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Criminal Minds - The Bittersweet science - recap

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Written by : published Thursday 15th December 2011

Tony gets a call from a friend, Jimmy who has a fight that night. He had a bad dream. 
The friend is whacked out and he says he saw a dream from the fight. The light started spinning. His trainer says not to worry and get some sleep for the fight.

The staff investigate a killer leaving beaten men all over the place. They work by comparing his modus operandi with a recent murder. They compare photos of likely unsubs but a man named George cleaned up the crime scene and  cleaned the blood off the necks and set them up on crates. His method is showing remorse.

The current unsub is not happy about killing but doing  good job of it. He is not a one-hit wonder, he will strike again. From the pattern he is not necessarily showing remorse. Everyone wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die. 

The severity of the crime means he may have past with brutality. The relationship with the victim means defensive wounds show the unsub was much more skilled. The unsub has to be pretty fit because the victims put up a fight. But no motive presents itself.

Jimmy coaches Tony for his upcoming fight. His form is bad. Tony is not sure he will be ready. He talks to Billy, saying the knuckle dragging crap is nothing, they spent 9 years together. Tony says to lower the boom on the other guy and win.

In Philadelphia, the team investigate a dockside murder. A blitz attack was followed by a  dragging of the body. He could not have attacked both of the victims almost at once even though nothing is open at night in the alert. They say this is rational. A hospital is nearby.

In the nearby hospital a woman wakes up Jimmy. A small boy is in the bed. The doctor comes in. Ryan’s leukemia is back. They are just divorced but chemotherapy is not going to work. Jimmy says this is about money ad the doctor is playing them. Jimmy says he got his eye on that transplant he doesn’t care how much it cost.

The victims worked together and one of them was a volunteer. It wasn’t personal and the anger was weighing on the unsub prior to the altercation. Where does that seem from?

In a bar, Jimmy meets with Ace and gives him $1700 for the fight. Ryan needs a bone marrow transplant. Ace says he hocked some stuff. Ace refuses. he says “this is for Ryan”, refusing to put the money on the fight and make the money Jimmy needs. 

A man sits down next to Jimmy at the bar and says he’ll need all the help he can get in the fight. Jimmy rushes t answer this fronting but Ace says t save it for the fight.

The murdered men were bruised increasingly with huge amounts of adrenalin. The increase in hits showed he started to enjoy it. Overkill usually means a personal relationship. The unsub is developing a blood lust and a rush from the killing. Possibly even a sexual thrill. The unsub is converting to a killer.

The skulls are cracked completely open. Teeth on the ground. Blood lust is increasing. This guy would have to be in great shape. the amount of adrenalin would cause him to start seeing things. Killing anxiety is reduced. 

Jimmy comes home and has jittery hands. Ace comes in and says “Jimmy are you all right”.

Ace detects something is wrong. Jimmy sees a vision of his son Ryan crying in blood.

Ace says Jimmy can’t fight he isn’t feeling well. Jimmy says he has to he put everything on this fight. The crime squad analyze how for the unsub, the sight of blood is driving the Dopamine release. Jimmy is doing the fight and during it he is losing but sees a vision of his son cheering on the sidelines. This spurs on a burst of chemicals and harder fighting.

The crime staff reflect that the unsub probably feels life is not worth living. Drawing blood confuses him with getting control over his life. He did more damage with his hands than with the pipe. They suspect a boxer because the skill and skill hitting with his hands. 

After the fight Jimmy and Ace go to the locker room. Jimmy asks Ace for the winning bet money. He says he forgot to bet it. He says what the hell do you mean, that money is for Ryan. He says he doesn’t have the money. 

Jimmy suspects Ace took the money and bet against him. He becomes enraged. He wonders if this is he first time he has bet against him. He realizes he is right, his trainer has been making money on his losses.

Jimmy goes to the local betting office and asks how many times his scumbag trainer bet against him. they explain how he couldn’t beat the guy he just did beat. Jimmy goes wild.

They investigate the Philadelphia boxing scene. Penelope gets more. Tony Ace Cole, the trainer, is found dead. He lost $2,000 in a bet. They suspect him of theft. But they ask why would he ransack his own place. Retaliation is not probable. They suspect one of Tony’s fighters. 

Jimmy produces the valuables and the money for the doctor. The doctor said he needed to do more tests. Pam say Ryan is not strong enough for the transplant.  He is going to die.

At the hospital Jimmy and his son talk. He says he won the fight. But Jimmy Hall sees the dead man from the fight above the bed in a vision.

At the gym they talk about Jimmy hall who won a  fight by surprise. The subconscious desire to kill has arisen. They call him a serial killer. 

As Pam tries to the into the apartment Pam talks to the door. The staff break in and do not find Jimmy there. She says he got into an argument with some men outside the hospital. He tried to pay for the bone marrow transplant in cash.

In flashback Jimmy beats Ace to a pulp. He says he was like a son to him. Jimmy reacts in anger and kills him with punches. Ace says that he always knew Jimmy was a real fighter. Jimmy beats him to death. 

The crime squad target a fighter. They look for underground fight Jimmy might be fighting in. The brutal New Jersey nightmare is his opponent. The South Philly Cyclone Jimmy Hall is announced. the crowd roars. The men start to fight. Jimmy sees vision of his son joyfully encouraging him on.

The FBI men arrive just as Jimmy is getting beaten to a pulp. The others wonder why he doesn’t fight back or quit. Agent Hotchkins  says it is because he wants to be taken down and taken to the hospital to see his son.

Jimmy is rushed on a gurney to the hospital his son is in. he is beaten badly. But he wants to see his son. 

Hotchkins speaks to Jimmy. His son is ill. They stopped the transfusion. He is scared of disappointing him. He needs peace. They allow him to close the final chapter with his son peacefully.

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