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2 Broke Girls s01e10 "And the Very Christmas Thanksgiving"

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Written by : published Friday 16th December 2011

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Reminder: Max and Caroline get a second job as Christmas elves.


To get some extra money for the holiday, Max and Caroline get a night job as elves in the mall's Santaland. Max is typically hateful about the whole thing, while Caroline is typically overly cheerful and kind of nauseating about the holidays. Things don't go well, though. The diner has a Thanksgiving buffet for the neighborhood, and immediately afterward, they have to go to the first day of their new job. Caroline takes an energy drink to keep going, and it makes her crash hard when it wears off. Max gets promoted to Mrs Claus, and Caroline has a meltdown when her dad doesn't want to see her. So they wind up making no money at all, and things stay pretty much the way they have been.


Not the best episode this show has had, but still fun. It was interesting watching Max and Caroline switch roles, with Max trying to save the kids' ideas of Christmas and Caroline ready to dash them all, but the episode didn't really have much in the way of conclusion. It just sort of happened, and then everyone moved on and never spoke of it again. Johnny wasn't even mentioned, which makes me grumpy, and as far as holiday episodes go, there was little new here. Maybe the show is just too new to really pull off a heartwarming--or heartrending--holiday?

But there was that whole thing with Caroline's tights...

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