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Gossip Girl - Rhodes to Perdition

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Written by : published Friday 9th December 2011

The Rhodes family celebrates a fun night in the making, a ball. Lily is pleased. They plan a ball for Charlie to be presented into society. The Plaza Athenee Spa is her reward, She apologizes and they say Max had a lot of problems. Serena says with a new job and party in her honor she is not doing too badly.

Dan has an announcement. The Twitter war paid off and Simon & Schuster gives him a second printing and a new afterword. He is flummoxed what to say and Serena says he might just ruin more reputations like the last book, might as well.

Dan and Serena fight at the breakfast table about the movie. But later they talk it out. Serena says the book was a springboard to some of the people that inspired it. Nate didn’t want to be half a person. Chuck dying alone to therapy. Serena says she wanted to change her ending from the book.

Serena wishes she had her own history to end as well as the ones in the book. Dan says to look at old Gossip Girls and see and learn something she missed.

Rufus stops by and hints that Dan is stuck on Blair. Dan says Blair would go with Chuck if she dumped Louis but Rufus says that if he tells Blair how he feels he can move on.

At the Empire Hotel, Nate sounds off as a business man as he cancels on Bloomberg. Chuck is impressed. He says there are upsides to pissing off the family.

Mr. Vanderbilt is hosting Nate at Camp Allen where he is a guest. (this is a highly influential place to be seen), Chuck says visiting media titan the Owl and Tree ceremony at the Camp Allan is legendary. This makes Nate a power broker. Then Chuck wonders how Nate can be reading a rival paper.

Nate is reading a royal newspaper story which says the royal wedding if off. Nate asks if this was Chuck’s doing. Chuck says about Blair that Louis is the father of her child and there is no way Louis is walking away from that.

Lily says as Blair’s wedding approaches she is concerned about him. Lily knows Blair isn’t invited. She says she can’t begin to understand what Chuck is going through but he has her unconditional love. He says it is useless. Lily says she has always loved him as her own and she hopes he can one day feel that kind of love for someone else.

Blair can’t wear her ring because of weight gain and Louis is waiting at the Consulate. Blair says to Dorota that she is not sure she can’t promise him she’ll never leave him.

Tripp shows up at the office and Tripp learns Nate is going to Camp Allan. He is shocked and realizes when Nate is hanging at the Owl and the Tree tonight the family star has shifted to Nate. Tripp confesses Maureen’s fake affair was grandfather Vanderbilt’s idea. Nate is shocked. Tripp says Vanderbilt engineered the whole thing but they were working on their marriage.

Blair sits in Dan’s crib with a teacup. She wonders what is stopping her from calling Louis. Dan says Chuck is stopping her. They have a strange physical force on each other. Chuck has finally become the person she always wanted him to be. But can Blair mold Louis into the person he used to be? Dan and Blair debate the pros and cons of Louis and Chuck.

Dan is not sure Louis is the father of her child but there is as silent pause. She can make all the lists in the world but the paternity of the child matters most. He is the only ending to this fairy tale. She asks Dan. But Dan says it doesn’t have to be. It wouldn’t matter to him. Blair misses what he means.

Max calls Charlie. He say he isn’t leaving until he gets his money. Charlie says to go ahead and try if her family didn’t believe him who will. Max picks up a Spectator, which is always looking for news.

Vanderbilt coldly greets Tripp on the street. Tripp is upset the man now favors Nate. Vanderbilt cautions Tripp to stay out of the way.

He is angrily left on the Spectator sidewalks and turns to see Max who has just come being kicked out by Nate. Tripp asks who he is. Max confronts Tripp Vanderbilt, angry about the misuse of power in rich families. Tripp eyes him with a calculating gleam.

Serena goes through old Gossip Girl blasts. Rufus finds her reviewing bad romantic choices. Serena remembers how hard Dan worked to try to impress her when they started dating. Rufus remembers how nervous Dan was.

