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Fringe - Wallflower - recap

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Written by : published Monday 28th November 2011

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Olivia goes to the pharmacist’s after a strong migraine. On the way home she sees Lee in an all night diner and joins him. She learns he has not slept since joining the Fringe squad and moving there. He says it is hard adjusting to a new city.

He is freaked out. Lee says Basic truths he thought were true are no longer true. He no longer has a blissful ignorance. She says eventually it will just become your life. Olivia is checking how she feels against the perceptions of others. The original chemistry between Dunham and Lee asserts itself.

Astrid says she gets freaked out every day. And Walter continues to test the limits of Broyle’s patience with the budget.

Elsewhere a man goes home, and when his wife calls via cellphone he says he is being followed. But when he turns he can’t see anything. A puddle of water he steps in gets stepped in moments after he passes it. He tells his wife he is almost home.

He is jumped on the threshold of his apartment building. One of the two policemen at the scene see a blurry thing slide behind him. He shoots and empties his gun. The wife comes running for her husband. Jack, the victim is dead. His hair has turned white and his eyes have turned red.

Peter gets escorted by one of Broyle’s men. Agent Broyles has authorized Peter a $200 week allowance. But when Peter tries to help a child get a toy off the top shelf the agent intervenes. Broyles has ordered no contact.

Peter says he been investigation Fringe events for years he never thought he would become one.

Lee and Dunham investigate the threshold killing. Broken glass is everywhere from where the “thing" busted out the door after the cops came.

The cop on the scene felt something. He says he doesn’t even know if he can file a report. Walter eats bear batter onion rings while viewing the body from Astrid’s video camera. He says Albinism if often misdiagnosed.

Agent Lee says they can rule out ghosts because ghosts don’t bleed. He takes a blood sample from the broken glass. Olivia finds two other bodies. She wonders why they haven’t heard of more. Albinism is the supposed cause of death. Walter talks about trans-pigmentation.

Astrid finds the the blood sample baby boy Bryant born and died in 1989. Olivia and Lee go to New York. The strange birth was unusual. They find a nurse who witnesses the baby born with no medical precedent. Olivia has another migraine and takes her pills.

The bay was a mystery and died of complications of his genetic abnormality. They find a nurse who witness to the birth. The lights burned the baby’s skin. Ms. Jaffney talks to Dunham and Lee. As they carried him out she thought she heard him cry.

Olivia asks who took the (dead) baby. It was a private insurance company. Olivia guesses the name. Cyprox Incorporated. They handled the autopsy. Lee finds out that Cyprox paid Dunham’s mothers medical bills when she died from cancer.

Cyprox was owned by Kelvin Genetics, which became Massive Dynamic. They interview Nina. Nina remembers Eugene, and about the abduction. He has an unidentified genetic abnormality. It made him suitable for some genetic experimentation. Nina says without support from the company he would have died outright.

The chrometaphors of the baby were at the cellular level. He could blend into his surrounding. Military applications were associated. Lee observes Olivia and Nina have emotions between them. Something about the chrometaphors interaction saved his life. Olivia watches Nina.

Nina knows a lot about Eugene. Olivia asks why didn’t she tell about this before. This was a satellite research facility. Neither Nina nor Bell knew directly about the program. Dunham says maybe this would have been better for him to have died.

Nina says that she will send the files to Walter. Nina assumed all the subjects died in the fire. That's how she and Bell found out about him, she says. U-gene, Unknown Genetic Disorder. Dunham is stunned that his entire life he had no proper name his whole life.

Elsewhere, a woman relaxes after work. She can;t find her dog and senses someone is n the apartment. She goes to lock the door to feel safer. But when she goes to the bedroom she finds flower all over the bed and floor and freaks out.

At Peter’s house, Lee stops by with a box of stuff from Broyles. Lee is amazed the weird Fringe stuff never upsets Olivia Dunham. He questions about whether or not Olivia and he were together. Peter says yes but he says the Olivia they know is not his Olivia Dunham. Peter is getting his new life together.

Agent Lee says he has never met anyone like her before, but is summoned back to the lab, Walter talks about an octopus. The pigment changes are fascinating. Walter knows about Eugene. He says that would explains the mucus on the bodies. Walter says there will be a lot more bodies. The process will take a lot more pigment.

Elsewhere the thing emerges from a acid bath behind a science lab. He then gets into an elevator pretending to be human. The people the elevator do not notice him or talk to him. Later he finds the man in the parking garage that the girl was talking to. He bashes in the car window and takes his pigment.

Walter says Eugene is trying to re-pigmentize himself to appear normal. Walter says he is poisoning himself. Then Walter shows them how they can find the Eugene creature with ultraviolet light. They get a report of another dead body from Astrid.

Olivia cracks down on the security man in the parking garage. The building is empty. She wants to know if any one of the exterior doors opened.
The dogs start barking. Dunham finds out they go to the upper levels. Broyles realizes the Eugene is still in the building. They evacuate the building but the doors have been left open. The elevators have been shut down.

Agent Lee takes his team through the parking garage and the basement. Olivia ends up separated from her team and trapped. Her feet fall through a weak section of the floor and she can’t reach her radio without losing grip on the hole edge. She hears the man come up.

Eugene says she is not there to help him. He pulls her up. He says he has value to the military f he is dead.

He calls himself a military number. He is ghostly pale. He says all his life he has been watching them. Olivia understands a little bit of this. To be different. To be looked upon by the right person and connect. To see in their yes kindness and happiness.

Lee powers up on the radio. Dunham talks about Walter and the lab and she warns him about another treatment killing him. The barking dogs come closer. Eugene takes the gun and goes away, and leads them astray. She says he has got her gun.

But later she finds it abandoned and lets the search go on. The building is declared safe by Broyles and all the people cross the threshold. Eugene appears visible and sneaks away as the dogs bark at the crowds.

Downstairs in the basement of the Emerald Apartments they find a lair in the sub basement. Eugene lives there in a lab setting. Olivia is fascinated. He kept a small token of each victim. He is trying to cure himself, Lee says. Olivia says he wants to be seen.

That night Eugene gets in the elevator. The beautiful girl is there. She says she sees him every day and missed, him, and thought that he might have caught a cold. He says “my name is Eugene". She says her name is Julie.

She makes small talk and when the door closes he faints down on the floor in happiness. (he dies).

Peter walks up to Agent Lee at his desk at Fringe HQ, and hands him a new set of eyeglasses and says ‘Trust me". Lee puts on the glasses and he can see better.

Olivia goes to see Nina. Olivia says all he wanted was to be normal. He could never be like anyone else. Nina intuits that Olivia says she is different.

Olivia wonders if what happened to her as a child stunted her growth. She is different from others in marked ways. Nina says she has to find her own place in the word where she belongs. Nina says she took a risk letting the girls join her family.

Olivia files paperwork on Eugene and his dead body. Olivia gets ready to join Lee at the diner. She said about 3 a.m. But even though he is there,

At Olivia’s place she gets ready to go when feet under the doorway are seen. Soon the place fills with smoke. The stun gas knocks her on the floor. Many people enter in black, saying “clear”.

While Olivia is knocked out, they take a case with many types of syringes and put a long shot into Olivia’s neck. They say when she wakes up she will have a big headache. When the last black pair of bots leaves, only one pair of feet is seen in the doorway as Olivia lies unconscious on the floor.

It is Nina.

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