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Unforgettable - The Golden Bird - recap

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Written by : published Friday 9th December 2011

Carrie plays chess in the park with the timers. She gets a shadowy glimpse of the killer but black out back to reality. Then she gets a call to the scene. A man is dead in his deluxe suite Also on the floor is a late 1920‘s post surrealist statue and this is the murder weapon. No papers, no files, but he was there on business.

A maid is accused of killing a corporate lawyer, Brett Langley, found dead in his hotel room. Carrie and her squad are called to the scene. Dominican Republic is her place of origin and she now lives in Corona. The cops look for a motive.

But Carrie approaches her boss and says she got a glimpse of Rachel’s murderer in a flashback and wanted to work with a sketch artist. He says that word will get around, and he cautions her she will have to answer questions about what she is doing.

Tom Martin, head of security at the hotel introduces himself. They want to see all the surveillance video. He says there is a swipe card system. Was anybody admitted in the last 24 hours? A housekeeper named Maria Ortiz entered the place and she did not show up for work that day.

Carrie looks on the TV screen and sees Maria Ortiz, giving a press conference. Carrie wonders where the maid is then looks at a TV monitor.

She was sexually assaulted. The lawyer talks to reporters and cameras. She has a proven record of defending society’s most wanted. Maria has chosen a famous woman attorney as her advocate. Carrie is a little surprised at how fast this has happened.

The squad needs to get the story of what happened from Ortiz. Moser, a famous woman lawyer, says once again she is doing the NYPD’s job for them. The meeting is a courtesy hearing extended to law enforcement. Carrie Wells introduces herself, and they talk.

Ortiz worked Langley’s room on her shift. Maria did the turn down service. She went in to do her work. He came out of the bathroom with his robe was open. She tried to leave. She thought he wanted her to keep working. Maria Ortiz is clearly distraught. She says:

“He said don’t go. He went to the bed and he grabbed me. He pulled at my shirt.”

He hit her and she ran. He grabbed her again and she hit him. He fell right away. She says maybe she should have stayed or called a doctor. She is sorry he died. Carrie can tell that she is.

When Wells asks if Maria had met the victim before, Moser explodes and removes her client from questioning. Moser turns on Carrie to get a better look. She toys with Carrie, reinforcing her power, and Carrie says to save it for her closing statement.

The family home of Maria Ortiz is then searched. Many families live in one house. Carrie detects something at the Ortiz family house but Carrie says something is wrong and can’t put her finger on it. Nothing from the hotel is there, not even a soap or a towel.

Maria has a checkered job history. Accusations of theft. Allegedly her former boyfriend was fired because there was a stolen laptop from the hotel. Maybe the killing happened because it was a robbery. Nothing connects high tech guy, Langley, to the other guy, the boyfriend.

Brett Langley, the dead lawyer, was involved in litigation. Carrie looks through his office. She asks about his baseball gym bag with the motto “The Tort Ballers” on it. Carrie remembers the homeless man hanging round the murder scene with the bag. He was walking by.

The cops round up the homeless guy, who wants his Fuji apples. The bag is Langley’s. The homeless man denies being involved in murder. He says he found it in the dumpster before 5 am. Maria Ortiz didn’t have it when she left, according to the security camera.

They spot on the security cameras a former Navy SEAL who does corporate research for Bingham pharmaceuticals. They spot him on the surveillance cameras. Langley and Richards were together. Security camera review shows that they were following him. His own company.

The squad watches video of Langley talking about his pharmaceutical clients. Brett Langley is the evangelist for the pharmaceutical company. He is very convinced of their worth. Carrie sees the pictures of the kids. They are moving.

The dead man had cancer but is now clear of it. He has parking tickets and charges for plaintiffs lawyers offices who are the enemy of pharmacy firms like the one Brett Langley worked for. He had to have had another reason for going there than business.

From the autopsy they learn that Langley is clear from a battle with colon cancer. They think he may have flipped causes after recovering from cancer. A new lease on life may have caused a moral shift.

Carrie wants to go to Ortiz’ home to talk to her. She is hiding something. But Moser has not given the OK for an interview. She says to her boss she’ll be careful.

Ortiz is nervous and scared. Carrie says powerful people will kill her to keep themselves safe and won’t protect her. Carrie says unless she handles it right and talks to police she will end up dead and people like Moser won’t protect her.

Ortiz is hiding something. Obsessed with her son’s medical condition. She was holding her son’s hand when the car hit him in the Dominican Republic and the person just drove away. Why didn’t she get killed, she asks?

Reports come back about what Langley was doing with the new lawyers. He was looking for some kid who had medical problems. But they suppose maybe the pharmaceuticals caused a birth defect. Lauren Garber is at the other end of the mystery. Garber is coming in. She had a child.

Moser comes in to the precinct and slaps a copy of the Constitution on Carrie’s desk. She says to Carrie she had no Constitutional training and can’t use information from the Ortiz meeting at her home alone for proof. She can’t use anything in the interview at Ortiz’ home but Carrie says “No, but maybe you can”.