Rufus says they were great together. Their friendship is something to value, he points out. Rufus is glad that Dan is finally getting his due from both Serena and Blair as friends.

Serena is struck to see Gossip Girl report that Blair ended up hanging with Dan for the day. She calls Dan and tries to talk him out of it.

Blair calls Chuck. She says now that he has found his way she lost hers. She ended up in Brooklyn and wants to meet him. Blair asks he could love another man’s child? She can’t move and she can’t breathe. He says she can’t make this decision for him and she is the woman she has to live with it.

Chuck says that he can’t imagine it would be a mistake to marry the father of her child. Chuck is stone faced but Blair is heartbroken. Chuck ends the call. But he sees the Gossip Girl blast and knows where she is.

Nate confronts his grandfather, Mr. Vanderbilt. He confesses maneuvering Nate into the Spectator job. Nate is furious. h thought he made it to the top by himself.

Vanderbilt also talks about hiring Diana. He was worried for Nate’s future as a Vanderbilt legacy. He hoped he could control some of the media blow-back and election about Tripp.

But the editorial Nate published made Vanderbilt realize which direction the Vanderbilt family needs to go on. If they want to be leaders Nate’s position is what he can respect. Nate has his full support as the Vanderbilt heir.

Vanderbilt deduces it was Tripp who told him. Vanderbilt says the campaign isn’t going well and it will make him a little desperate. Camp Allen is somewhere he always wanted to go. The invitation is still open. Nate infers Tripp was never asked to go. Vanderbilt leaves.

Max introduces himself into Spectator offices just then about Charlie to Nate. Max can’t make any headway because Nate is loyal to Charlie and says she let him know he would show up to smear her. Nate tells Max to get out.

Serena calls Dan and says that messing with Blair and Louis is a mistake and their separation is their problem. He needs to stay out of it. She says that Blair is not ready for another person going to mess with hers. Dan tells Serena to butt out and hangs up.

Then Serena opens her door to Prince Louis, whom she called about the mess. Louis is surprised to get support from Serena. She says she wants Blair to get her happy ending.

Louis tells Serena that Blair hasn’t called him in weeks. All of Blair’s dreams can still come true. Serena says he can’t use any more schemes. Louis says he doesn’t even know where she is but Serena says she does.

Nate sees Charlie arrive at the Spectator. He says Max came and was looking for money and says he kicked him out but warns Charlie to be careful. Nate is upset he got his top job as favoritism from Vanderbilt. But he was so proud of when he started at the Spectator to make his own way. He questions his worth.

Charlie says it doesn’t matter how he got there. Charlie encourages him. She says if you deserve it, be that person, own it, and never look back. Nate says thank you.

Chuck lets Lily/Mrs. Rufus using the Empire Hotel suite. A beautiful party for Charlie happens. Blair is dressed to kill looking for Dan.

At Dan’s place, a shattered Blair approaches Dan with the news that Chuck won’t take on on the baby. Blair and Dan embrace and Dan asks her what does she want. She says she wants to be happy.

Nate’s grandfather Mr. Vanderbilt confronts Tripp and asks how dare he interfere the future of his grandson. He says he has been the engine of his entire career. Tripp says if he abandons him now he’ll lose the election but Vanderbilt walks away saying its time to get on board, Nate is the favored son.

Louis batters down Dan’s door and Chuck comes into the hallway after him. Chuck says he used to live there and he has a key. Chuck comments dryly on the absurdity of the the whole thing. They come into the apartment but find them both gone. Chuck leaves.

Charlie arrives at her own party where Rufus introduces her to Women’s Wear Daily representative. Charlie is wearing a stunning god dress, a Badgely Mischka. The beautiful party has a wonderful glow. Lily says this is what we do for family.

Lily puts Charlie on a stage and says she is proud to introduce her niece properly to New York society. Flashbulbs pop and even Lily notes the press is in full force. Charlie gets nervous.

Dan leads Blair to a fire filled place blindfolded. Blair opens her eyes and sees a sacrificial chamber and is somewhat chilled. But this is inside the Hotel Empire, his old lair.

