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The Mentalist - Fugue in Red - recap

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Written by : published Friday 16th December 2011

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He asks her if the are sleeping together. He senses she is a cop and he can’t see any other reason for her to come to his bedside. Lisbon realizes that he has a memory problem and informs him that they are not sleeping together.

He catches bad guys that sounds like fun. He is not a psychic. Lisbon realizes he forgets about his wife being dead. Theresa Lisbon hears him say he saw something during his attack. A white light. Surrounded by people. He saw a woman who knew her, her mother. Lisbon is skeptical.

Lisbon says she is not impressed. He says her mother gave her that cross. The doctor says as far as he knows the previous traumas never happened his family never existed. They decide not to say anything.

Jane makes a new introduction to the staff. Wayne Rigsby enjoys Jane’s talk. The armed ATM robber is dressed in khakis, a crime in itself. They work the dead fireman murder and play a copy of the news broadcast. The dead  fireman was a popular hero.

Usually the firemen work in pairs. The squad want to know who let the victim into that deathtrap alone. Lisbon says they might get another try at killing Jane. Rigsby says he is good at sussing out guilty parties. Jane asks Rigsby for a shot at Van Pelt. Clearly Van Pelt dumped him and he wants a way into the “tasty ginger snaps”.

Van Pelt interviews the fireman’s widow. Did her husband have any enemies? She sarcastically says he was a hero. She is not wearing a wedding ring and she says she is melting it for cash. She’s kidding. She is really having it resized to fit her finger. She was working last night watching the suicide prevention hot-line

Your mascot has smelled enough. Jane uses the dog. Dogs have found their way home and have sixth sense. Jane quotes a precedent where dogs detect the presence of spirits and even detect cancer. 

Jane lets the dog go and he identities the killer that saved him life. Jane lets the dog go and laughingly confesses he used smoked kipper, also known as “red herring” Nobody laughs.

“What’s your relationship with the deceased?”. Jane say there are no sad feelings, no wedding ring. The captain gruffly asserts not and says wives are off limits. He dismisses Jane but the ma interrupts and says that he was sleeping with the dead man’s wife.

Just like the old Jane. Rigsby and Ho exchange a look.

Jane remembers some things and not others as Lisbon and he sit on a park bench. There is an acronym for seven level of taxonomy. Jane looks at the trees and analyzes the fine weather. 

A lie detector test is used on the fireman by Rigsby. The view of the firehouse is analyzed. The standard operating guidelines but Paul decides t run upstairs. He left him in a smoke filled room with zero visibility. Paul was good press but not a good fireman and the mans says he is glad he doesn’t have Paul to cover his back during the next fire,

They go door to door looking for evidence. Jane says he knows him, Tom Wilcox. He wants to get into the house to get the missing stuff because of the arson investigation. He was unconscious the whole, time. How did you black out? Jane asks. They were both blacked out at the same time.

Jane says they both cheated death maybe they should get T-shirts. Cho asks about insurance. he says he is a Savings and Loan man and didn’t insure the house for lack of cash. Agent Cho and Jane meet the wife and daughter of the man Wilcox. She wants to go to the funeral.

He says they can’t afford he insurance. The grieving widow had a lot to celebrate in terms of life insurance. She says Paul knew about the affair. He was begging for a divorce. 

He was an adrenaline junkie dancing in the fire he glory of hype of being a hero. She upped the policy because his fatality was just a matter of time. She says his death was probably the rush of his life. Chao says “What is your play here?”

Chao says you have deeper reasons for helping people. Jane says he does like him. And he will help that little girl find her lost doll. At the Wilcox hose, he looks at the floor and loses his train of thought.

Something reminds him of something he forgot and he asks Chao to wait outside. Jane immediately tries to escape.  Van Pelt is interested in getting a date. Lisbon is missing but they get a call. He is performing a psychic performance. This is her chance to come through.

Jane hosts a roomful of people mesmerized. “She was killed. Hers was not a natural passing it was a car crash. He says what you are forgetting is that she lost you too. She is telling you that she wants a hug, a huge hug”. (Applause).

Lisbon says that he is done and Van Pelt notices he is handing out Rigsby’s card. Lisbon says this is not helping. He felt badly about the fish stunt. He took them out for the night on the town, he toasts the firemen as the best of the best. They salute his toast.

At the station Lisbon puts the hammer down and says she can keep him against his will. He says he only needs the signature of a responsible person and the wedding ring got him some interesting offers.

He says put a fork in it he is quitting police work. Lisbon says it is in her power to hold him as material witness in a forgotten tragedy. He is happy now just let him be happy.

Jacket, left pocket, he figured out who cooked the firemen. As a parting gift he will give to her and he says there is room in his bunk for her to sleep in.

Jane finds the man Wilcox putting his rental car together. He says put your game face on cockroach. He says he found something else in the house. The fire is a popular way to burn evidence. And the ATM theft is pending.

The robber went out to put his stash in the safe. The smoke was too thick he couldn’t breathe. He passed to right there in his own bedroom. He knows how a Savings and Loan guard operates. What would motivate you to kill a man who saved your life?

The mask was what he was trying to burn. “And that is why you had to kill him.” 

He tried to crack his safe. Jane says he is not here to bust him. He wants half the money. He could ask for more , “What choice do you have?”.

He wants the mask. He gives it to him and it is not the mask. He found that in Mexican party store. “The colors are a good match though, don’t you think?” He is caught.

He is arrested. But at the station Lisbon tries to flee and says that his check is terrible. 

Lisbon tells Jane thank you for his help. She realizes he did take some money. He says he is not running away and she says to take a ride with him. They drive to his house.

Lisbon takes him into the room that used to be his wife and daughter’s room and says she is sorry. He pauses and remembers.

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