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Merlin - Lancelot Du Lac - recap

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Written by : published Sunday 27th November 2011

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Arthur tells Agrivain he will marry Guinevere. Merlin is pleased and Guinevere is surprised with a proposal. Arthur says he needs a good counselor. He says that Agrivain has too much stubble to be his wife. 

Agrivain rushes to Morgana with the news. The dream is what Morgana has foreseen and she swears she will not see that woman upon her throne. Morgana says she knows Guinevere’s secret and knows exactly how to destroy her. Morgana Pendragon has the price of a soul, as it happens.

Morgana carries the circular talisman of a soul her sister gave her to a crone hidden deep in witch country. Morgana will usher back in the old religion, the crone says. Morgana must journey to the last of the five gateway separating this world from the world of the dead.

She must wield the token and release the soul. When Morgana goes there she summons Lancelot from the lake, and he will do her bidding whatever she says. He says he doesn’t remember where he has been. Morgana describes the lowly peasant as Arthur wins her hand.

Morgana takes Lancelot back to her lair and programs him with a history of Gwen. Agrivain sees these proceedings take shape. Lancelot must return and re-awaken her feelings of first love. 

At the tournament Arthur celebrates his engagement and upcoming wedding by jousting. He wins all the matches. Guinevere watches the tournament from the place of honor with Agrivain and confers the favors. The last bout has an unknown challenger and the man unmasks to reveal Lancelot. The crowd roars. But Arthur, Guinevere and Merlin are amazed.

All the court of Camelot are shocked. At the dinner, they listen to his story of being saved from the veil and landing beyond the known cultures. The Mudhabi people saved him and give him shelter in the silk road passes. In the deserts of the South he made his way North. 

Everyone believes his story. Arthur says he can’t be thanked enough for sacrificing what he did on the Isle of the Blessed. He toasts to Camelot and the people he holds most dear.

Lancelot bunks down with Merlin, who apologizes about not being able to save him at his death. The new Lancelot professes ignorance when Merlin mentions magic, never here as the old Lancelot knew Merlin had magic. 

Merlin tells Gaius that Lancelot forgot Merlin had magic.  Merlin says Lancelot would never do that.’

Agrivain brings news to Morgana that Gwen kept her feelings about Lancelot in the past. Morgana anticipated this and gives Agrivain a bracelet he says magic words over. 

Then Lancelot gives it to Gwen at her humble abode. He makes innocent protestations for her happiness and gives her the bracelet, which he claims was from the people who saved him. The Mudhabi bracelet brings back her old feelings for Lancelot.

Merlin asks Gaius about necromancy. He scans the ages of is magic books. Merlin draws a soul circle like the token and tells Gaius he think Morgana has raised Lancelot from the dead. Gaius says they are shades. 

That night Merlin draws the circle on the floor and hides. Lancelot leaves and walks over it, and both Gaius and Merlin see him look skeletal when he passes over the drawing on the floor. It is confirmed. Gaius says he is a shadow of his former self and whatever his reason for being there it cant be good.

At the tournament the next day, Lancelot brings Arthur to a draw. Arthur is hurt badly but does not withdraw. Gwen comes to Lancelot’s tent to help him on with his equipment. The bracelet works it magic and Gwen gets distraught and doesn’t know what she is doing there and leaves. 

Merlin is worried but Sir Bors says Arthur and Lancelot in the final will give the crowd a good show. The bracelet rubs up Gwen’s concern for Lancelot in the match. In the last bout Arthur is hurt so badly he can hardly sit up but charges on. Lancelot is unhurt.

Gaius tells Merlin to save Arthur if things get too close. Lancelot withdraws at the last moment and the crowd roars approval at his knightly show of courtesy. Arthur drags himself off his horse to meet in front of the stead where Gwen accept token and confers honour . But Lancelot withdraws his arms and proves his nobility. Arthur yields the match to Lancelot gathers G. 

Merlin is confused and so is Gaius. If not to kill Merlin, what is the shade of Lancelot there for? Merlin sees Gwen sneak into Lancelot’s tent. 

Later that night Gwen goes to meet Lancelot in the palace at an assignation in the council chamber. Merlin follows Lancelot to where he discusses the meeting with Agrivain. Merlin hears Agrivain say “You’ve done well, the Lady Morgana will be very pleased”.

Gwen goes to meet Lancelot, unsure of why her feelings are so ardent. Merlin tries to stop Lancelot, but gets shoved flat after knocking him to the ground with magic.

Agrivain wakes Arthur saying there is something he must see. While Gwen lies in his arms in the Council room, Agrivain leads Arthur there to see it. Merlin stumbles awake just in time to run in. 

One look makes Arthur howl with rage. He draws his sword and lunges at Lancelot, who fights bravely. Gwen shrieked and panics. 

Merlin watches over Arthur, who loses his sword once or twice and needs some help. Then Gwen throws herself between them screaming “please this has to stop:.’‘Gwen is thrown in the dungeon in her grief she throws the bracelet off.

Agrivain says that adultery in noble families was punishable by death in Uther’s time. Gwen is brought before the court. Arthur dismisses everyone and speaks to her alone. Arthur says he cannot trust her and she must go from Camelot and leave the kingdom. 

He says he knows they were happy. Arthur guesses at why she was with Lancelot  the day before there wedding day. Arthur asks her about worries and doubts. Gwen says she still wants to be his Queen. he says he does not want to see her dead but he does not want to see her. 

He cannot look upon her ever again and she returns punishable by death. Gwen packs up her things and gets ready to leave.

Agrivain comes to “Lancelot” in the dungeon with a written request from Morgana,  one last request. Lancelot says he will do whatever she requires. 

Gaius and Merlin realize this is Morgana’s revenge and that Gwen must pay the price. Merlin watches from a few yards away as Gwen lead her little handcart away at dawn from her hovel.

At Camelot, Arthur is shown Lancelot’s body. Evidently he has taken his own life. Agrivain watches with satisfaction as Arthur says Lancelot knew how to die honorably. Arthur says in all ways but one Lancelot was a an of honor and see t it he receives a proper burial.

Merlin asks if he can find it in his heart to forgive Guinevere. The people will find him merciful and understanding. Arthur says he cant trust her ever again. He can’t live that way as a king of as a husband. 

Merlin sets out Lancelot’s body on the lake in a boat of flowers. After some magic words, the life of Lancelot comes back briefly. 

Lancelot looks at Merlin and says “Thank You”. Then he passes away. Merlin uses his magic to flame the boat in the middle of the lake, crying copiously as he does so.

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