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Ringer - Shut Up and Eat Your Bologna - recap

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Written by : published Friday 2nd December 2011

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Andrew and Siobhan get closer and he surprises her with a vacation to Turks and Caicos. He gives her back the dress his daughter cut up and she realizes the gun is still on the top shelf. Andrew hesitates to target Arbogast for the company while things are good with Siobhan.

Siobhan calls Charlie about the gun. She wants to get rid of it. This was the police gun she got six weeks ago.

Andrew gets Henry him to come over and sign more forms and learns that Gemma’s father Tim Arbogast has health problems and he is still taking care of the children. Andrew says Olivia wants more Martin/Charles dividend re-investment forms signed.

Siobhan talks with Malcolm at the coffeehouse. He is now six days without drugs and sober again. Charlie is supposedly trusted even though he is harboring Gemma in his basement lair while lying to Siobhan about checking up on the police gun provenance.

Malcolm urges Bridget/Siobhan to notice something else that does not fit. She finds a bottle of pills and calls the doctor to make an appointment.
She says that she broke it off with Henry and Andrew’s daughter doesn’t hate her anymore. Andrew and she are making strides. The shrink says something made her pick up the phone and reach out. The shrink is very observant and says something must have felt different that morning.

She says she is falling in love all over with Andrew, all over again. Siobhan keeps talking and she wants the refill for the prescription. The shrink says “You know I didn’t give you those pills for depression”.

Olivia confronts Andrew at work. She says now is the time to hit Arbogast. The right place to leave his money is with us, she says. Olivia says he is too distracted planning his next holiday. She says so many investors have pulled out unless they score soon disaster will follow.

The psychiatrist listens to Bridget/Siobhan and says that her alias Cora is what she maintained when scheduling appointments. The shrink avoids her leading questions and asks what is changed about her life.

At the apartment, Malcolm sees there is mouthwash in his bathroom. He confronts Charlie because there is alcohol in it. Charlie laughs it off and pours it down the drain.

Malcolm says he looked around. He looked through his drawers. He has four pairs of underwear and four pairs of socks. This is not his permanent location. Something is not right. Charlie says he has lived there for six months.

Siobhan watches her shrink go to lunch and goes up pretending to need to use the bathroom. The receptionist gives her the key and she sneaks into the shrink’s office to look up her file. She gets into the papers long enough to find he file of her last session but the shrink comes walking back into the room almost to the minute.

Siobhan says she wanted more time. She says she thought therapy isn’t about judgment. But the shrink says after this incident she needs to rethink sessions.

Siobhan reads the typed notes of the last session. The prescription was for paranoia. She felt someone was watching her and she found her answers at Gramercy cathedral.

Olivia says that they need to strike Arbogast while they can get to him. But Andrew does not feel ready to strike Henry with more financial jargon (they are clearly using his accounts).

Siobhan comes to Andrew’s for lunch. Olivia sees he has something else to fight for. Later Andrew decides not to pursue it. Olivia is unsteady because Andrew’s eggs are all in one basket. Olivia rips up the signed paperwork that Andrew got Henry to sign.

Siobhan mentions church. Andrew says she would melt if she went to church. He says she put up a fight them having their wedding at a church.

Malcolm apologizes about the mouthwash incident and Charlie says he just stopped by for a quick shower. Malcolm finds his wallet is empty while “Charlie” is in the shower. He has a key to a PO. Box. Malcolm goes to the P.O. box and finds out that his real name is John Delario.

Meanwhile Siobhan checks out the Gramercy Cathedral, which has been transformed into a bar. She hides and sees Charlie buy a drink and says to the bartender “I haven’t had a drink in five days hit me bartender”. (Charlie is her AA sponsor). Siobhan pays a bouncer who tells her he is always there and always on his phone. Siobhan leaves, calling Malcolm.

Just then the real Siobhan calls Charlie/John at the bar. She says not to be too proud of getting the gun back, she was the one who planted it on her with his friend the cop he hired.

Malcolm and Siobhan talk about Charlie and what his motives are. She wants the gun back.

Olivia goes to Henry and gets him to sign a missed page to the document. Olivia gets a drink from him while the drink is being poured she looks through his phone contacts for Arbogast's number. Henry says to talk to him but she says her story is that she is a bitch and she does what needs to be done. Henry says this is the first adult conversation he’s had in days.

Olivia asks when did Siobhan and Andrew decide to stop hating each other. Henry says he has no idea but he says if she figures it out to tell him. At lunch Andrew asks Bridget/Siobhan if they lost everything would she stand by him. She says yes. Malcolm says this is a temporary Prince Charming fantasy and this is not her life.

Olivia tells Henry that Andrew says he wants to be a better man for her. Olivia finds this nauseating. While Henry checks up on his kids she checks out his phone and finds a video of Siobhan and Henry on Henry’s phone. She says “Oh Siobhan”.

Siobhan meets with Charlie and she watches his liar’s tells. She says she appreciates him being such a great sponsor. She stalls while Malcolm searches the other address. Siobhan says giving him the gun was a mistake. It’s a stolen cop’s gun. She should take it back.

At the apartment, Malcolm finds the keys but can’t get into the secret basement room. Inside the room Gemma struggles.

Siobhan says she needs the gun. She says she doesn’t feel safe anymore. Charlie says he needs to get the gun back from the guy he hired to get rid of it. Siobhan stops and kisses him and he makes tracks getting out of there.

Charlie gets out of the bar and calls the real Siobhan. He is wearing the gun and says “She is onto me”.

Malcolm gets her text but before he leaves finds a phone. Gemma's?

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