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Unforgettable - Spririted Away - recap

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Written by : published Thursday 15th December 2011

The squad goes ghost hunting. Ghostbusters are at work. Peter Suderman was killed in a hospital. His business was sussing out ghosts. Carrie checks it out and meets a strange old homeless man, Gordon,  who says he sees his dead mother every night. A special camera recorded the murder. 

A contact works to evaluate the digital film in a special way. The spectral entity or spirit is not a recognizable person. The fairly distinct entity did have  digital pushing the line. The specter says “Denny is that you”. The group react in various ways.

They talk to Suderman’s partner Arthur. They run a “ghostbusters" type business. The financials don’t show much. Bills from a forensics lab in New Jersey show up. Carrie remembers that Gordon had an envelope addressed to Walker Dunlap in his hand. 

Spirit Trekkers Incorporate is the business Peter Suderman works for. They believe in people who believe in ghosts. They have a history of selling fake diet pills. But Suderman was a real believer. Suderman lost his wife and son in  car accident. He went to the hospital and heard all the stories of how haunted it was.

Denny Mokin was a man who was helping Peter at the Sanitarium. He was fired. he came in recently yelling at them they owed him money. They want information on the clients. He says Peter just wanted to help people.

They wanted the only haunted B and B in the Tri State area. Peter couldn’t find a thing. He talked to the kids and hey didn’t have nightmares. They went to another guy. Certified at once. But Suderman fixed the house by fixing the faulty radiator caps. No more chains clanging every night.

They visit another Suderman client. The people have been trying to have children for some time. Hearing the voice didn’t seem healthy. The fixation his wife had bothered Dr. Barley. 

“This is an old house. “ He let his niece and nephew sleep down in the basement. 

It has creaks and cracks. The man and his wife say they thought they heard a voice from the basement. A woman’s voice seemed to emanate to the wife, and they called Suderman. Carrie questions Janine the wife. Her health is fragile. He practiced thoracic surgery from a tremor he lost his practice. They are going to Paris soon.

They investigate Denny Moskin and find a student film crew shooting a movie. The director went to the office because he fired him. They show the film of his playing a joke on Suderman dressed up as a ghost. They point him out at the phosphor blob in the spectral film.

But the other light means something else w there. Denny says “Whoa what is that?” Deny says the other being is not him and nobody else was here. The kooky homeless guy was the only other person there. They say his excuse is lame.

Carrie said Barley had rat traps in the basement. Carrie says that a bone might have been found. She says she will not try to get into the house without a warrant. Carrie approaches Barley and says they have a piece of evidence found inside their basement. He says what evidence?

She won’t tell him. She taunts him that if it was her she’d want to know. He says that Janine is asleep and she gets headaches. he gets angry and suggest that Carrie get off the property. 

Carrie gets a call from Al and says where are they on the warrant, he says they are close. 
Carrie says she hears glass breaking and an argument and it is exigent circumstances to her. Al says no she does not and to not go into the house. Carrie goes in and walks around. She gets pushed down the stairs and falls unconscious on the floor.

Janine finds her and begs her to wake up. She is tied up and her gun is missing. Janine fill her in. Barley is furious. Barley locks her in the basement for days. He knows she can hear her. Carrie tries to get Janine out of her trance.

The DNA match on the bone was a 14 year old runaway. Nobody has heard from Carrie. Janine Barlow’s medical records don’t say anything but a miscarriage. Carrie asks who the girl is. Her name was Lily and she was living the park.

Janine asked her to come live with them and help around the house. She always wanted  a little girl of her own. Sam wanted her too. When she confronted him he was furious and denied her. he told her that he fired Lily. He found a pair of sneakers in the garbage with blood on them.

She says that was his way of telling her without telling her. Carrie say for her to calm down and they are going to get out of there. There is a crawl space but Janine has been afraid to use it.

Carrie tries and can’t get into it. Carrie finds the coal chute. Carrie find Lily’s corpse stuffed in the coal chute. Janine screams. She tells Janine to get in and climb up. They come out of the house and it is urning.

Carrie does not understand why his car is still there. Carrie tells Janine to call 911. She screams and says for Carrie not to go in. 

Carrie goes into the house to find Barley. He is sitting in a chair while the house burns. Her partner shows up and they drag him out. He ends up in intensive care.

They think Suderman must have found the bloody scalpel. Carrie is skeptical why the ghostbuster was hired. He calmed down his wife and then then the bum shows up. Al says that sometimes it feels like she wants to get hurt.

The thermal footage and the shape in the background. The vestigial heat pattern of a fancy new flashlight. Carrie realizes this was what Janine had and she used it to surprise the homeless man who found the basement.

They research Janine and she was a surgical nurse dismissed for an incident. They put her up for the night and they realize that Janine is going to try to kill Barley again and will be at the hospital. They go there and run through to find Barley. The guard says the other nurse moved him. This is Janine but Carrie finds Janine in the elevator. 

Janine knocks the gun to the floor and Carrie struggles to get in before the elevator door closes. . Carrie says it is not too late. But Janine insists “she is waiting for me”.

She plunges her knife at Barley in a patient bed in the elevator. Carrie stops her and they struggle. The elevator door opens and finally she knees Janine and she drops the scalpel. The elevator opens and Al and a police officer get Janine. Carrie need stitches for her cut hand.

Later, Al finds Carrie on the roof. Barlow comes to and confesses he found the body of Lily and hid it. But when he found Soderman dead he realized she did it and  wouldn’t cover up for her again. 

Al asks Carrie if she believes in ghosts because Janine heard Lily’s ghostly cries even though  she didn’t know Barley put the corpse of Lily in the coal chute.

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