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CSI: NY - Crossroads - recap

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Written by : published Monday 28th November 2011

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In New York City, two vans and several police cars empty out on a small street. People with photographs mill about as in the background two voices argue. The voice argue about an assault and reporting it. A powerful man with a cigar oversees the street scene.

But the voices think they won’t be believed. Then a young man on a bike comes up to the crime scene where the jury is looking about. The crowd barely notice the man riding up. Under the hoodie he lifts a gun and shoots several times at a man smoking a cigar, then he gets away.

Mac later picks up the cigar. Judge Corsica is dead. This is a criminal court judge recently in the news for promotion who got shot. This jury walkabout was for the Victor Markoff trial of triple murder, the Russian Sammy the Bull of organized crime. They think Russian hit men are involved.

The shooter left two casings behind. The witnesses all heard a four round burst in a rapid succession. They call it a ride-by shooting. Lindsay is missing a bullet. Mac comments that the crime set of the trial suspect just went to a baker’s dozen,

The jury was at the scene of the crime at the exact time of the night to get a look at the crime scene. The visit was all over the news, Lindsay comments. Mac holds a press conference because of the high profile murder suspect in custody.

One of the reporters asks about Jo Danville political blowback. Mac says Danville is sitting this case out.

Jo visits Carter in jail. He thanks her for a second chance having his case heard again. Danville says her pleasure her integrity and her conviction gave him that second chance. Jo says this is the end but he says that the case isn’t going to turn out the way she wants. He says don’t count on Ally Rand or her case will fall apart faster than her career did at the FBI.

Forensics says the kidney tissue shows the judge ingested antifreeze. This is not usual. He missed a couple of days of work. Ethylene Glycol was ingested days before the shooting and so the shooting was not the first attempt on his life. The detectives grow intrigued at the “Russian hit-man” methods.

The Senator shows up with his daughter in Mac’s office, Lindsay updates them on the condition of the victim. Lindsay speaks empathetically to Serena, the first of the victims. The Senator sees Danville in the offices and says he doesn’t want her anywhere near the case. Mac says she s already not on the case and that the case already has the proper priority.

Danville stops by the lab for a report update. Messer found food residue on the basket. (All the agents enjoy the “ride by” shooting as a the mode of assassination from a supposed Russian crime syndicate. Messer says the bike got hit by an Audi and left paint fragments.

Paint transfer on the bike came from an old Audi with front end damage. The hit man fragment matches bits pulled out of the body. This is the Russian equivalent of R-45, brought in straight from Russia, he pulled a print off one of the casings left at the scene. The citizen has been in the country for 8 years. Nataly Bache is their perp.

They pay Mr. Nataly Barche a visit. He works as a translator for an insurance company and lives in Brighton Beach. The squad closes down on a suburban home as the residents arrive.

Flack enters and sees the floor torn up and a window open with broken glass. He calls for Crime Scene Investigation. The residents just got back from a ten day trip to Disney world. Hodges finds that a glove wearing perp robbed the house and there was gun in the floor safe and only he and his wife knew about it.

Hodges find a doggy bag in the nearby trash. There is no microbes or mold in the bag, which means the sandwich was thrown away by someone holed up in the house. This is the same gun as used in the killing.

Serena the Senator’s daughter sees Danville on the steps. She says her father is upstairs throwing his weight around. Serena says that it took her some time to get past the old case. Serena says she doesn’t sleep nights after John Curtis was released.

She says she needs to be in that courtroom, in that room seeing him led off to jail. Then the Senator walks up. Danville praises the Senator on having such a nice daughter. Danville goes back to the office. Mac says that her visit to John Curtis was not a good idea.

The gray Audi Messer has been tracking from the bike was rented by one of Markoff’s goons. His record shows assault and possession of a weapon. He recently has picked up three parking tickets at a particular place. He may have been witness.

They canvass the Russian driver of the Audi. Flack, Messer and Danville looks at his car. She checks out the tube as it could be used to re-inflate the bike hose. Danville senses the inner tube of the Audi was used for the bike tire to be refilled. They question the shady Russian.

He says a dead judge is bad for business. A crooked judge is better. He says he prefers negotiating room. He says the judge may not be as squeaky clean as they think. He details the Ivy league colleges of the judge’s daughters, the country clubs and the wife who doesn’t work and shops.

