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CSI - Genetic Disorder - recap

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Written by : published Thursday 15th December 2011

In Las Vegas, the 911 call comes in for a dead body and the woman says don’t worry about calling the coroner. She will. The bedside photos show her in a wedding photo with the coroner from the CSI team. it’s Mrs. Doc. They show up and go to work.

“Hey doc.” the CSI workers say. They watch DB deliver the news to Doc. The crime scene is at his house. Brassey asks about Judy, why was a naked man dead in his bed? A man named Traxler was over. She got a phone call. The grandson and she talked for twenty minutes. When she walked back inside he was gone.

She called his cellphone to find him. His phone rang in the bedroom. Then she found the corpse in her bed. They take evidence. There are candles and a romantic play-list set the stage for a romantic evening by the bedside. Sanders watches the other tech as he puts a bra in the bag. He is a little ill. They celebrated the 25th wedding anniversary there. 

The corpse is Dan Traxler. He says he is not her type. Doc Robbins is her type. the body is 
95 degrees he has not been dead long and there is blood in the mouth. It usually this means a heart attack. Doc arrives and Brassey won’t let him speak to his wife but says he can fill her in later

No sign of forced entry. Traxler’s car is parked and was ticketed there before,  they think an affair. She is not coming clean according to Brassey. DB says to treat it as a homicide. Processes it first. She says she was on her cellphone.  Mrs. Robbins meets DB Russell. Awkward.

She shows the cellphone which has a long call from her daughter. DB makes a call. 
Sanders makes the case to Doc. Blood on his teeth and gums, they see traces. It is awkward. Doc stumbles into the bedroom. He say Traxler was on Judy’s side of the bed He says 25 years and they never changed sides. Sanders tells Doc to leave.

Judy guesses because of the increased personnel Dan didn’t die of a heart attack. DB orders her hand dusted. Good thing about evidence, it can prove guilt or innocence. She said that if she was having an affair she wouldn’t do it in her bed. That line is sacred and once they cross it there is no going back.

DB walks the grounds and returns to udy. He guesses she was dead-heading her flowers when she was talking to their daughter. Stems were still moist just been removed. Brown leaves on the table. 

Brassey questions Doc about knowing Traxler. Judy has girl’s night out on Tuesdays. Doc does not believe his wife was having an affair. Doc asks Brassey to broaden himself. The scope must be wider and he is allowing his past to cloud the affair.

Doc is allowed to look in on the woman doing the autopsy. No heart attack. There is a torn frenulum in his mouth, he was smothered. 

In private, Doc phones for an attorney for his wife. sanders talks to Catherine about the crime scene.  The dead genealogist had a briefcase. Judy had no time to ditch it. Catherine follows that scene. 

Sanders follows up the genealogist’s wife. She is demonstrating grave conservation and says friction damages the stone, they use rice paper, and Greg Sanders with the Las Vegas crime lab introduces himself. Traxler was committed to his work and lived like a  monk.

The lipstick from Judy was found on Traxler’s mouth but that might be from the CPR. There are cat hairs and shoe marks at the scene. The cat was taking antidepressants. Chemotherapy is expensive they need a warrant for the pet vet privilege.

The radiation isotope identifier brings results. The cat urine is filled with active iodine used to treat thyroid cancer. Not man cats can be treated this way. 

They track Traxler’s last client. Jimmy Dugan, born 1958,  has a first order relative from COTUS. Samuel Francis Dugan was the genealogist’s client’s relative. DB questions him in prison on a  life sentence for armed robbery third strike.

“My old man left when he was thirteen.” He divorced his mother and he beat him. He was on his own since he was thirteen. Db is neutral. 

DB asks if he has any brothers? He says just a sister, Jasmine who pretends he is dead. His mother is barely sober and loves in Prim.  The genealogist Traxler was hired by Carla, who  wanted to be walked down the aisle by a male relative at her wedding. 

Sam Dugan and Eunice got a divorce. This one took nine months, Eunice was pregnant. Jimmy Dugan could have  sibling he knows nothing about. There is no record for the birth certificate for Dugan. Nothing of any more relatives was recorded under Eunice’s maiden name Carter.

A baby was left at St. Martin’s orphanage in Nevada in the name on St. Patrick’s day, March 7 1971. But Sanders and the lab does the DNA because the references are too similar. They find that the son Patrick lives in Las Vegas. The landlord wont let Sanders in but learns he has a very sick cat.

They find Patrick o’Toole. Brassey interviews him and sees that his shoe soles match the tracks at the scene. O’Toole has a shaky past and future.

He says that Traxler came to him talking about family reunions. He finally thought he might have a family. Eunice was an alcoholic who had seen with her son and had the baby Patrick out of wedlock and abandoned it. She raped her own thirteen year old son. 

They find Traxler’s missing briefcase in O’Toole’s car. They find that Traxler was just doing a job for Mrs. Doc. But O’Toole followed Traxler to her house in anger. What Traxler divulged upset him.

“My brother is my father. My mother is alcoholic loser. I didn’t need to know that. He ruined my life.” At the station, he is arrested for murder of Traxler because he forced him to go into the bedroom or he would have killed Judy. 

As O’Toole is cuffed, he turns and sees his mother led down the halls. He sees Eunice being led to booking as well, for the rape of her son (no statute of limitations). This led to his birth.

Doc goes home to Judy. They make peace. She unrolls what Traxler had brought to discuss. it is their family tree on vellum parchment. The family tree was her surprise gift. He is related to Buffalo Bill Cody. He says “That is so cool”.

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