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The Mentalist - The Red Shirt - recap

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Written by : published Friday 9th December 2011

A man, Terence, is found shot and killed outside his boat marina, washed up in the water. Lisbon and crew detail the findings. He owned a dating business called “Symphony” for people who constructed detailed profiles and met at dating parties. They profile the killer as an opportunistic woman. Patrick checks out the dating service offices. He meets Mrs. Terence.

The office crew scan the financial records of the dead man. They find a data trail connected to wealthy realtor. His face is on the billboards. They ask about his connection to the woman they suspect is the killer. He says Terence introduced him to this woman as his own lady.

A woman from one of those dating parties met a friend of his. The night they met she was all over him and summoned him to her hotel room. She had a rose tattoo on her hip. She used fake name. But he knew she had joined a lot of the dating companies.

After a night of fun he never heard from her, except a phone call to say she had videotaped the whole thing and that she was blackmailing him. The realtor called Terence who said he would put a stop to it all. That was the last he heard of the matter. He has an alibi.

Lisbon and crew review the likely companies and check out response with identical questionnaire answers to the ones in the company where Terence and the realtor’s friend was. They determine a mixer of eligible singles is happening that night and they should trap her their into making a move. Velma and Cox criticize Neal’s fake accent (deplorable) and appearance (fine).

Patrick is obsessed with the woman who runs the dating business. He hangs onto her like a bulldog. She is very attractive and self contained, almost on a par with his own manner. The dead man was her husband and he was trying to get a divorce from her and dissolve the business and sell it. She says she did not kill him and has her assistant vouch for her at the time of death. She was working.

Jane notices that the Marina is not very far from the offices. She could have quickly killed the Patrick says he knows he will win and find the evidence to get her. Mrs. Terence shows him how the only door from the interview room is a closet full of supplies. Jane is dumbfounded. The client gives testimony at the precinct about being interviewed by Mrs. Terence. She and Neal have a spark.

Ms. Terrence is very smooth with Jane. The woman was conducting an interview with a client at that time and gives the tapes to Patrick. Jane watches the videos and listen to what the interviewee says. He reviews the tapes again and again. Jane insists she had an accomplice. A man, someone younger who would believe she was in love with her, but only someone unstable enough to believe her lies.

Meanwhile Lisbon and crew identify the woman striking at the parties. They send in Neal at a dating party and get him to pretend to be a wealthy mark. He connects with some women and then Lisbon guides him to the right girl. Nervously he hits on her, trying to find out if she has the rose tattoo. She jumps up and leads him to the hotel room.

An older man hits on Velma, who holds up her engagement ring and says “Keep Walking”. Lisbon cruises around, watching the people at the party and waiting to make the sting.

Neal hits on the lady who is the only one alone. She corners him in the bedroom and his microphone fails just as she is turning back on the bed, he yelps frantically the code to activate Lisbon and Velma but they don’t come. She is wearing revealing lingerie and Neal can see the tattoo.

He mutters the code words about the rose tattoo on her hip and finally Lisbon and Vema come in. They are amused at Neal’s discomfiture. Lisbon says this is his collar and he snaps at his collar. She means it is his bust. This makes even Velma smile.

Jane still blames the wife. He vows to smoke her out because he is smarter than she is. She guides him through the process of making a dating video, asking his interview questions. It is hard to tell if she is flirting or doing her job and Jane can’t tell either.

As his answers expand, they seem to fit her and she challenges her to acknowledge the sexual chemistry , the spark between them. She says she knows it is there because she knows he has been hurt but she can help him. He has to open up and leave the hurt in his past behind him. Until he is ready to do that nobody will be important to him.

He is attentive to her and tells her right away he thinks she did it. He does say she is right about some of the things she recognizes in him. She says he is defensive and doesn’t want to let anyone in. She says he thinks she killed her husband as a defense to sabotage the attractive between them. Jane is a little surprised at someone who can keep up with him.

Kim interviews the “Black Widow” blackmailer. She admits to blackmail but no killing. Meanwhile Lisbon tells Jane is obsessed with the woman. Despite the evidence Patrick keeps trying to make her guilty. Lisbon arrests Dan, the woman’s assistant as being guilty of the crimes. Mrs. Terence is not happy about this.

She is asked to come down to the station to give additional details. But Jane can’t break her. She goes home. Jane tries to get Dan to open up but he insists that she is innocent. Watching Mrs. Terrence smirk at him, he tells Lisbon to let Dan go. Later when Jane is talking to the lady crush, Lisbon walks in and says Dan is dead he has killed himself.

Jane and Lisbon arrive as the body is being zipped up. Jane taunts her that she got away with it. He says she will go down because she loved him and he was lost and she didn’t see this coming. He waggles a suicide not in front of her and she doesn’t take the opportunity to confess. He opens the letter anyway, which says “I Win”.

Jane planned to get her to give up. The more he eggs her on the more she denies it. Then she says she never loved him and Lisbon walks him out, still alive.

Later in the precinct Neal and his computer date from the interview go to the elevator. Both smile at having made a spark.

In the interview rooms, Jane is elated to have gotten the better of the perpetrator. But Jane says she won’t get off scott-free a jury will put her away. But she smiles at him and says everybody is not as smart as him. And Dan is as he says, highly unstable. Jane stops smiling.

At the scene, Lisbon happens upon the computer playing Jane’s date interview. She is touched and interested by what he has to say. But then at the end he says he wants a woman who has seen him a his worst and sill loves him. And then she was gone.

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