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NCIS - Sins of the Father - recap

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Written by : published Thursday 15th December 2011

The hotel has no rooms. A man asks for a stay. He accepts the Christmas Eve Premier Suite at holiday rate without asking the rate. The desk clerk says OK. A man in uniform checks the room and opens the door and says he is in the clear, but he opens the door and is shot dead. 

Wendy sent the Christmas card from Baltimore. They speculate that they broke up. The man says they are laughing and a visitor is expected. His father thinks he is stuck in some government job.

Jethro negates Palmer from joining them on the case. The armed forces victim is Captain  Marsden  from South Carolina. He was killed with multiple weapons. DeNozzo and Gibbs checks out the car belonging to the victim. Navy Captain Jake Marsden worked his job.

They find a bra, he wasn’t traveling alone. In the hotel room the NCIS team including Agent David search for clues. The phone rings and Jethro answers. a woman’s voice says “Is that you, Jake”. 

“You killed him didn’t you? A woman’s voice answers.

“Who’s this.?” Jethro is cagey. Hotel phone records are searched.

She asks if they are police but he says they are NCIS. 
“If you are who you say you are you will prove it.”.

Ed Slater enters the squad room. Palmer is nervous and he introduces Leroy Jethro the Special Agent. They are polite but the man is unhappy.

Slater mocks Ducky talking to the dead. Slater says he is a professional mortician. He says Ducky talks too much and Palmer laughs at his jokes. Jethro backs him up.

Aside from the cause of death bullet wounds, Dried blood in the pants pocket. Abby hides in her office from the Grinch in law. They don’t like the father in law.

Security footage arrives from Carol County data. The woman calls the hotel and matches the blood and she does not appear wounded. A blonde woman looks at the camera and Abby says she wants her to come find her.

DeNozzo visits the Carol County mall cops. The update says nobody was in the store. Jethro orders everyone out of the store. He checks the women’s dressing rooms. Jethro opens the drapes and finds a woman ready to strike. She wants their weapons and Jethro says he has that haircut for a weapons.

She says she was not the target, she was. She is pregnant. DeNozzo brings hot chocolate for the pregnant lieutenant Marine. Stationed outside Kabul training soldiers who didn’t speak English.

Disciplinary action of two months pay. He was being followed by a black SUV. Multiple people and she got department of defense license plates. Jake is an old friend. She skipped town. They tried to run them off the road. She can’t trust the police.

The baby’s father is dead died in an explosion. Lt. Reynolds and have been involved. Amir and her kept the secret. Gibbs talks live video cam to th man in Kabul. Is that file the only record by the DoD. He claims a stolen set of vehicles. 

Gibbs says he has not answered the question. Is Lt. Reynolds on his radar? he says he is not authorized to tel her. Abby says Reynolds is not a farmer. His family is wealthy and was the sole male heir. If she has a boy baby he will be practically royalty. They want the family alive.

Gibbs tunneled  beyond the DoD firewall. The new Department of Defense trade highway runs through Amir’s land. The tribal elders are not cooperating. They need a bargaining chip to get the millions and billions of dollars spent on the road project saved. And the baby is the bargaining chip.

Abby puts the Grinch father in law of Palmer in a chamber and for a time out traps them. Abby tells Jethro to the back because the roads will get worse.

They take the local mall cop to the Reynolds trip but he is missing when they move to go. They find him being held at gunpoint into when they leave to go to the car. He says they are not in a  position to negotiate and Jethro say yes they are because they have what he wants. he wants the woman.

But Agent David sneaks up on him. He has missing fingers.

Then the group are stranded and hunt the mal for supplies. David and Gibbs work on one of the cars. Reynolds announces her water just broke and she is going into labor. “Hoo-Rah!”?

At the lab, Palmer makes more insensitive remarks. His potential son in law gets peeved. Palmer gets upset and tells his future father in law to sit down ad shut up.

They interrogate the captured man. Gibbs says he has all his fingers. He refuses to talk.

He eats a cookie doubtfully. They say he was following Emma Reynolds. He does not speak but he liked the sugar cookie. Gibbs and Dinozzo says his favorite color is pink. The Maya tribe in Afghanistan wants their land back.

DiNozzo says this and he chokes on the cookie. 

“I will stop eating cookie” and wrecks the items on the table. 

Gibbs asserts he had a prepaid cell with two other associates. They want the radio frequency, and when he gives away the tell Gibbs know the are using radio frequency to communicate. As the captive sulks he watches them leave.

The Afghan AWOLS that are hunting Reynolds can;t be wrapped in red tape.

The gunman’s radio frequency the weak signal means they are about 40 miles away. They are hearing Russian spoken. Gibbs scans the gas stations and they guess that Gibbs is there too.

She says it didn’t hurt this much when she took shrapnel in Mosul. As Reynolds times the contractions between two minute contractions the enemies come into the parking lot.

Agent David says they have company. Reynolds say don’t you leave me Gibbs I need someone to give 

Ziva David steps up and says “Hey Gibbs “It’s OK I got this covered”. 

Ziva covers the assault while Reynolds and Gibbs deliver the baby in the old car. Ziva matches the gunfire and goes to hand to hand assault. 

Jethro delvers the baby. “It’s a girl. She has got her mom’s eyes. Well done, Marine.”

Next day the NCIS HQ. The blonde comes into the office. “Have you seen Jimmy or my dad?”

Palmer is asleep in his cubicle. He wakes up to an awakening and sees the baby on the computer screen. 

Jethro and DiNozzo work on the bike the night before Christmas. DiNozzo looks at his coffee mugs.

“Family and Job. Two different cups.” Jethro nods.

 DiNozzo says “And if I couldn’t fill both that was my problem.” Jethro agrees.

 “What if I can now”, he says and Jethro says “Get out of my basement man up and move on. Learn from it.”

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