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Grimm - Let Your Hair Down - recap

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Written by : published Saturday 17th December 2011

A man shows up and  goes crazy at an Oregon campsite. He brutally savages the campers but gets attacked himself. The terrified campers see shadows of brutal strength and violence ripping a drug dealer limb from limb.  The next day a crime scene develops, the cops carve through a marijuana field. They crack down on drug growing zones. 

They see weird traces in the bush. But Bigfoot wouldn’t fit in a sleeping bag. The local authorities say there have been a series of drug dealers up in the woods that have got  lot of campsites raided. Food and clothing. The latest victims ran a dog grooming salon.

Kill the grower but leaves all of the plants. Who did it and can they move the body?  It’s one less scumbag in the world. He finds an automatic weapon in the grass. Traces on the trees. He sees a weird faced animal-man in the bush that runs from him.

The cops interview the hikers. Some thing came into the camp and started knocking stuff over. They never saw his body. Whatever it was it saved their lives. Delmar Blake was the dead man but other DNA was found that did not belong to the hikers. 

A couple of knuckle draggers want to see the body. Apparently Citizen Blake had family. They go to the morgue. 

“Let us do our jobs before you become our jobs”. Griffin tries to warn the Delmars. The men say they can see he was strangled. They intend to do something about it.

The lab report from the scene has a preliminary match. Missing DNA from girl adopted and missing for 9 years ago. Holly Clark. Living out in the woods. Griffin worked the original case. They order the files brought out on the abduction.

The brothers DelMar  leaf through the newspaper articles of the campers who survived the attack.  They cruise their home. 

Monroe has a massive bunch of trains up. Could she be a blue file like him. Abducted at the age of seven and living in the wood for nine years.

Did he know he was a blue file when he was born?

Monroe says “ You feel the surge and fang out. “He got scared. They discuss Holly’s potential experience. 
He says she didn’t have a set of parents that would have understood it. This could be why she never came out of the woods. He cannot risk someone else life taking him out there. Monroe say he would be no match for something like that.

At the Hair of the Dog salon, the owner leaves. This is one of the hikers. The Delmar brothers capture him. 

Griffin and  partner discuss how to handle the case. They have not told the parents of the missing girl yet. They want to keep it low profile. They say the DEA would have sent the other drug dealers running. Their boss wants hard evidence first.

They wander in the campsite zone. Monroe finds Fernock root and says it is a painkiller and a diuretic. He sniffs around for scent. He says they have their own unique bouquet. They find her bone yard They are on her property. 

Monroe sees her dashing away. He transforms after chasing her and she transforms and roars at him. They both transform and roar at each other then she dashes off.

Monroe transforms back and say “that was intense”. They chase her to a space where she climbs up into  a tree-house It is a hell of a hunting blind. Monroe climbs up. He finds her sleeping. They see she is sick with a fever.

Hank Griffin of Portland PD is looking into new aspects of Holly’s disappearance. He visits Mrs. Clark the adoptive mother for more clues. They camped out there in the forest a few times. Her husband passed away a few years ago. The neighbor moved away a long time ago. 

Jimmy Addison was the neighbor they borrowed the camping equipment from. He had a bite from a wild animal. He was in the hospital. He was hiding up near Mt. Hood. He was treated as Community Hospital in Beaverton. This is hundreds of miles away.

In the tree-house, Monroe is cagey. Monroe tries to communicate with Holly while the other puts medicine in her wounds. They show her the pink barrette. Monroe turns into Grimm to calm her down and make her trust them.

The Delmar brothers torture the male hiker. He says “Do you really think I could have killed your brother?” They go to check his story. They motor around on ATVs near where the girl has been found.

Meanwhile their boss questions the man with Griffin who got bit. He is on disability. He can’t explain why he went to Beaverton or medical assistance. They bring him in. 

One of them needs to go back. Monroe won’t leave her. He says he will be back as soon as he can. he says she will get her some  Burdock root. 

He calls the boss and says the Blake brothers are around but he found her. Addison’s name is on the camping equipment. They tell Addison who goes crazy and says that she bit him and to keep her away from him. They punch him to the ground.

Meanwhile the Blake brothers scout out the men in the forest. Monroe return to Holly’s tree-house with Burdock root. The Blake brothers start shooting from below the hunting blind. He says he is coming down. He says for her to stay there. He climbs down.

They ask how long he has been living there. They want to know what he has been digging for. He tells them about the root. He hears Holly move around. The other man climbs up and sees Delmar’s sleeping bag. They say this is the man who killed their brother.

He says to put their weapons on the ground. Holly attacks and is shot. She is embraced by Monroe. Griffin arrives to tell Mrs. Clark that they found Holly alive. They drive Holly and Monroe says goodbye. They deliver Holly to her home.

The men watch as she is a first hesitant and then Holly shows her the barrette. They embrace. The suspect is in custody. They show that Dave Addison was the abductor. Holly picks him out in a police lineup. Her eyes shine like a Grimm.

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