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The New Girl s01e08 "Bad In Bed"

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Written by : published Friday 16th December 2011

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Reminder: Jess forgets how to have sex.


Jess and Paul decide to spend the night together, but since they're both basically the most awkward people in the world, it turns out really bad. Jess wants the next try to be fantastic, but she's worried that she doesn't know enough about sex anymore, and that what worked with Spencer might not be good these days. So she asks the boys what to do, and they're spectacularly unhelpful. She watches hours of dirty movies on Schmidt's laptop and feels even less secure. When the big night comes, her attempts as seduction are cringe-worthy, and their only roleplaying voices they have are 40s movie stars, which is just weird. In the end, though, Paul comes to her and confesses that he's not as sophisticated as she is but he's willing to try out all this strange stuff so that he can stay with her. She confesses that she only did that stuff because she was afraid he wouldn't like her, and they meet each other half-way in the elevator.

Schmidt, meanwhile, is getting tired of being picked on at work, gets himself invited to the boss's baby shower, and proves that even a pregnant lady can party.


The oh-my-god-why-am-I-watching-this factor of this episode is high. There's hardly a minute that goes by where Jess isn't so bizarrely odd that the viewer isn't embarassed for her. Usually, she manages to bring it back around to charming by the end of the episode, but there was so much cringing involved in this one that it was a hard sell when she just fessed up at the end. And there wasn't much for the boys to rally around this episode, which is one of the things they do well, so it sort of didn't have the usual warm-and-fuzzy payoff that it tends to have.

Still, we got some great grumpy-faces from Nick, and Schmidt being entirely in over his head in a group of strong women is always entertaining.

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