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A Gifted Man - Abnormal Rhythm - recap

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Written by : published Saturday 17th December 2011

Holt shows up in his executive office and his secretary says he is about to be interviewed for “The top ten surgeons in Manhattan.” He puts that on hold and leaves. He keep patients waiting. The social worker is at the clinic sending in new patients. 

He goes to the clinic. She is referring new patients. He meets a man who was also bereaved. They commiserate on how once the loved one is gone it is too late. He meets Anna Paul’s boyfriend, who stands up and give a speech and dedicates the center. Holt is shocked. He sees Anna. Philip Romero is the man. He introduces himself as Michael Holt he is her ex-husband.

Just then outside the Clinica Sanandro a woman rushes up with a sick child. The school nurse gave him something for the pain. The young African American boy fainted.  He used to live in Haiti. They need the father’s permission to treat him. Holt says the abrasions may not be.
Anna’s ex is also known by the man he met in the dedication. He treats the patients.

They talk about trauma and possibly treat antibiotics maybe through quarantine. Holt learns lab work will take a couple of days and offers to do it himself with a microscope. Red broken cells sickle cell anemia. 

“How does  a ten year old grow up undiagnosed?” and Holt says he may lose his arm.
As Holt leaves the man says “Do it for Anna”. Holt leaves anyway.

His tax man is in his waiting room at the executive office waiting room. His wife had a bike crash.
She saw an angel coming around the corner. A twinkling wavy light. 

“Did it look like anyone?’ Holt asks.

It is a safalgic migraine, a silent migraine with no head pain. She used to get migraines not aura migraines. He writes a prescription. He examines her abdomen and she flinches in pain, and he requests a CT.

But when he is leaving he jokes with the other doctor and then runs back to the lab to interrupt the radiation test. He does an ultrasound and finds a baby. This is the weight gain cause. They tried IVF a few years ago. 

Rita learns about a memorial service for Anna. She worries about his MRI last week. The guy Anton who married the couple of the woman who died is in his office. He said he didn’t know shamans made house calls. Christine has been texting him without an answer.

The deal he performed to get rid of Anna’s spirit. he says if the host wants the spirit can slip back in.

Anna appears and the shaman senses she is there. Anna says that Anton can help him understand her. he says where was Anton twelve years ago. He asks if she enjoyed her memorial. Holt says her boyfriend was a stiff. He says she was always able to get people to do what she wanted.

Zeke (Dr.) Barnes is calling from the clinic about sickle cell boy. His fever has spiked. 

Holt orders but finds out a blood culture takes two days to get results. 

Rita meets Liz about the Top Ten Surgeons article and he says he will reschedule because Anna pokes at him he has to go to the clinic. 

Harold the father is there. There is a serious infection. Harold says he has donated before. AB negative is is blood type. The kid is O Positive. Patrice is the kid. His mother died in the Haiti quake

There is no way he is related. Harold wants to give  blood. Holt says he is not his biological father. The blood type proves it is impossible. 

His bedside manner makes Harold denounces Patrice and walk away from the clinic
Harold senses something is wrong and finds out there is no way he is related and says he knows no Patrice. Barnes  Holt of making the kid an orphan.

He finds  a brain tumor in Rebbecca the pregnant woman. Rebbecca is back she has he worse headache of her life. He says to prep her for blood clots.

The chemotherapy will not hurt the boy baby they got the scanogram. She can’t do the chemotherapy. She does not have time to go full time with the baby. She has a 26 week baby. There is an 80 per cent survival rate.

The baby could have cerebral palsy and be blind. The argue. Rebbecca Marks wants to leave and Holt say that he can save the baby and she says no and they leave.

Over dinner he discusses the baby patient. He confesses he did not say anything at Anna’s memorial. At the clinic social services won’t take the boy with sickle cell. He will have to go to the county hospital in a taxi.

Patrice wants to see his dad and thinks his dad is gone and is mad at him. He will only go with his father and during talking he falls unconscious and he has an arrest.

He has an overdose of potassium and Barnes asks why. Holt says the school nurse must have given him something to spike his potassium. Barnes asks for a crash cart. Holt performs heart massage until Patrice comes back.

Rita says he doesn’t work at the clinic. Zeke calls and says the boy is stable and at a bed at county. Rita says he was born to do work not at tummy-aches Rita reminds Holt she used to be a nurse. H will go to the Top Ten list.

Jim the husband of the pregnant woman calls. His wife has had an attack. Holt meets the ambulance. She says he has to choose the baby not her. They rush her into surgery.

Jim stops Holt short. He says Holt doesn’t know what is in his heart. He wants him to save Rebbecca even if it means losing the baby. Holt says that is not what Rebbecca wants. He says if anything happens in there “Please save my wife”.

Holt starts brain surgery waiting for the OB. He finds the source of the tumor. The monitor registers the baby heart rate trending down, the baby needs to come out now The OB is coming out of surgery, and is 5 minutes away.

The baby starts to arrive. He needs an extra set of hands. If he stops she will be brain dead. he can’t stop the tumor removal and tying off brain work until the source is found. The Fetal heart rate still dropping. He finds the bleeder. The baby heart rate is now 30 bpm they are losing the baby. Holt switches to delivery mode. 

The brain is bleeding again while he delivers the baby. The NIC unit accepts the baby. he OB shows up. The brain is dying. But then Holt brings the blood pressure back up and out, the tumor is out now.

Anna’s ghost says “Another satisfied customer”. He says he likes to go out of the day on top. Anna asks about Patrice. Anna says he is not bringing him here. He is talking to himself. He walks on.

Philip the boyfriend shows up at Holt’s executive practice.  He looks pointedly at Holt. They could really use someone who practices family medicine. Holt says to look around.

He says it was worth a try. But Holt says he knows lots of doctors, and to find the clinic a new medical director. Philip nods, and says ‘Keeping the spirit alive”.

Holt goes to Harold’s construction work site and yells at him for being a fool. He says that his son never did anything wrong. Holt tells Harold to man up and be angry at his dead wife not his live son. Harold is astonished when Holt says to yell at his dead wife if he needs to.

Patrice asks when he can go home. Holt says things have changed. He will go to a different home. But Harold shows up to take Patrice back.

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