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Suburgatory s01e08 "Thanksgiving"

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Written by : published Friday 16th December 2011

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Reminder: The over-the-top Thanksgiving.


Tessa doesn't want to stay in the 'burbs for Thanksgiving, so George asks Dallas to help her have fun while he's working so she won't mope around. Tessa uses a poorly-phrased promise from Dallas to get her to take her into the city for lunch, and while they're there, they accidentally see George making out with a girl. Tessa is shocked that he lied to her about work and about visiting home, and Dallas is shocked that she didn't know he was seeing someone, but they promise not to tell so that no one knows they went into the city.

Tessa is ticked, however, and eventually confronts him at the Thanksgiving party that Dallas let Dahlia plan. He tells her that life isn't fair, and he's not bound to the same rules as her, which she finds unfair.

Meanwhile, Dallas's husband is home and she knows that he's been cheating on her--the pictures are all over the internet. She's also got a yappy new dog that Dahlia hates the way people hate significantly younger siblings.

We also get to meet Noah's frigid wife and socially-awkward daughter. And Lisa gets into a feud with her mother over a terrible family tradition of wearing pilgrim dresses to dinner that results in her running away outside naked, and hiding in George's car. They find that she's there when he agrees to take Tessa to her favorite place in the city for their traditional milkshakes, and she goes with them.


It seems that Suburgatory isn't really all about Tessa anymore. She's still the narrator and still the center of a lot of the conflict, but there's this whole cast of weird and mostly unhappy people around her who have their own stories coming along. We learn that Noah is totally henpecked and his daughter is clueless, though very smart. We learn that Lisa has grown a pretty respectable backbone, and watching her revel is rebellion is something beautiful and important for the character. Her brother gets to make a reappearance, and this time he's not entirely a jerk--in fact, he sort of starts to respect Lisa a little, and he's still thoughtless, but he's also a co-conspirator for the middle part of the show. Maybe we'll get more of his good-natured dumbness later on.

We get to see a little snippet or three of Dallas's marriage falling apart, and a little touch of how she's really starting to fall for George. It's sad and sweet, and all the more so because it's just in those snippets--they aren't layering it on too thick, and they aren't lingering too much on those storylines.

This show has been a little loose with episode-to-episode continuity since the beginning, but it looks here like they're starting to tighten up those strings, and to knit everything together closer. And lets hope that all these other family members crop up more as the season continues.

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