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Written by : published Friday 18th February 2011

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An East Russian official goes to sign a peace treaty while an operator prepares a bomber. A Secretary of State that looks like Hillary and other European people stand around. The photo op is broken up by a shooting when an Armed Force member sees the bomber acting weird. He's strapped full of explosives and sweating. Then the bomb blows. The body of the dead officer is treated as a homicide. NCIS is involved and the scrutiny from high level defense and global forces is involved.

NCIS ic contacted and authorities update Director Vance. But Jethro's team isn't given the body they have to assess. They are assigned a watchdog duty keeping track of the premier's daughter. She is a student at nearby Hamilton College. Jethro notices they are not given the heavy active response duty. Leon Vance is stern with Gibbs and indicates the team can't afford to screw up. After the shrink has submitted her report bells should be ringing. The team complains and Gibbs is gruff.

The girl has a young boyfriend and speaks American. She claims independence from her dad and then refuses the babysitting. But her father says the money will get cut off if she doesn''t comply. She gets interested in McGee. She has the team follow her everywhere, except for her meeting with her professor. Jethro feels Vance watching him. DiNozzo plays around with computer software mocking the staff. Vance is letting Jethro have no room for error on this one. Back to college days as Ziva says everything she learned about American college is from Animal Farm (she means "Animal House").

The girl is bored but then gets interested in McGee when he fixes her computer. Ziva is amused when she asks if he has a girlfriend. DiNozzo is stumped. They all go running. She asks DiNozzo to get lunch. When McGee is changing a light bulb the girl gets kidnapped. DiNozzo and McGee are inept at following the kidnappers because DiNozzo commandeers a car and turns it into a fire hydrant. Vance arrives on the scene angry and looking hard at Jethro. He says unless the girl is found in 24 hours he wants DiNozzo's and McGee's badges. He says it the FBI's case now.

The ransom demand comes in for millions and for the dad not to sign the peace treaty. Vance is getting heat from international sources for the Gibbs team screw up. Ziva and Gibbs and DiNozzo feel the heat. Abby does voodoo over McGee's stapler, and something from DiNozzo. They finally get the body. The shrapnel shows Gibbs the bomber type. The profile matches an incarcerated bomber Jethro goes to interview. Vance instructs Gibbs to let the FBI find the girl. The team is nervous.

Gibbs tells him he'll speak to the judge if he says what he did with the bomb he sold. He says he sold the custom bomb to an American professor from Hamilton. Jethro thinks about that. Then he leaves, saying he won't speak to the judge because his bomb killed a United States marine. Jethro goes to Vance's office and suggest to the premier that his daughter is involved in his own kidnapping he says that is ludicrous. Vance looks at Gibbs afterward. Not good. Gibbs and company track the getaway car to a warehouse where they find the professor dead in the trunk. The FBI is angry at them and Vance shakes his head and Gibbs.

Then the team is prodded by Gibbs to go over the crime scene. Ziva and McGee and DiNozzo find the light fixture was rigged. DiNozzo finds a cellphone in the toilet commode, showing one word command to come get her.  Jethro says that the kidnapping may have started for political motives but the game has changed. The signing of the treaty is important and people are looking at Vance for answers. They track the boyfriend's loft and find the girl tied up and the boyfriend panicking. She says the kidnap was a plan in the beginning but then the boyfriend killed the professor. The girl gets diplomatic immunity.

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