The mother of Gia says she is lying and Collins turns on the mother. She says, “You know, that is probably what you said the first time your daughter told you about your husband raping her”.

The interrogation is unbelievable. George says he found himself very attracted to her and he doesn’t need reminding he is a cliche. He says what they have is real. Romero says the heart wants what the heart wants. Munch watches silently. George is deluded. He was wanting her since she was a teenager. He was her first.

They waited until she was seventeen. She has a pink bra he liked...They watch the security footage for entry when she was raped and they see a man who could have been George. They decide he stole a passkey from an employee.

Why does she say it happened beginning when she was fourteen? George’s lawyer speaks up. The patient’s mental illness is well documented. Gia can’t live without him, George says. His wife Bella has cancer. He can’t leave her and shows them a letter. It is a scrawl. “George, I love you Gia”. George is living in a fantasy word of the predator.

Olivia and Collins says the letter proves their prior relationship. The mother and daughter arrive at police HQ and demand to see George. They do not believe a word of it. They leave in complete denial when Munch and Romero confront her. Romero is sickened at the mother’s response. 

Gia says she does not love him. Olivia watches her. Gia is angry and panicked. She knows her mother thinks she is crazy. Olivia says to Collins, that he might have kept the pink bra, why not any other trophies like the pictures. They go in to his locked  garage which was cleaned out. His wife and Gia’s mother watch.

They go into the house and search. They find out that Bella had her gall bladder removed at Bellevue. Her husband insisted. She did not have cancer. It was an excuse to get into see Gia. 

They find his tool box and other things under the bed. The wife Bella hid the garage things in the house. Bella says the things have always been there. But the mother says she has cleaned the house for fifteen years they were never there before.

Olivia and Collins are shocked but so is her mother. Olivia guesses Bella moved the stuff in. The mother gapes.  The toolbox has a combination lock. They can’t open it.

The mother gives the date for Gia’s birthday which breaks the lock. Bella pleads for her mother to not help them. Photos from Gia’s fourteenth birthday posed with sexual significance are found. That and the picture of Gia in the pink bra are in the box. Olivia points out that this means this was happening since Gia was fourteen. 

Bella says they are forgeries. Her mother is shocked to know that she knew. She never said anything. It was her own niece. The mother realizes the depth of her denial that Gia was molested for so long.

Later, at the Bellevue roof-line, Olivia sees Gia wearing normal clothes. She wants to know if her mother has been to see her. Gia says she has tried but she has turned it down. Gia says she knows she has to forgive her to move in. But not today. Olivia says if she was strong enough to survive the abuse she can survive the recovery.

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