Mac doesn’t like him for the murder but his testimony about seeing the bike shooter get hit is interesting. Danville says she will look at the financial life of the judge. Danville finds a pattern of hidden cases and corrupt sentencing going back to the judge’s early days. this would have been located under a clearance search for higher court office he was up for.

Nicholas Albertson and another guy got felony assault and weed conviction. He works at the steak house. But that does not seem enough motivation to kill, according to Mac. They grab Nick at the steakhouse. He is not very cooperative.

Flack questions Nick. But Nick says how could he shoot him if he was busy getting hit by a car. Nick says what is the connection? Corsica is a regular at the same steakhouse. Why would he want the judge dead? Albertson jokes it was the judges’ cheap cologne.

Flack accuses him of killing the judge outside the bakery. Judge Corsica had another problem recently, they thought it was food poisoning. Flack asks if he thinks this is a joke and Albertson responds that the whole thing is a joke.

They work the time-lines and plan how did he get hit. The logistics show he is on the wrong side of the road to have shot the judge. But he was sent to Forest brook correctional camp.

Jo researches the judge. Eight years ago he sentenced Nick Albertson at 14.But the Criminal court records have been deleted for these items.
Danville says she had to go to the basement of the courthouse and pull the original file. It was a theft of a stick of chewing gum and the lawyer recommended community service. She finds more cases of this kind of pattern.

Forest Brook criminal camp was where twice as many kids were sent. Danville finds out that twice as many kids were sent there after a man bought the place. The generous fee that the government pays to rehabilitate the youths makes a profit.

Danville finds the biker’s backpack in a rubbish bin. The tire iron stopped the bullet and the gun is in the bag and Lindsay’s missing bullet is there too. The boy says one young man tried to stop the crime and the other did it. The one who tried to stop it got hit by the car.

Mr. Hill and Danville and Mac meet. He says Tommy got a job. The warden from Forest Brook. At the steakhouse they came in and he recognized the men. When Nick went into the kitchen he told him who it was and that they were there.

The other one went out and bussed tables. (In a flashback, Tommy waits tables but he hears the remarks made by the dining men. )They remember him because his mother hired an attorney. Cost them $1500 to get that ambulance chaser to go away. These were the lessons the men learned forming their crime syndicate.

Danville says taking the law into their own hands was wrong. But they talked about coming forward. The cops would never believe them over a a judge. The antifreeze failed and then Tommy was furious and angry about their lost past. He wanted to shoot him. Nick tried to stop him. The warden Nelson recognized them but made more comments.

The young man was traumatized by the entire event and had school sports career of ahead of him that got taken away. He was waiting for another Nick Albertson to stand up when he was sentenced. They say they three months, then the twelve month sentence for a fight over his sneakers. He says “That man stole my life away from me”.

Flack and his team invade Nelson’s home while he watches the news inside. The profiles of Albertson and the other boy are shown on TV in connection with the judge and the NYPD investigation. Before Flack can break in the man pulls a gun and kills himself.

Lindsay pulls Flack aside about Ally as a witness The science doesn’t match up. She tells Flack that her date rape drug levels do not match with the critical time-line. She needs to interview the witness. Flack comes along. Lindsay is very serious and Ally becomes upset.

Lindsay asks if she used any other drugs. Ally says she does not use prescription medication Lindsay asks if she uses GHB? The woman Ally says no. She says “Did you have anything to eat at all?” She says she had a bottle of water from a newsstand.

Lindsay thanks her and goes away and Flack realizes the case is not as shut as they had hoped.

Next day at the hearing Lindsay states that about 100 milligrams was ingested. The cross examination is thorough about the science. What levels of GHB do the reports dictate? Lindsay says 2 milligram per kilogram. The half life of GHB is 30 minutes.

What amount would she have had to ingest to remain to have tested at 2 mg?

Lindsay says a thousand milligrams, that is, ten times the dosage she describes. The woman would have died if he had been ingested that much and she is alive in the courtroom.
Trial is held but higher bail denied. Curtis is let free when Defense counsel reduces bail to $25,000.

Danville is dumbfounded. The Senator's daughter is upset.

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