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Person of Interest - Number Crunch - recap

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Written by : published Friday 16th December 2011

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On Roosevelt Drive, the cameras keep watch. Voices look out and say “Any sign of the kid?”. They say “The kid has always been reckless”. An accident happens.

Finch tracks missing people whose pattern is different the next day in a group. One of them might be chasing the others. The pattern interests Finch. He has Reese investigate the missing people.

Officer Carter is being interviewed. Some things from her shooting don’t add up. “A trusted source shoots you in the chest”. She was wearing a vest. The statement does not say where the unknown shooter came from. She didn’t get a good look at his face. 

The interviewers ask about the shooter who saved her life and if he has made contact with her. She says they have her statement. She then says she doesn’t talk again unless her delegate is present. The inquiry and shooting makes her stuck on the desk.

Reese tells Finch he is at the apartment of one of the missing people. Police have gathered. Reese dresses up as an EMT. The woman is dead on the floor . He sees her phone tagged and bagged in evidence he puts a flash drive into her computer, and copies files just before Fusco walks in. Nothing valuable has been taken despite expensive items lying around.

The victim is Claire Ryan, a professor who lived alone. Her body is on the floor. One shot to the head at close range. That’s one person off the list. Fusco tells Finch he will takes the one other woman and he takes Wendy. Fusco sees Reese and asks if he killed Claire Ryan. Reese says no and asks why he is working without Carter. Reese learns of Carter’s desk gig.

In the police office, more questions about the shooting are framed to Carter. They ask why she doesn’t even have a description. Her captain says she has made him a problem for the whole department, and is asked into a special inquisition where more unknown personnel gather against her and read the file. A dark haired man reads the file. They want to know more. They say “Answer the question or turn in your badge”.

Reese tells Finch he is at Wendy’s salon and it seems fine. A stylist approaches him with a hard sell and he wants to make an appointment to be styled more modern. Fusco tracks Wendy to the  street where she makes a buy, but she sees him and flees. 

Matt Dugan is another of the people in the group. Finch tracks Matt Dugan and says he is having an early midlife crisis shopping for motorcycles. He quit his job that morning. He pays cash for a new Ducati. 

Reese comments that Claire was spending money too. Reese asks Finch to keep his eyes peeled for followers. Fusco reports in that he saw the girl buy a piece but lost her.
Reese tells Fusco he was sloppy to lose the girl.  Reese says she weaponed up, is scared about something.

Reese looks for his haircut and the girl is gone. The woman who captured Reese in the salon has left. Her phone is left behind. His instincts scream and he runs outside. He looks for Finch who is coincidentally outside. Dugan is approached by a thug. 

Finch sees it is a bomb and he has to warn him but the bomb blows up. Reese cries “Harold!” The bomb blows up and Finch is shocked by life in the field not just behind the desk.

They review the group back at the HQ. Wendy and Paula are still alone. Wendy’s online footprint is minuscule They try to see if she is the killer and she has abandoned her cellphone. Fusco ran Ryan’s fingerprints through APHIS along with Matt Dugan. Were they witnesses?

The Congressman’s son Jamie Allen crashed on Roosevelt Drive, that was where they got the money. Allen was with a party earlier, his father the Congressman is a friend of the police unit. The detectives approach the congressman. They have further questions about the accident. The congressman says his son was at a party.

Finch checks the map data and detects a trend in crashes. Allan may not have died of an accident but  a planned bomb blast to take him out and capture the money and the drugs. But others got to the scene earlier and did it first.

Reese follows Wendy to a house and is about to snipe her when he sees the salon woman there too. In the house he silently gets there and takes her gun away. The girl recognizes her. Reese asks how do they know each other. They are foster sisters.

Reese ask what does this have to do with the money they took from the car crash. They are stunned he knows. They want to know who he is before answering. But a knock at the door sounds.

They hear a man call out who says he wants to use their phone. She says they are not a repair station but he says the car broke down he says to let him in. The women escape out the back door as Reese karate chops the man as he attacks him the second he opens the door. 