As the Charlie party takes shape, Max confronts Charlie outside and says that she as a Society princess will be exposed as white trash fraud. Charlie stands her ground. She says he offered him money but he wouldn’t go away He says the $5,000 was nothing.

Serena look around the party and wonders anxiously where Dan is. Nate joins her at the bar.

They see Dan and Chuck run through the party. Dan leads Chuck to Blair. Serena realizes that Dan is aiding Blair instead of getting her.

Nate stand back from the crowd and tells Charlie that if the press learn Blair and Chuck are together and they storm the Hotel Empire that could shut down the party. Charlie is interested.

Inside the secret room, Chuck talks about a future for Blair, himself, and the baby. He says he thought he was being selfish to promote the idea he take a future with Louis’ child. Blair says he picked that moment to not be selfish? They grow close and almost kiss.

Then Gossip Girl blasts about Blair and Chuck hiding in the Empire. Chuck and Blair read the blasts. Blair says she has to get to Louis and tell him before photos surface.

Chuck and Blair go to kiss but then Nate interrupts. He warns them about the press and has gathered some security and gets Blair and Chuck to the garage privately. He gets into Chuck’s car and and puts Chuck and Blair into his own car and takes the road to Camp Allen.

But as the car drives away with Blair and Chuck, an oil spot on the concrete shows that Max probably has tampered with the car with Tripp’s help.

Serena finds Dan at the dance. Serena says she is sorry she came down so hard on him before. Dan says sheepishly that confessing his love wouldn’t have helped Blair . She need to take a break and confess her own problems, not hear his tangled confessions.

Serena smiles at his wisdom earnestly and says that he is one of the good ones.

Max says she is trapped in this life forever. Charlie says she is one of them now. Max says that will wear off eventually. She says this is my life now.

Nate and his car drives behind Chuck and Blair and the paps follow their car at a dangerous speed. The driver sees several motorcycles chase the car and says they are going too fast.

Inside the Blair and Chuck car, they debate what to do. Chuck says she is giving up her fairy tale wedding. Blair says her farty take ending is a happy ending for both of them. They can go to the Consulate and tell Louis.

Nate is talking to his grandfather when he realizes his driver is coming through the park. They move to turn around. But up ahead something has happened. He looks ahead and sees the Blair and Chuck car crashed into a median. Nate gets out and runs up in horror.

Serena and Dan arrive at the hospital to see Nate and Lily and Rufus there too, awaiting news. Blair and Chuck were rushed to the hospital when Nate called it in.

As they wait, Serena fumes that Gossip Girl’s blast ruined their chance to get away. Dan says Gossip Girl didn’t fire the motorcycle paparazzi at the car. But Serena says they wouldn’t have known unless Gossip Girl alerted them. She has made too many people suffer.

Dan asks Serena what she wants to do? Serena says she needs to bring down Gossip Girl to do it. Dan says he will help. Nate says they should use the Spectator to do it.

Charlie waits outside. She realizes how serious the problem is. Charlie edges closer. Rufus approaches Charlie and asks her if she is OK. She says no because she is to blame, Rufus says she is not to blame.

Charlie says that she sent the blast to Gossip Girl. She says she got scared because Max showed up and she wanted the Press to move in and crash the event. But Rufus says what can he do? They know he is a liar. Then she says she is the fraud. Rufus does not have time to answer because...

Just then Lily runs out with critical news. Charlie watches Rufus run to Lily.

Blair is awake and alert but Chuck is in critical deadly condition and may not live. Lily is seriously affected and calls Roman and the other Bass relatives in Europe who are now flying in. Lily says Evelyn was distraught.

Charlie calls Carol and says she is on the next flight out. She runs out of the hospital unnoticed.

Diana gets a call from Vanderbilt. She is in a limo. He says “there was a accident”. She may have to do something. She wonders if he is ready to pay the price, for what he wants.

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