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The Closer - Necessary Evil - recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 30th November 2011

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Captain Rader joins a crime scene where a woman is sobbing outside. The German BMW has been shot multiple times and a high school principal killed. The street scene is tented off and the bullet firings and shots through the car marked and tagged. Johnson is on the scene but Rader commands all the attention with her manual and questions of the bit by bit movements of all the adults involved.

Capitan Rader pinpoints every step of the police procedure manual and follows along with the detective and lieutenants and deputy Chief Brenda Lee Johnson. The woman said on the phone her husband said he had to deal with someone and then he never came back and there were gunshots. The 9 mm semiautomatic used is assessed by Provenza and Flynn assumes a single shooter.

Rader follows up the crime scene faster than they can process it and answer her at the same time. Progress halts as they all stand responding to her questions. The mood is tense and they are very distracted paying this game. Rader wants the bullet casings but since the man kept driving the don't know where th first shooting impact took place. Racer division calls back with a report of a similar shooting. There was no description.

Their every motion is followed up and the staff are polite but clearly cannot proceed naturally with Rader following their every second. (Johnson is under threat of further lawsuits). When the bullet casings are not found, Rader tamps down hard but Brenda Lee is told the same thing happened to an FBI agent week ago and questions are being asked about a shooting very similar to the one they are investigating.

Sanchez finds more casings. Information is wanted on the Boyce Road shooting. Special Agent Howard is Fritz. Johnson finds that Fritz has flagged the crime as a FBI case. Johnson says it is her murder. Fritz insist that the principal was possibly only killed because the true victim intended was his agent. Flynn and the others behave perfectly. Johnson says if Fritz doesn’t go home he will get tired and ugly.

At the police division of headquarters, Rader confronts Johnson but it isn’t a good time. Johnson is ordering her investigation as if Fritz had not grabbed the case and appropriated handling of the crime scene and the evidence.

Rader suggests a grief counselor might be appropriate for the wife but Johnson assures Rader they are all grief counselors in time of need. The dead high school principal was new to his job. Rader suggests that Mrs. Reed, the wife of the deceased man be Mirandized and Johnson says she is only a person of interest and will not be Mirandized.

But Rader asks Fritz if they have the bullet casings. This is very interesting, as the ones from the current shooting are missing. Rader observes that these might be useful. Fritz says she doesn’t work for her. Rader says she feels less like a captain and more like a hall monitor every day. Gabriel meets with the principal’s wife.

And there is something else Rader really wants to get off her chest. But Captain Rader loses her cool just as a tech directs their attention to the closed circuit monitor of the interview with the widow. The widow of the dead man is angry and crying. Captain Rader disappears out of the office without Chief noticing. When she turns to talk to her she is gone.

The widow details how his assignments had been challenging but this new school, Polk, was different the car was keyed by another member of the staff. The school parents and teachers were hostile. The ears perk up when the woman says that is why her husband recorded all his memos on his recorder. He recorded meetings on his voice recorder device. But neither Johnson nor Fritz has the password.

From recent conversations Gabriel needs detail about their life. Mrs Reed wishes she had said that they should go back to the old school. he was t straighten out schools. Fritz wants to hear the voice memos. They did not report the threats. Crazy teachers and angry parents were recorded.

Brenda Lee Johnson and her staff hear the woman’s 911 call as she describes to an operator where her husband was driving when he was shot and the detectives theorize she might have had her husband bumped off. But the financial statements of the pair don’t bear this out.

The detectives return from the principal’s office triumphant. Even though their password attempts go them locked out of the phone they got the principals computer, which synced up the recordings and plays them. The parent meeting the principal has underscores the concerns the parents have for their children playing on sports teams and their anger at scholastic requirements being raised to a C average to play sports.

The hostility of the parents and other teachers to the new principal is palpable. Only when the current football coach speaks does he get any support. Brenda Lee comments they just went from no suspects to about thirty.

Another meeting has the new principal meting with the same football coach. He is being transferred to another school. Coach Rich Carr tells the parents the school will close if the students do not do well without standardized test scores. The parents and teachers do not want to hear anything about scholastics, just team sports.

In the Asst. Chief’s office, Pope says according to Rader Major Crime is doing everything right. Rader says her actions are a waste of money. Commander Taylor disagrees. Rader drops a bomb on the two men in charge of the precinct. She says that her continued observance of Johnson is an insult to Brenda Lee and the entire staff. They also point out she needs to find Goldman’s leak.

Pope wants her to remain because the whole department is under scrutiny of the legal and police departments. Rader says the atmosphere is hard to work with and also she has a new job offer. Director of Corporate Security and internal threats. She is eligible for her captain’s pension. Pope says for her not to quit for a few weeks.

The Los Angeles Convention Center wants her as chief security consultant. Asst. Chief Pope is stunned. Rader also says that certain things in her personal life are affecting this choice.

Taylor says she was also kept on the scene and auditing the movements of the department staff to find the leak. Pope is panicked and says only she can find the leak, it would take too long to find anyone with her expertise and knowledge of the case history and the personnel to even try to replace her. She says she must leave.

Pope says he will make a deal, after the promotion freeze is off he will make her a commander. The other officer in the room, Taylor, is impressed and surprised. (This is his rank) He says that is quite an offer. But Rader is firm, she wants to go to work where people want to see her.

Brenda Lee says the FBI mistakenly identified this as a federal crime.