Reese kicks the gun out of his hand and they fight. This is the thug from the garage. The man puts up a fight even for Reese’ skills. By the time Reese pulls his gun the man is running out the door and he gets in a black SUV which roars off.

Carter isolates the Allan accident wreck camera. She replays the real-time crime scene. They review video. Two more women show up at the crime scene. Resolution  is not good enough for facial recognition. But the guy at the crime scene lab says another guy, Detective Foster, was looking at the crime scene footage too.

 The black man makes a phone call. Fusco says the vehicle must be new because there are no plates. 

Reese sees the girls are gone but finds mail addressed to Susan McNally. He asks Finch for a search for a Susan McNally at St. Georges Hospital. he says good news, the killer is just trying to take out the bad guy. The mom is still at St. Georges. The girls took the money her home is the problem , mortgage foreclosing. 

Carter says a fake detective shield was used to get information at the scene. Carter sees a CIA man following her at the street. She turns on him. She demand to know what is going on. She says if he is dangerous why did he save her? 

They show carter a picture of the brunette woman from Reese’s flashbacks. They were inseparable, he killed his partner. They say he is paranoid. Carter then asks why did he save her life. He says he gets confused about good guys and bad guys.

Carter asks who he is. He says he was his best friend. Why do they want him so bad? They say he wants to kill people. He is always looking for someone to trust. 

Finch listens in when Fusco interviews the Congressman’s enemy. He said the same things as Alan, they coordinated their stories. Jamie was a go-between and now they are tossing him under the bus. Jamie Allen was flying with David Bannerman, a Wall Street arbitrageur, as the only passenger on the manifest.

Why was he going to the Caymans, Reese asks. Finch has discovered a Haitian orphan charity that may be phony. It may be the way the drug money is being laundered. 

Reese finds Wendy at the hospital and she says Paula is getting something to eat. The car crash happened while they were walking. Alan was dead with cocaine and a million dollars. The money had to be illegal. So they took it.

She says there was $250,000 each and they divided it up. But as she speaks with Reese, downstairs the black man gets Paula in the wheelchair in the hospital cameras. He sends Wendy a picture of her sister hostage and demand the money on the third floor. 

Thomas Paine (Finch) approaches the Congressman at home. He reveals the $30 million in the Cayman bank accounts that sets up his son as a bad legacy on Wall Street corruption. He can transfer the money to the Red Cross and clean it up.

Then later the Congressman calls about the legacy.  He knows about the crooked money. Davis Bannerman gets a call from the Senator Jim Allan. But his mind is not on avenging the wrong so his son’s name will be put  in the clear.

“Some idiot blogger found out about the Cayman charity”. 

Reese calls Carter. He tells her they can meet. The parking garage at St. George’s hospital. She says thank you for saving his life. 

In the garage, Reese looks for Carter. the black thug holds Paula and looks for the money.  Reese shoots the gas nozzle above the black man holding Paula. He is steamed and Paula runs when Reese tells her to. Reese gets off a shot.

Finch tracks Carter’s call betraying where he is going to be. He realizes that Carter is being played to betray Reese. Reese waits for carter but sees an old friend instead. 

The CIA man Mark says “Its time to come home John, the slate has been wiped clean”. 

Reese says  “You know that will never happen”. The other CIA man is watching from the van. They are a kill team there to get him. They fire at once.

Reese is shot in the stomach and gets to the stairs. The CIA man and his friend in the van can’t find where the other shot came from. Reese is hurt badly. 

He calls Harold to say thank you. Harold says Carter gave him up and Reese says they are clever that way.  Finch says he is close and it's not over. Reese says, No, stay away.

The two CIA men can’t see the sniper that saves Reese from getting captured. Reese disappears. They drive off. 

Finch drives up in the garage and approaches a staggering Reese. But Carter comes out of the stairwell after him and says ‘Hold it” and she pulls the gun. She sees Finch holding a shot and prostrate Reese.

‘You!” She says.

She looks around and sees nobody is watching. She helps them get him into the car. Reese gives her a steady look. She watches him as he gets driven off by Finch.

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