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The New Girl s01e07 "Bells"

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Written by : published Friday 16th December 2011

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Reminder: Jess teaches hand bells to underpriveledged teens.


Even Jess's after-school projects are strange and awkward. She teaches at-risk teens how to use handbells to keep them off the streets. And she really loves it, but she's extra nice and loving about  it and they walk all over her without getting any better at it. Winston, who is incredibly bored at his office job, gets involved in it and gets so competitive that she has to kick him off the team.

Meanwhile, Nick wants to fix things, but he has no money, and he's too proud to let Schmidt pay for things. They get into a fight where they try to separate everything that each payed for--Schmidt has the TV, for instance, but Nick pirated the cable. And so on. They don't really stop fighting, but they call a truce so they can go support Jess and her poor handbell team, and Jess lets Winston back on stage for an incredibly lackluster performance.


This was an okay episode. It's interesting that they didn't manage to get any better, even when Winston was back on the team, and that they had almost no audience; usually in these sort of situations, there's this feeling that everything has to be alright by the end of the episode, and it's kind of refreshing that it's closer to reality. Even if New Girl isn't really all that much about reality most of the time.

And it's always fun when Schmidt and Nick get wound up about something. Both actors do it well. This episode, however, things just came across as...too much. Too heavy-handed, maybe, or not enough plot in between the fighting and the being awkard. Better luck next time!

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