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How I Met Your Mother s07e12 "Symphony of Illumination"

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Written by : published Friday 16th December 2011

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Reminder: Robin and Barney deal with the baby.


Robin still doesn't want a baby, and rightly brings up that it'll really hurt Kevin--they havent' had sex yet, so it's obviously not his and there's no way she could pass it off as his. Barney is thrilled by the idea, but when the doctor tells them she's not pregnant, he's just as relieved as she is.

Until the doctor calls her back and tells her that the reason she's not pregnant is that she can't get pregnant. Suddenly, Robin's story is a serious one about how she never wanted kids, but now that there's no chance of her having any, she's surprisingly upset about it. Being Robin, she doesn't tell anyone why she's upset and keeps insisting she's fine, but Ted doesn't buy it. In the end, he tells her that it doesn't matter if she won't tell him, he's still going to try to cheer her up. He wires the whole apartment into an AC/DC light display--her ideal of a perfect holiday tradition--and holds her as she cries it all out.

Meanwhile, Marshall decides to see what holidays are like in the suburbs. He goes to set up lights and gets swindled by one of the local kids and trapped on the roof while the kid throws a wild party in their house. He foreshadows that the neighborhood is not as perfect as they think it is, but that's just intro now.


Marshall's story was entertaining, what with the kid texting dirty mesages to Lilly from Marshall's phone and holding him hostage on the roof and all, but as is so usual for the story Marshall inhabits, it's not the point of the episode.

The point is Robin's lonely story about how sad she is. And how she won't share that sadness. She gets the voice over that is usually Ted's, and she's talking to her own future children. She refers to everyone as aunts and uncles the way Ted does, and calls Barney their father. But it's a little off: she still insists that she never wanted kids. And in the end, it's revealed that they were imaginary, a coping mechanism, and we're left with one lingering shot of Robin, alone at night, sitting on a park bench in the snow as the weight of her changed future settles onto her. It's a gorgeous shot, and it's heartbreaking. There's so much heartbreaking this season, but they still keep finding new ways to perfectly leverage seven years of knowing these people without feeling like they're manipulating us.

And it's a heck of a way to leave us for almost a month as the show goes into the holiday hiatus. Will Robin ever tell them what upset her? What will barney do about it? Will she decide that she does want kids after all, and adopt, despite Ted's insistance that she doesn't become a mother after all in the closing voice over? How has her life changed by the removal of this one option that she didn't want anyway?

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