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The Godd Wife - Parenting Made Easy - recap

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Written by : published Friday 9th December 2011

Wendy Scott Carr walks into the State’s Attorney office with a mission. She takes Dana and Carey into the boss’ office looking for a war chest to finance her hunt against Lockhart Gardner. Florrick holds a meeting where he reviews the resources that Wendy has asked for chasing Will. Supposedly he hired Wendy because it would look too private attacking his wife’s firm.

Florrick says her task was not to create another task. Wendy applauds his foresight. Florrick says for Scott-Carr “ Live within your means”. A wry Scott Carr asks for cheaper investigators. Carey and Dana discuss Kalinda’s friend and Andrew Wylie.

Carey says Wylie tends to go free range like a chicken but Scott-Carr says they need an appropriate detective cheap.

Alicia sits in on an arbitration. The opposing counsel is the girl she did not hire in place opposite the girl she did hire, David Lee’s niece. Caitlin is very nervous.

Pamela, the client, was a professor of English Literature. Daniel the provost fired her.
The staff lounge is where Mr. Clove put unwanted attention on her and she resisted the massage her shoulders. She was fired the following day.

The professor says that his attention “As an encouragement not sexual. I’m sorry I made her uncomfortable”. He fired her because she received negative student evaluations. He makes it a point not to ask about politics. His workplace is politically neutral.

Caitlin asks, “When did he get the student evaluations? “in August” he says. Caitlin replies, “Yes, August, three days after you fired her”. The provost responds that the complaints were verbal from other and teachers and students,

She is very vocal about her political opinions, the provost says. But as witness discovery unfolds clearly more is at stake. There is no cap on the arbitration recovery. Caitlin continues, to fire someone on their politics is a Civil Rights violation. The opposing attorney is floored. She calls her senior.

This is Canning, the attorney played by Michael J. Fox,. (In many episodes Mr. Canning is Alicia’s bet-noire But he wants to hire her.) He talks about severance and damages.

Andrew Wylie is contacted by Carey to work.

Eli wanders the halls of Will’s offices. Lockhart Gardner is a busy firm. Everybody else is busy. Will senses Eli wants to share the wealth of the Lockhart Gardner client base.

At the arbitration, Canning alleges Pamela was fired for individual teacher activism. She was disruptive at work.

Wylie stands by the basketball game with his daughter. This is at Will’s basketball game. He says he is a freelance investigator for Wendy Scott Carr. Will says nothing is going on. Lawyers judges friends and there is nothing criminal. He says his cases for the last twenty years. He has an 8% win rate. Wylie infers something else is behind that success.

Will says he has an explanation of the strategy behind how they won every case and he can come by the office whenever he wants. Willis sobered by the increasing seriousness of the Florrick office investigation.

The provost sent email blasting Pamela at another college. The recipient posted this online, ruining her reputation in the academic community.

He asked if his defamatory comment was discovered on a college website. Canning interrupts that this was written in a private email and Alicia argues that is it not email in a private willingly distributed. Caitlin calls Kalinda for evidentiary support.

Alicia argues that Legally he is as responsible as if he had delivered it himself. Canning calls her comments hate speech. When Kalinda delivers key information, Alicia questions how she got involved, and is irritated. Canning pulls out all the stops. The arbitrator says the best thing to do is to adjourn.

Eli sits in Will’s office as a beautiful new friendship begins. Will explains why he isn’t getting anything in return. He doesn’t come to staff meetings. (he doesn’t do anything for anyone else there). Will asks why Peter is investigating him. Eli is still his political strategist. Eli says he has no idea.

Eli says has he asked Alicia. Eli says it is her business, isn’t it. Eli learns Peter is investigating the corporate firm he works for without telling him, his strategist, and an investigation of Lockhart Gardner means he gets hurt. Eli says she will try and find out.

Alicia talks with her daughter about the religious background. They do not talk about Will. She says she’s sorry it has been such a hard year. Grace tries to talk about Will.

The case in arbitration reaches religious claims about homosexuals. This was out of context. Pamela says she is a reformed Christian. Alicia says they have to get her back on the stand

Dana and Kalinda have drinks. Dana asks does she know Andrew Wylie. Dana wants to know if they (Kalinda and Carey) have had sex. Dana says if she starts something she follows through. Kalinda and Dana have a third party interest in Carey which Kalinda only promises and Dana “delivers” on.

Alicia argues in the arbitration that the Bible Leviticus text works against the speech in the homophobic email. It was religiously based speech. This was Pamela’s biblical justification for her opinions. Mr. Cloves defamed her client as homophobic when he heard religious based speech.

Alicia sees Canning after an adjournment and says they should make a deal. Canning has lunch with Alicia. He is still trying to hire her. Canning says he likes employees that work long hours. She can work at home she can telecommute.

She doesn’t like his clientèle Canning mockingly describes the “mean corporate clients that represent 1% of his business. But she represents Donny Pike. he says his employees and his clients have contributed millions to research and charitable causes.

Alicia denies this but checks her phone. There is a phone message from Grace that is just noises. Then she notices there were twelve call attempts by Grace to her mother Alicia missed. Alicia cannot get Grace on the phone.

Alicia panics and says she has to go home. Canning insists he take his car and driver. At first she demurs but gives in out of worry. They drive to her school as Alicia calls Zach to see if Grace is with him.

At the school Alicia questions a girl who knows Grace. With Canning helping they determine that Grace got into a van. Alicia panics and calls Florrick. She asks if he picked up Grace. She tells him about the phone calls. Florrick calls for police involvement in the next room at once.

She calls Peter and says he knows there is been involved with Donny Pike case. Florrick says there is no reason for him to go “there”. Florrick yells down the corridors of power to get a missing persons effort happening immediately.

At Lockhart Gardner , Kalinda notices Zach is upset. She asks him hard questions and uses the Internet to get a grip on the last place Grace’s phone was used. Will gets ignored by Kalinda and sees a stunned looking Zach and calls Alicia. She is in Canning’s car and cannot possibly answer his call or explain.

Kalinda drives to the school and gets an interview on the girl who saw Grace get into a van.

The girl says Grace doesn’t talk about boys but then Kalinda asks does she talk about people or to any men online. The girl looks guilty and Kalinda catches on. Driving around, Kalinda finds Grace being baptized at the Christian church of the guy she has been watching on YouTube.

Alicia worries at home, where Florrick shows up, and he says Grace is not at his place. Alicia waits in Grace’s room for news. She angrily puts apart a black negligee blaming herself for being distracted by Will and not paying attention to what is happening with Grace.

Kalinda delivers Grace back and she doesn’t want to come into the apartment. Grace says her mom would want to thank her. Grace walks in and Alicia falls apart now that she is back. Will arrives to see Alicia hugging Grace with Florrick standing by. He fades away.

Later Will drinks at a bar with Kalinda. What he wants is flying by. He sped by everything to get ahead. Gave up the important stuff too son maybe. Kids, whatever. Kalinda says he has a right to go for what he wants.

Canning produces an email in the arbitration case to win it. She is astounded because he got it from her purse while he was at her house waiting for Grace. He says he waited for her daughter to come home then he took it. He says if she worked for him she could leave work on time and see her kids.

At day’s end Alicia comes into Will’s office. She ends the relationship. Diane sees their embrace. Alicia walks crying through the hall. Diane brings Will a drink and says “You did the right thing, she’ll get over it”.

Will nods stoically and says yes she will. (He won’t).

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