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Spooks: A very late review by Andy Bremner

Spooks poster

Written by : published Sunday 27th November 2011

Spy’s are inherently cool. Since Bond in the 60's spys are top notch. It is an inescapable fact that the ability to be part of MI6 is amazing. However after watching several hours of actual footage of spies and meeting people who work for MI6 I had to take off my night vision goggles bring myself down from the ceiling. It is actually fucking dull.


In my youth I would watch documentary after documentary, listen to radio programmes literally anything to tell me more about the spy world but all they ever seemed to say was "spying is all about secrecy, but we can't tell you what secrets" which frankly bores me. If you can turn to me and tell me the queen is a lizard super ninja and the reason she always she has guards is because she is a danger to all around her then I will love real spy’s again but till then I will stand by the fact they are essentially dull. Luckily we have television and lots of that is made up there has been a spy bonanza recently with the return and finale of "Spooks"


I have never watched "Spooks" I think I watched the first series and tailed off as is the case with so many programmes. But as my housemate proclaimed her love for the programme and I enjoy her company when she watches said programmes (she tends to take every single part as if it were happening to her) I sat down and watched, admittedly quite disjointedly the final series of "Spooks" I found myself getting a tad bit annoyed with it in all honesty.  


It all seems like it could be brilliant and it was all punchy and well paced but there is the niggling feeling for me that all the other characters that are from a younger generation would be more at home filling out paperwork. They are a cross between a youth group and accountants. Then there is Harry the major player. I liked Harry, he was ballsy and he played by his own rules but by christ he got results! Unfortunately so do Gene Hunt, Sherlock, House, The Doctor and I think "Spooks" has proved something to me. Something I hadn't noticed before, every single male character that males are expected to look up to are so severely flawed that it’s impossible to have a good role model.They are all helping people out of some sense of guilt or arrogance, I mean don't get me wrong they are helping people but not exactly in a friendly or well adjusted way

Essentially what I'm doing here is blaming my arrogance, stubbornness hubristic nature and deep personality flaws on television! Its either that or blame myself and I don't think my ego could take that or who knows maybe it could at least I would get the credit then.

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