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Criminal Minds - Self-Fulfilling Prophecy - recap

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Written by : published Friday 9th December 2011

A jeep rides through Somerville Academy. The grizzled old man, Lt. Miltec, gathers the camp but nobody is around. The missing students who had a chance to prove themselves for six days are missing. He yells at them but they showed him they were lazy sons of bitches. But then he sees all the cadets hung up dead in the trees. The bodies hang lifeless.

Aaron says it presents as mass suicide. They can’t prove it. He can’t make an assessment without being there. She says the school is up for a federal tolerance grant. These boys killed themselves for a reason. It’s a respected institution. She says nobody wants to prove different.

Oceanside Florida is where Somerville Academy is. A military camp for boys. The Director’s alma mater. They want it kept quiet. There was another death by a boy student hung with sheets. They were trying to play it off as a one-off when the multiple suicides happened.

Campus has been on high alert. Josh Redding is still missing. The campus is completely off the grid. The hope is to keep the investigation in-house. They fly to Florida.

They wonder how Josh is surviving having been in the wild for six weeks. (Josh is shown with a bow in a tree hiding and wary)

Founded during World War II 12 to 18 years old. Same campus Same dorm. These places have their own infrastructure. They have no modern technology. The Commander does not tel the students after six days what has happened.

This school raises soldiers not killers. The first boy who died is the start. His death is the key to the others.

He knows those woods better than anybody.

The library has the most outlets.

Strauss wants to know what Bailey’s last day was like. The nuances might be lost. His father took his belongings.

All the victims were in one cadet unit. The Commander says all of his boys are brothers.

Strauss says if the boys were so vulnerable why did he send them into the woods.

She says this isn’t battle and the boys aren’t men. Smoke signal was the communication. No radio, no weapons. Trigger a fight or flight response.

The parents of Josh say he was nearly 6 feet tall by the time he was thirteen mean and punching holes in the walls. The father is conservative. They had to force him to go to Somerville. Mr. Redding and his wife has Josh forcibly removed to the school.

The beds are so close together a hanging couldn’t have been unnoticed. Josh offered Bailey a lot of support.

At least the boys felt enough remorse to write “I’m sorry”. She says she never saw a mass suicide apology.

They track him. Josh is a first year for a mission. He tried to ran away before. Some of the investigators get poison ivy.

All the first years have the laundry room. It teaches them responsibility. Bailey finished his rotation ad was still here for bed check.

The Commander Massey and Strauss discuss how the dead boys in the woods got the sheets to hang themselves.

The ears overcompensate for closed eyes.
This is a well respected institution. Bailey shot and killed himself in Redding’s room. His course-load indicates increased isolation. The team realize if Josh is the killer then he has a big head start.

Under Tucker’s body was where the message was found n the trees. The Commander says we’ve got an enemy out there.

Tucker Calhoun urinated on the sheets after they folded them. Did he think Josh wanted to punish the kids.

You need 20 points to go but Josh only had 16. Tucker was a steamroller type.

They determine the points were for bad behavior polished as good behavior. They were bullies. they were all bullies except Josh.

The grizzly type finds a pit with stakes and a body draped on top of it. Inside it Bailey’s father, with a ringing cellphone in the pocket. The killer lured Chris Shelton here.

Why would Josh want Bailey’s father dead. He had the bedsheets. He’s the one who hung those boys. Josh wasn’t supposed to be on the trap.

Somebody tipped off Shelton to the pit Josh dug for himself as a defensive trap.

Strauss says the 23 cadets are lying that say Josh was gone. The Commander says Bailey was his responsibility. Tucker Calhoun was not there. Josh did not have enough points to go on the trip but the Commander says he needed the challenge.

The trap makes it self defense. Josh must have dug it expecting the killer to strike. The school has a cellphone. If Massey is lying about other things too. The autopsy says the stakes killed him.

He blamed Massey for his son’s suicide. He says she has cooperated with them. They accuse the Colonel. The Colonel asserts his authority and honor and chews them out.

This is not about him but the leader of the group. He reports that his commander blew up.

Students who have problems with authority and have class with Bailey Shelton. Why is the laundry room so isolated. The burns on Bailey’s trachea result from industrial heat. They realize the older boys were using th dryer to emotionally and psychologically break th kids.

They think Massey convinced Shelton that Josh was responsible for Bailey’s death. The Commander watched evilly.

The squad analyze how Josh would get to higher round ad realize he has stolen their truck.

Lt. Miltec attacks Josh after he traps the truck. Miltec says “I’ve been waiting three years for this you little bitch”. He cocks a gun and Strauss approaches.

Hodge enters Massey’s office while he arrest Massey. He texted Chris Shelton the latitude and longitude of the campsite where Josh was hiding. Massey says nobody will believe Josh he’s a troubled boy.

Hodge says he is a grown man you should be proud. They prep walk the Colonel to the police cars while Josh smirkingly salutes.

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