Carr’s last conversation with Reed is fiery. Since findings became attached to test scores, Reed is hyper focused on the issue of grades. Coach Carr ignores scholastics and makes it plain the principal’s agenda is unacceptable.

The kids end up on the street but the coach won’t give in. Principal says that he knows what is gong on at his house and he is inches from calling the district and reporting it.

Carr explodes with anger. He throws a snow globe at the principal.

He grabs the football trophy from the glass case he just shattered. He says “I won these trophies. You don’t even deserve to look at them”.

Coach Carr says is it even legal that Reed recorded the conversation and that is no legal. Coach Carr is emotional. Coach Carr says does Brenda Lee know what it is like having a boss who stood over his shoulder looking for any error. He says he has taught at that school for nearly 30 years. He mocks Chief Johnson and loudly gripes about the late principal.

Johnson talks to Carr while the staff search his home with a warrant. They are supposed to look for stolen trophies. They video tape the raid. They find bedroom after bedroom looking lived in even thought Carr was supposed to live alone. Provenza says they can legally find the gun.

They bust into a room full of teenagers lifting weights. They stand up and wonder what the cops are doing there. Buzz records everything. One of the students says “What happened to Coach”. one of the students catches on and prompts the other teenagers to not say anything about Coach without a lawyer present. He asks if they have a warrant.

They back out of the room, unsure of what to do or think. The bedroom all have individual occupants, evidently football players. Rader says they are looking for trophies. Provenza says they look for trophies, and Rader says “fully loaded” trophies.

Back at the precinct, Johnson discussed the latest turn the case has taken. The nature of the students living at the house change the crime somewhat. A serial offender can be attractive to his victims. Coach Carr seems to be providing the necessities of life.

Johnson says she has to take this suspect to a dark place and she doesn’t want to go there without a gun. In the interview, Johnson turns up the heat. Carr does not respond to the seriousness of the situation except to shout his own opinions. he says that he was the one who cared about the kids and all reed cared about was kicking out the low GPA kids to keep the scores high.

Coach Carr says how can she even say that out loud she ha not right he says those detective need to get out of his house. Johnson says three underage students are half naked at his house and they will be questioning them.

Johnson says she can question physical relationship. Coach Carr says this has gone too far. Carr says she has not right to make accusations like that. She asks if she is their legal documents. She says she will talk to their parents. He says she does not know the parents are not involved with what the kids are doing.

So you prey on throwaway kids is that right? He says 5 years ago one of the mothers went to jail and two days after he was shot , unsolved. he says put him in front of a jury. He would love nothing better than to publicize what is going on with these children.

Carr says do you have permission. He says no he does not have permission to have the students living with him. He says he has not exactly followed the rules. The parents are abusive and don’t care.

Meanwhile the police roam the Coach’s home. Rader says for them to use the metal detector. She says that to concentrate on stretches of ground big enough to hide a trophy.

Provenza says a proposal of nothing, when can he start planning her retirement party. She is amazed. She asks Provenza where he found out she was retiring from. Provenza tells Rader that Taylor told him of her retirement party.

Buzz digs down where the detector found something. Coach Carr is read his rights with Fritz behind him. Johnson asks him “Don’t we both know what's going on?” he asks for a lawyer.

Coach Carr’s only motive is to avoid a job transfer. Next day Fritz tells Johnson that Rader is retiring. Johnson says she hasn’t found the leak yet. Fritz says there is no good reason Coach Carr would want his TSA agent dead. So it is a Major Crimes division case.

Terrence Miller is a person of interest because the gun is registered to Terrence Miller. He did 5 years for doing a liquor store robbery and served all of his time. He is a valet for a downtown restaurant a with no connection to Coach Carr and lives far away from Reed and Carr. He says he ditched the gun with the woman, he doesn’t remember her address.

Rader and Pope meet Johnson in the division HQ. She mentions Rader leaving and wants to know why he didn’t tell her. He says or maybe Rader doesn’t care about that anymore. The students need to be released. The kids are in the break room.

Johnson confront the man he gun is licensed to. He says he hid the gun at her place. Gabriel says where did she live. He says she was using him as a babysitter. He says he can’t lose his job. Brenda gets him to go to the break room. He pretends he is there to pick one of them up.

Louis recognizes the man and Brenda Lee wants to question him, and the boy runs from the break room and they catch him. Johnson says Coach Carr will be arrested unless he can see who else did it. he admits to an allocation that sounds cooked up but Brenda orders him booked anyway.

He says he took a hit for his team. He says it is Louis he should feel sorry for. He never had a chance and now he never will. He says did those parents ever turn up. He says the kids will get left behind or turn up on the street. calls Johnson and her staff the undertakers.

Rader says as good as Coach Carr’s intentions were his actions were illegal. Johnson says he was doing important work and she finds it admirable, Rader agrees and walks away. Johnson and Rader talk in metaphors. She says her culprit got booked but Coach Carr operated between the lines.

Rader comes to talk to Coach Carr at his house and Goldman is seen leaving. She says she is used to seeing him outside the places she goes but Goldman knows about the job offer. He says she is giving up the badge. She demands to know where he got his information from.

He says a little birdie told him about it. Rader admits to Goldman that the last thing she has on her mind is retiring and finding the leak is her sole aim. He stops smiling. He is getting his information quicker than some of the officers n Major Crimes. She says maybe she will get a search warrant. He says good luck.

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