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How I Met Your Mother s07e11 "The Rebound Girl"

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Written by : published Friday 16th December 2011

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Reminder: Ted and Barney decide to adopt as Bros.


Ted and Barney are both bummed about their relationship status and decide to take girls out of the equations. While drunk, they decide to adopt a baby together, and figure they'll be the best and coolest dads ever. Barney shows up with a baby that he won't say where it's from, and says her name is Hurricane. Ted is alarmed until he sees how women flock to them and their amazing story of fatherhood. When they go to Lilly and Marshall's new house out in the burbs for Thanksgiving, they learn that the baby belongs to Barney's brother James, and James convinces them to wait for the real thing. It doesn't help Barney's broken heart, though.

Meanwhile, Lilly and Marshall want to sell the house, but even just spending a short time there makes their supposedly-huge apartment in the city look too small to even function, and they're leaning toward keeping the place. They have Thanksgiving out there so everyone can fit. Robin takes the announcement of their move badly and locks herself into the bathroom until they change their minds, only they don't. She stays there all episode, and they bring her food through the window around back. When Barney goes on his walk after he's discouraged from adopting, he winds up climbing through the window to hang out with Robin and make sure they're still friends. She says they are--and that she's pregnant.


Talk about a cliffhanger! This show has got the last line hook down to a science--first Barney and Robin in the back of the cab, and now this. It's amazing. And it's a great episode.

This is one of those ones where everything is silly on the surface, but the silliness is hiding all the sadness this show always seems to be carrying with it. It's getting so emotional, almost, dare I say it, dramatic. Through the whole thing, Ted has his usual worry that he's missed his chance to be happy. Barney has a broken heart he won't admit to because no one knows he and Robin tried to get back together. Robin was keeping her news to herself and it made her edgy and clinging in a way that didn't seem out of character in the context of the episode until suddenly all is revealed and it all slots into place. That's one of the other things this show does so well.

It's great to see James again, even if his hubby is played by someone else entirely than the last time we saw him. But it was so sad as the baby-dream fell apart and Barney was left with only that hurt again. Neil Patrick Harris is so good at quick and subtle mood changes, and they're using that skill all over the place this season. Things are getting life-changing again.

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