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Suburgatory s01e09 "The Nutcracker"

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Written by : published Friday 16th December 2011

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Reminder: George is in demand for Christmas.


George breaks up with Zoe, the girl from the city, and blames it on Tessa. Tessa takes it hard, and comes up with a plan to get Zoe to come and win him back during their holiday tree-trimming as the perfect present for him. The tree-trimming party, however, was devised so that George could get close to Aimee, the school's art teacher, who is entirely free of sarcasm and irony. The party, however, goes awry when Zoe shows up and Tessa tries to keep her from seeing George liking Aimee, Zoe flips out over the whole situation and then fixates on Noah when he uses his dentist-voice to get her out of the way, and the school's guidance councilor gets mad that no one wants the food he brought.

Then, at the end, Dallas's plans are scuttled by bad weather and she shows up. She's flattered that George remembered that she'd told him about red mittens before, and that's what he got her now, and she kisses him under the mistletoe. George is surprised and confused and asks, sort of, if this is a thing, and she bruses it off as the season. It didn't look like it was just the mistletoe, though, and the sweet, quiet connection between them is still there.


There's a little more this episode about the ongoing rebellion against Lisa's mother, which is great. She's so awkward, even when she's wearing a really great green shirt, that every scene with Lisa is fabulous. And there's a little more of the passive-agressive falling apart of Dallas's relationship with her husband--he tells Dahlia not to listen to Dallas, and that sounds like set-up for trouble down the line. But most of this episode is silly, a classic comedy of errors, almost. Tessa is running all over the place trying to fix what she thinks is something wrong and her fault, only to have other things go wrong because she is, and George to get the brunt of all of it.

But it's not a bad holiday episode, and that scene with the mistletoe is worth the whole rest of the show.

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