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Sanctuary - Fugue - recap

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Written by : published Saturday 26th November 2011

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Abby has turned into the monster a third time, and they fight her off. Magna ducks back to the lab for a more powerful weapon while Will fights Abby’s latest conversion. They hold off the “monster”. Then they set a full stun charge and she passes out. 

Magness examines the body. The mutating has not stopped. Something is preventing the DNS inhibitors from working.

Gavin and  the werewolf hunts a list of abnormal things, and he says suddenly Abby wasn’t Abby anymore. He can control it. He hunt excrement or a cocoon. He is annoying but says his mother was Canadian. 

Will says they have been studying genetic transformations since the 1900‘s and they still haven’t made progress? Will is frustrated. Doctor says she needs information and she needs Will need to keep her grounded in this reality. 

The guard puts on some music and Abby sits up and starts singing. Will talks to her and she does not understand him. Their shock at her singing prevents them from dong anything but commenting on how she is singing. Will refuses to sing.

Abby wakes up and starts talking in song. The people don’t sing to her and she can’t understand them. The doctor realizes her synapses are firing like mad and her DNA recreating each other so fast she can only process communication trough sound.

Then Magna com back in and sins to her. Abby avoids all her questions and demands an explanation. Is she going to die? Will does not sing to her and she wants to know what he is saying. Abby tells the doctor not to avoid the question and she says it is something new and deadly.

She says “Have I become a monster?” Will and Magnus say they won’t give up and Abby passes out.. 

The werewolf and the fed Gavin canvass the site and find a cocoon with abnormal parasitic DNA. The doctor says that a cocoon like that shouldn’t be near the surface.

Will says that his mother sang goofy songs to him when he was a child. He says singing is a great sacrifice. 

The werewolf holds back from interviewing illegal sources when the fed finds some traces. The abnormal residue is coming from a lapses cocoon. They bring the cocoon to the lab. Doctor says they would never be found in an urban environment. 

Hollow earth insurgents are to blame. hey are tracking the Sanctuary group. Angry Abnormals from the center of the earth know about the sanctuary an are testing Aby to see if the parasite can overcome human DNA.

Can Doctor prevent the infestation? The insurgents wants a test case to see if Magness could prevent the growth of the parasitic abnormality in humans. If not, the human ace become a food factory for the abnormals.

The means to provide hosts for world wife invasion.
if the creature becomes fully 

Will is angry at Gavin. Turning into a giant man dog doesn’t help.

Abby wakes up when Will is ready to sing. But her eye pupils are large and black and she is someone else . She sings of rebirth inside Abby and  finding human life delicious. She calls Will “Handsome” and he is horrified.

Gavin scouts the scene and tries to think.

Abby walks the roof an Will finds her and sings to her. She fells like she is drowning and she is going to die. She says it is taking control now and would he do any different. She sings that he should let her go. She throws herself off the roof.

Will watches as she turns to the monster before hitting the ground. Magness shoots her and Will watches in horror. Magness and the others haul her away.

This is a new life form overtaking her physiology. Magnness says they should prepare for the worst. Cryogenics might make the creature stronger or outright kill her. As the Doctor works in her study, the professor her father sings “If you are with me of whom shall I be afraid". 

Magness says there is a new way to combat the growing invasion parasite. if they put the new cells fr a much more aggressive life form inside Abby, the parasite may leap life forms from Abby. When it matures it will break from Abby and they can contain it. 

Will says Magness  is trying to grandstand a major play and avoiding other decisions. Magness says no but Will walks off. Next day he continues to countermand the surgery and Magness has Will locked in his chamber by the others. 

Abby gets operated on by Magness but Gavin comes in and lets Will free, knocking out the werewolf and using the code to the door Will gives him. Will runs to the operating room.

Magness sees the growing organism has been implanted and is trying to emerge. Abby is radically squirming around and Magness can’t get a clean surgical extraction site. The monster tears out of Abby’s stomach, a teeth-mouthed organism of deadly appearance. 

Both Will and Magness are stunned. “Mother of God” she says. He contains it in box and they stitch up Abby, who has gone flat-line.

Will sees the flat-line on the monitors and turns to sing as he never could before “Stay with me”.

 In the background through the clear glass the doctors stabilize Abby. When he looks again she is normal and her heart s eating.

Abby walks up and speaks English normally. Will says anyone that gets close to him has a target on their back. Abby says he won’t lose her. He says he can handle monster and can handle death but he can't andle singing. 

Magness and Will talk. He sad that procedure should have never happened. This hit close to home. She shut him down. He is a wonderful soldier. He never compromises and that is the man that she hire to be her protégées. She couldn’t be more proud.

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