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Hawaii Five-0 (2010) - Alaheo Pau'ole - recap

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Written by : published Thursday 15th December 2011

Three kids find an old bunker. The government left it alone. It is hot in there and they explore.
They lower a rope down a volcanic hole blown in the floor. They drop him and he wants to look around a bit. He sees a dead body and screams.

Joe and Steve discuss the missing Shelbourne data from his father’s tape. Joe ran Shelbourne through the computer and found nothing, not even with acronyms. Steve says that the name is a ghost that has Wo Fat spooked. He even looked for acronyms. If they can find out what it is they can get the upper hand on Wo Fat.

Danny is living at the Hawaiian Hilton. They find Williams and Laurie handcuffed together. They are amused to hear Danny lost the key. Laurie came by to use the spa service. Danny was showing Laurie the Jersey slip. Steve says that he was holding out on them with keeping the lavish suite to himself. 

Laurie is astonished to find the other key in Danny’s other pocket. Laurie unlocks herself. But Steve won’t unlock Williams. Joe says they can shoot it off. He is staying in the lavish Halii suite. Steve loses he handcuffs over the balcony.

Tasty Freeze and the men get fitted for their tuxedos for Chin Ho’s wedding. Chin Ho says what matters is that the ushers match the bridesmaids dresses. Joe says that cummerbunds are unmanly. They track GQ advice on suspenders. Dan gets kidded about the handcuffs. But Steve answers his phone and they hear they got a body.

Kono updates them about the kids finding the bunker location body. They enter the place and the unexploded underground lava hills. The coroner (Masa Oki) appears as a experienced spelunker and lava hill expert. They lower into the crater. They find the corpse.

A gunshot wound caused death  and a contusion from the fall is the case of death. The murder weapon is a .38 caliber recently fired. Serial number filed off. Steve and the coroner debate the identity relative to the ID found. The ethnicity does not match and they are shook when the body comes alive. His eyes open very wide.

At HQ they pool information. The victim is now in a medically induced coma and was down there for 12 hours. Gun found at the scene matches the body slug. Rafe Tong is the ID they found. The victim is a white man. Tong is not. His rap sheet had everything from animal cruelty and weapons charges. His parole officer says he lives locally with a girlfriend.

Adam Noshimuri stops Steve at HQ. He says his father was kidnapped by by Joe White. He says he can’t promise to be patient. He says Steve knows Joe White. He says he is a son looking for his father and he of all people should understand that. Steve says he will ask.

Williams and Chin Ho check out the parole officer provided address of a shack. They announce themselves but hear rustling and chase Rafe Tong find the girlfriend’s residence. “Why was the wallet next to a body in Pearl City?”. He is stunned. They bring him in.

Chin Ho finds  a submachine gun with grenades in the house with World War Two grenades like the ones found in a bunker. The guns violate his parole. He says they are fake until Williams tries to shoot him and he changes his mind. Rafe Tong is caught raiding for resale.

The victim now in the hospital was at a bar he was at. He was asking about some woman. Said she was a blonde. He mugged him and then Archer came back and reversed, waved a gun and said he was tired of being pushed around and being taken advantage of. 

The security guard pulled in and Tong ran. He threw the wallet in a dumpster but the man still had his wallet. They put the criminal in a dumpster digging for the wallet. he finds it, Dennis Archer is from Tucson Arizona.

Steve is greeted by Joe with a gun at his door. Steve said he took Noshimuri and he was the head of a Yakuza and he had a gun pointed at his face. Steve says Adam Noshimuri is not going to stop until he finds his father. 

Steve says does he know who Shelbourne is and Joe will not answer. Then he says it again and Joe says “Ask another question”.

Joe says he is containing the Shelborne thing. Steve says Just be careful. Joe says “Always Am”. But Steve lifted Joe’s passport during the visit and sees Joe went to Japan from the recent stamp.

Archer bought a gun and  lied to his wife about being at a working conference and rented a motel room. He had $50,000 in a bank account before the shooting but he took it out. The 5-0 suspect a romantic rendezvous or shakedown. 

They track the motel and they find a mystery blonde woman. They sack her motel room. The door busts wide open. The Chief of Detectives (Tom Sizemore) and his armed men jump into the room with guns drawn. Steve blurts out “what are you doing here” and so does he. 

He says this is our catch and our case. Steve begs to differ. They are chasing their own case. They calm down and agree to work together.

