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Once Upon A Time "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter" review

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Written by : published Monday 12th December 2011

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This is a guest review from Karen Batista who is a senior staff writer for thetwocents.com. Follow TVKarenB on twitter, she loves to talk TV.

Hello everyone, this is my first time reviewing Once Upon a Time and I hope you like it. At first I didn’t really know if or what this show was going to be like. I have to say that I am hooked and loving it! The storylines of each of the characters and who they were in the Fairytale land is extremely intriguing. Tonight we learned all about our sexy sheriff who, at first, I was not all that keen on. But in this episode I came to like a lot…of course...because now he is…OK, I’m getting ahead of myself so let me just say what happened and what I thought about it.

In Fairytale Land:
Our hunter is seen killing a deer for food and the sensitive guy that he is, shows tears and remorse for having to take a life. Us women like a guy like that, but it seems that the other macho men of the forest seem to think he is a bit of a pansy and start some crap with him in the pub. It doesn’t take long to find out he is a true killer and everyone backs off.

The Evil Queen, on the other hand, is consoling to Snow as she grieves over the loss of her father. Little does Snow know that the Evil step-mommy is the one responsible for his death and that Snow is next on the list. She is looking for an assassin and soon finds one in our Hunter.

Hunter is brought to the Queen and offered the job of being her private hit-man. Since he was raised by wolves, his only request is that she protect the wolves and not allow them to be hunted. He is now her little puppet.

But when Hunter and Snow go for a walk, she realizes he is to kill her and asks that he give the Queen a note. He reads it and has a tear in his eye and lets her go. It seems our Snow is forgiving the Queen B (rhymes with witch) for what she is doing. This enrages her and this is why Hunter couldn’t kill Snow. The Queen B then rips out Hunters heart and he is now her pet to do as she wants. Did anyone else notice that there was no blood or torn shirt when she pulled out the heart? Just sayin’.
Into a vault the heart goes…

Graham, our sheriff, makes a move on Emma and kisses her. When he does, he gets a flash of a white wolf with a red eye. Of course Emma is not pleased that he planted one on her but non-the-less, it is done and I think the audience liked it…even if she didn’t.

Did anyone else wonder why Rumple is in the woods with a shovel? What was that creep up too?

So Graham sees the wolf again and remembers some things and visits Mary (Snow) to ask if he has ever hurt her. She assures he hasn’t but tells him of Henry’s theory and book.
Later, the Mayor Bi**h visits Emma to tell her to stay away from Graham. I think this Mayor is in too many places and not doing any Mayor-ing.

Graham visits Henry and tells him the fairytale story. They figure Graham is the Huntsman. According to the story; Graham needed to follow the wolf to find he’s heart, because the Queen cut it out. He then sees Emma who tells him he has a heart and touches his. I feel like he should be the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz...but that is another story. Just then a wolf shows up and Emma is there to witness it. They follow it to a cemetery vault and go inside. Graham is certain there is a secret door to the drawers full of hearts the Queen Mayor took. But oddly enough the Mayor just so happens to show up and ruin everything. Shouldn’t she be home with Henry? Just sayin’

A nice little cat-fight amongst the women folk happens and my money was on Emma, hands down!
Graham dumps the Queen and stands up for himself, which I think turned Emma on a bit.
As he and Emma go back to the office, Emma decides to take the chance at love and kisses Graham. He has an outer body experience and soon remembers EVERYTHING. But before he can tell Emma any of it we see the Mayor in the vault pulling out the Huntsman’s heart and she squeezes it to dust. Graham suddenly dies in Emma’s arms.
Remember the Queen said: you will do everything I ask or else. When he decided not to be her puppet anymore, she did what she must.

What did you think of the episode? Are you sad to see one of characters go? Do you love this show as much as I? Whose story are you dying to find out about?

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