Moser makes a point of saying she is having lunch with the Deputy Mayor on Friday and she thinks she’ll mention Carrie’s disrespect of constitutional law then. When Carrie sighs Moser doesn’t like that either.

Carrie interviews the young woman Lauren, a career woman the plaintiffs lawyers got hold of. Garber got pregnant and gave the baby up for adoption, it was quite healthy. Was the baby’s father OK with the adoption, they ask. Lauren Garber says yes.

They tell Garber about Langley. Very likely he went looking to find the child’s father. Carrie alleges foul play by the baby’s father and demands his identity. Lauren Garber says she is sure he is not involved. Carrie intuits that Brett Langley was the child’s father. It was a one night stand. She couldn’t run after him for money. So she gave him up for adoption.

They think Langley was looking for his kid. He showed up later and he wanted to see his boy. Radiation therapy had left him sterile. He couldn’t have other children. She gave him the name of the adoption agency she used. Carrie visits a couple who adopted the boy and know him as Jake.

Sandra and Ian Smith adopted Langley’s kid. He approached them recently. Langley had not been informed of the birth or pregnancy so he had a legal right to sue for custody. But Jake’s father says it was amenable. They met with him and agreed on a visitation schedule. They heard about Maria Ortiz in the papers and they feel they dodged a bullet.

Carrie sees the mother pull away from the father as he explains and she follows her to the bathroom. Carrie sees a yellow rubbery duck bath sponge there and recognizes it like the one at Maria Ortiz’ house. Carrie asks the woman how long has she known Maria Ortiz? The woman confesses there is more to the story.

Carrie says they must know more. Carrie says unless they tell everything they will both go to jail. How long have you known Maria Ortiz? Ian’s plan was to discredit Langley to discourage the chance of being awarded joint custody. Langley was such a big shot lawyer. If they took him to court there is no way they could win.

Maria really took to Jake. Maria fell in love with their little boy. They offered her $30,000 to pretend that Langley was a rapist to the attorney. They didn’t want to lose their son.

Carrie goes to arrest Maria for complicity and the others note she wanted the case to break another way. She says yes. At the Ortiz home, Carrie feels terrible.

The D.A. wants proof of the money payoff. Carrie remembers the wire transfer slips in Maria’s house to back home to the Dominican Republic. $500 is the usual amount. That is not the $30K the are looking for. Where is the money?

Carrie confirms the money transfers. But Carrie says the time stamp says the time of the murder Maria Ortiz was sending money, and she was a regular who had to wait for 45 minutes in line and get back to downtown and the hotel. She was solidly recognized and has an alibi.

They reference the time stamp in the video. Carrie reviews it. She remembers the flowers were different hat day they went to the crime scene than on the video at the supposed time of the crime. The security footage has been doctored.

Only Tom Martin, head of security at the hotel had access to it.

Carrie walks into Moser’s office. She says Maria had a rock solid alibi. Moser asks why would she represent a client who lied to her and Carrie challenges why should she betray her. She says she was quite a superstar.

Moser asks about the past and the man who killed her sister. She says she has a very talented researcher and Carrie should come to her for help because she specializes in lost causes.

Wryly they report big news at the hotel, the server crashed and lost security footage. Without the original footage they think Martin was in on it but can’t prove it.

They think maybe the money was in the Tort baller gym bag. Maybe they can get prints from the bag. Carrie says that of course they are on the bag because Martin grabbed it to make sure he had deniability.

Moser walks into the interview room. Carrie says she knows she wasn’t there during the murder. Her confession wasn’t true. Moser says she will help her if she confesses the truth. Maria thought she was saving Jake from terrible parents. The security man is her green card sponsor.

Ortiz needs Jose to get well and the money to take care of him. Martin had a scheme to get them money if she acted like she had been assaulted. Carrie asks to find out what happened the night of the murder.

Tom went to the hotel. The deal had been set up to discredit Langley but Langley had changed his mind and refused to pay him. The rape scam was an invention. He made a video of Maria running from the room and Langley agreed to pay or he would never get Jake.

Maria is freed through a police error and Tom meets her. There was a TV announcement. He is overjoyed they got away with it. They can’t spend the money yet because it will be traced and noticed. But she needs it for her son, she says.

She says he shouldn’t have done it, Tom. She asks if he doesn’t ever think about that night. He says Langley kept screaming and yelling.

Tom called her house and wants to know where she as during the murder. He gets suspicious and finds her wire and attacks her. Carrie moves in and they arrest him. Later Carrie learns Maria will do time for conspiracy.

After the bust, he leads Carrie down to the basement. He shows her laptop with a specialized sketch artist graphical illustration file. Carrie is delighted. All these years she says couldn’t remember Rachel’s murderer because of how she died or why she died. But now she wonders if it was because she was really ready to remember.

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