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The New Girl s01e09 "The 23rd"

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Written by : published Saturday 17th December 2011

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Reminder: Christmas is all sadness this year on New Girl.


Jess doesn't know what to get Paul because they've only been going out a month, and she doesn't know how serious it should be. In the end, she gets him an anatomical heart, and he gets her two tickets to a music conservatory in Vienna. She sees how unequal these gifts are, but he only sees how cute she is, and he tells her he loves her. Which she can't honestly say back.

So they all go to Schmidt's office Christmas party, and she's hiding from Paul in the bathroom. CeCe is also hiding from her new boyfriend, but she kept the perfume that Schmidt gave her--he had it custom-made for her, and even though it makes her sick to smell it, she wears it because she's realizing again that he isn't so bad. How long will it last this time? Jess decides to go talk to Paul, but to leave it until after Christmas, except that Nick has accidentally let it slip that she doesn't love him, and so the issue is pushed. They wind up breaking up, and Nick can't escape his part in it.

To make it up to her, Nick intentionally misses his flight home for the fifth time in a row, but he does it to take Jess to the street that has the most lights in town, which she wanted to see before, but they missed because of the party. All the lights are off, but he wants to make it up to her, so he screams at the closed-up houses until they turn the lights on and she gets to see them, and they all go back as friends.

Meanwhile, Schmidt finally manages to stand up to his mean boss a little and gains just a touch of respect, but it won't be easy for him. And Winston manages to impress the boss-boss by getting her son who hates everyone to engage and talk, and she offers him a job as a very high-paid nanny.


After the lackluster performance of the last two episodes, and the way Christmas specials are all over the place and getting a bit old this week, I wasn't expecting much. But this episode reminded me why I keep watching this show: no matter how awkward these people are (or how many times the only word that applies to them is 'awkward'), they genuinely like each other. Nick is incredibly sweet through this whole episode, even though he keeps getting everything wrong, and he does for her what she did for him in the wedding episode: he makes it alright. He also proves he likes her. What will that mean now that Paul looks like he's gone, though?

Schmidt's work story is getting a little more interesting, too. It's not just that he's henpecked, it's that he lets them henpeck him, and the one boss, at least, has been waiting for him to stand up for himself. His childlike adoration for CeCe is much sweeter and endearing than his wolfish pedatoryness of before, and it says a lot that he gave her the present and explained it while facing off with her current crappy boyfriend.

And Winston as a nanny. That can only be entertaining.

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