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"Guardians" a target for Nikita

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Written by : published Sunday 4th December 2011

     "Guardians" brings the CW's Nikita fall run to a close. Leaving Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford) to mend and Michael (Shane West) connecting with his son, Nikita (Maggie Q) sets off on her own to replace the black box she lost. She becomes stressed, realizing just how hopeless her ultimate mission is, and wishing she could get out of the game. But Owen (Devon Sawa) is there to remind her just what she is fighting for, and bolsters her spirits. Using Gogol to try to find the box, they are startled to learn that Percy (Xander Berkeley) has a new plan in motion, even from a cell.

     It is interesting that Nikita allows its titular character to suffer emotionally in "Guardians," expressing frustration and exhaustion. Nikita shows emotions from time to time, but considering how dedicated she is in her mission, fans may assume that she is one hundred percent dedicated to completing it, no matter what. To let the stress of everything show in her is cool, because it humanizes her in a way that she needs in order to be relatable. Nikita is a real, layered person.

     Owen returns not just to help remind Nikita of what she is doing, but also to provide, once more, a choice for Nikita. Should things with Michael not work out, or should he choose his recently discovered son over her, Owen is more than willing to take his place by Nikita's side. It's not that Owen doesn't understand that Nikita's heart belongs to Michael. He just wants to be there is she ever changes her mind, and wants her to know that. However, he is not a true obstacle, as he calls in Michael to help when things get dicey, knowing Michael will ride to Nikita's rescue.

     Amanda (Melinda Clarke) think she maintains the upper hand on Percy, even after Percy sends Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) off to kill Semak (Peter J. Lucas). Amanda strips Percy's cell of aminities, and taunts him. Yet, viewers and Nikita know that Percy is not out by any means. In "Guardians," Owen discovers that Percy has managed to activate secondary protocal, gathering the Guardians for some unknown move. Also, Percy has help inside Division, who is passing his orders on. No matter how much Amanda tries to contain him, Percy keeps pulling tricks out of his sleeve. This is one villain who is not going to be dispatched with easily.

     Alex's mission of revenge needs to come to an end. It consumes her, and leads her to work with unsavory characters. Not that Nikita doesn't use the enemy from time to time, but Alex is awfully close to Division. Plus, with a single-minded mission of retribution, she is not being her full, healthy self. As she moves in for the kill in this week's Nikita, she is startled to encounter her mother. Will this change Alex's plans? What secrets will her mother share about Alex's history? It's a game changer, but one that leaves fans very much in the dark as Nikita goes on hiatus.

     Nikita will return in about a month to the CW.

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