The Jane Doe was found in the trunk, this is the blond. The dead body is Homicide and he traced the body to the they are working the Dennis Archer case.  They share information that he was shot and is in the hospital. The CoD says homicide trumps attempted homicide and it is his case. They find a photo of the girl in a skimpy grass skirt luau outfit.

Steve says he knows where she works. The CoD says “How?" She sells umbrella drinks and the girl worked at the Paradise Cove. He recognizes the uniform from going there with Joe White last week. 

They go to the Paradise Cove restaurant and speak to the manager, Mr. Colette. The woman is Bridget. She didn’t show up for work. He assumed she quit. The man crashed a luau and broke up a dinner. The manager was worried about wrecking his business.

Williams talks to one of the girls. The boyfriend is a bad guy named Shane. It isn’t the man in the picture with her. For $5 they can get a picture next to the girls. He was jealous and didn’t like her flirting with tourists. He took all her money. He gets an address. 

They go to the address looking for Bridget’s boyfriend. They find him tied up inside. He was attacked by another man and he had a gun and he took Bridget. He was worried about his beer mirror. The CoD is disgusted.

He hit her and grabbed him. That is all he knows. He said she was lying to him and she was getting texts and lying about being at work when she wasn’t. The Chief of Detectives gets violent interrogating him. Steve and Danno watch and stand back.

They review video of the motel security footage in the lobby. A ma comes with a briefcase and waits, the victim Archer. Bridget shows up later. They see some kind of an exchange. Laurie say it was a deal. He was there for over six hours. This was not a romantic event. They get news that the wife of Dennis Archer has arrived at the hospital.

They show a picture of a Bridget to Mrs. Archer to identify the woman. They assume that Bridget was involved with Dennis Archer. But she is very shocked to see the man in the picture is her long lost son. She says he is a guy named Shaun. They want to talk to him too. 

She says that is impossible because her son was murdered over two years ago. Can she dare to hope?  She describes Shaun’s death. It was  a random  car accident “Just one of those things”. No body was ever found. They offered a reward and set up a website. The CoD asks whose idea was that. Her husband’s.

The 5-0 say they can’t just go and get him and the CoD says he has a badge that lets him go get whomever he wants. Kono and the Chief interrogate the man they arrested. 

The Chief gets nowhere and he leaves Kono for the softer approach. She waves the picture of the man and his wife in front of the local Hawaaian saying they are now dead. He said there was shady stuff going on in at the bunker.

Laurie comes to Steve at HQ and says the whole thing was a scam. Bridget used the website to make a fake photo of Shaun alive. Chin Ho says it was emailed to her phone. The accomplice doctored the photo. It was sent from laptop in the cove. 

Colette had a record too. Steve says we got our guy. Kono jumps him during the arrest and pins him down. He has a record. The CoD asks why target the grieving couple. He said it was an easy score. He did time with a man who had killed the son and always bragged about it. 

But the girl Bridget didn’t keep her mouth shut. Archer got to her and he figured it out. He came at Collete with a gun. He shot him and stuffed him down the bunker.  When he got to her she gave them up. It was easy to make them pay because they wanted him alive. It’s what they wanted to hear. 

Collette says he knew who killed the son. He shared a cell with his son’s killer  in Arizona. He figures if they were willing to pay that much for a bone fragment in the desert imagine what they would pay for a real son. The CoD wants the name of the guy from Arizona. The man Collete says he wont be a snitch. The CoD closes in.

“How are you going to spend this life sentence? “ he asks. “Every week you get to spend the week with the psychopath gang-bangers The worst in the bunch. “ He can make that happen. The CoD turns his head for the confession. The name is Richard Black. 

At HQ, Kono and The CoD watch the man Black on closed circuit in jail, in an interview room. He stares at he camera. 

“Good luck getting him to confess, he’s too tough.” Kono says. She asks why he did it. The CoD says “Shaun picked him up hitchhiking and he felt like it." The CoD and Kono review the case. Kono and Steve tell the mother the truth.

Tasty Freeze blows a conch shell and the Chin Ho wedding gets underway. It’s a beautiful wedding. A little Polynesian girl walks the flower path. The cliff-side wedding is attended by Joe and the others with colorful leis. 

After the wedding Joe steps away to look at the clifffside ocean view. Steve approaches Joe and Joe says he knows he took his passport. He gives it back.

Steve says “You are Shelbourne, aren’t you?”

Joe says “I was hoping you wouldn’t say that.”

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