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2 Broke Girls s01e11 "And the Reality Check"

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Written by : published Friday 16th December 2011

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Reminder: Chestnut can't live in the back yard all winter.


The winter sets in suddenly, and it starts snowing, leaving them with nowhere to put Chestnut so he doesn't freeze to death. After some slapstick where Caroline tries to rig a tarp shelter, they do some research and find a place that will board horses for free so long as they can work in movies and TV to pay their way. The guy says that Chestnut is too out of shape, however, so they have to find a new idea.

Max strikes on the idea of getting Peach to take care of him, since she's trying to get onto the Real Housewives of TriBeCa, and it's trendy to both take in strange damaged animals and to befriend fallen celebrities. Caroline makes an appearance before the cameras for Chestnut, and gets away with it because she doesn't sign the wavers to allow them to air it. When they're saying goodbye, Max gets all emotional, proving that she really did like the poor horse after all.


Wait, no more Chestnut?? But he was one of the best parts of this show! They had better bring him back in the spring like they said...

Other than that, this was a pretty solid episode. They didn't make any money (or even try, really), but they also didn't lose any, and Peach got to upstage everyone with her ridiculousness, as she always does. There wasn't much of the diner crew, which is sad, but there was lots of Chestnut standing around and being Chestnut, and it was overall pretty funny. Even touching when Max said goodbye at the end.

It's nice that Max's shell is softening up a little. More and more, we're getting to see her sentimentality, her vulnerability, and it's pretty neat, since she's such a hard character otherwise. And in episodes like this, there's no reason to make Caroline's education into something to beat us over the head with--it shines through just fine on its own.

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