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Merlin - Althusra - recap

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Written by : published Saturday 26th November 2011

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The Druids watch as a man digs up the second part of a mysterious artifact. He turns to see dozens of shrouded hooded figures watching him. he runs into the forest where they instantly transform themselves. He runs to the edge of a cliff and then sees they will follow him. 

He turns and grabs one of them, holding a knife to his neck. The white haired one says it is not worth anyone’s life.  The man says “Isn’t it?"

Then he says he’ll never find the third piece. The thief says he knows where it is. And the wizard’s eyes change. The thief gets away and rides to Camelot. He knocks on Gaius’ door and Gaius is not pleased to see him.

Gaius says he has a nerve coming back there. Execution didn’t really appeal to him, he says. He says for Gaius not to pretend he supported Uther, and says he has something to show him.

The Triskelion of Ascanar is a famous legend. Gaius scans it. A Druid tongue is what the markings are, and are runes in threes. They guide the bearer to the tomb of Ascanar. There is a legend and what he hid there, a dragon’s egg. 

Gaius says he has come to steal it. He is missing a part of the Triskelion. He says he knows it is in Camelot. In the vaults.

The man asks why Gaius doesn’t want to release the last living dragon?” Gaius says the old ways should be left to die.

Gaius says he believes in the king Arthur will become and the future he will build. Gaius tells him to leave. He says for him to leave before Arthur throws him out. Julius says he will find him in the tavern in the lower town. He says he is a changed man.

Merlin wants to know more. Julius Bord is his former pupil. Merlin says Kilgara might preserve his kind. Gaius says Borden is not a man to be trusted. Even as a young man he was prone to dishonesty. Gaius doesn’t want him or the egg to get into Borden’s hands.

Merlin tells the dragon about the egg. The dragon extracts a promise from Merlin to get the egg and protect it. Then Merlin goes to the lower tavern and tells the man that he will help him. He goes to Arthur’s room and tries to get the key to the vaults. Arthur wakes up and says get out. Merlin slinks off with the washing, but he needs the belt with the key back.

Later Arthur holds war counsel with his men. The Merlin  flops Arthur’s key belt down and drops his pants. Merlin jumps to help him and get the key. Merlin leads the man to the vaults. Bord gets the missing piece and its fits. He steals out of the palace but knocks Merlin out after he helps him leave the castle.

Next day Merlin goes to put the key back on Arthur's belt. The bells of Camelot ring. Agrivain has discovered the robbery of the Triskelion part. Arthur questions why they were interested in it. Gaius explains it opens the ancient tomb of Ascanar. It contained a dragon’s egg. A dragon egg can last for a thousand years and may be in danger of hatching. Agrivain knows this and says they have to prevent it. 

Merlin says as a dragon lord he has a sacred duty to protect the egg. Gaius is angry that Arthur will now go to destroy the dragon’s egg. Gaius is angry with Merlin, very angry. 

They ride out. Merlin points out a recent campsite. The trail gets too dark to see and Arthur says to make camp. Arthur and his men almost eat all the dinner. Then they produce a hidden plate for Merlin. 

That night ghostly voices call for Emeris. Merlin goes walking. He meets the cloaked walkers who knew his father. They have news and know about the Triskelion hunt. Ascanar was a wise man and he knew one day people would come to disturb the grave. "Triskelion is a trap and well as a legend. “ He must beware.

“Only when the way ahead seems impossible will you have found it.”, The leader says.

Next day the horses have been stolen. Merlin heads East and Arthur questions which way to go. The knights find proof the track heads East. Then they come to a cave which seems like a dead end. Merlin indicates the cave but Arthur scoffs. Then they see a footprint.

They go into the cave. Arthur almost gives up. They come at length to a waterfall. Merlin realizes this the is the pace he was warned about and walks forward. Arthur follows. They walk through it and Merlin observes no wonder nobody has ever found it. 

But as the troops walk toward the looming tower, they walk though a dark narrow path. Suddenly shots ring out and arrows spring into the turf next to their head. Arthur wonders where they are firing from.

Merlin sees Burden and a special crossbow. As Arthur crosses the path, Burden goes to release an arrow and Merlin springs his weapon out of is hands to split in half on the trees across the ridge. Merlin rushes forward to almost spring a trip wire from a wood bough hanging over the road. Arthur fears the enemy is lying in wait for them.

Arthur decides to make camp despite Merlin’s vociferous objections. After making camp, Burden shoots something feathery into the soup pot while Merlin’s back is turned. He smiles.

When Merlin prepares to serve he goes t take a bit but Arthur grabs up the plate and takes a bite. He says it is delicious and for the other lads to have some, while Merlin finishes another task. The men swoon over the soup while Merlin waits for the punchline. There’s isn’t any.

Merlin returns from getting wood to find them all asleep, out cold. He finds the posse in the soup pan and realizes the men have been drugged. he can’t wake Arthur up. Merlin utters magic words and changes the effects of the potion on all the knights who have had the deadly dinner.

Running to the tower for help. Merlin sees Bord and knows it was him. He runs after him. The halls of the tomb are lit with torches. Burden runs after him just as Merlin gets hold of the egg. Bord says if he grants it to him he will grant him a half share.

Dragons cannot be used like that, they should be free and unshackled to roam the earth. Bord argues that he pieced the puzzle together and deserves the treasure. Merlin says he is the last dragon lord and flings Bord against the wall. He takes the egg but the tomb start to fall apart.

Merlin gets to his bag where he puts the egg in, just as Arthur and the others run up. Arthur wants to be certain about the egg. Merlin says the tomb was a trap. He says nothing could survive under all that, They mutter as they watch the tower crumble on itself.

Later Gaius asks Merlin about the egg. Merlin lies and says that he couldn’t save it. They both crack upand start laughing. Then Merlin brings the pointy egg out to show Gaius and Merlin says it was almost lost because he was too hasty.

Merlin then goes to meet with the dragon. He sees the egg. Merlin asks when will it hatch and says it looks like he is not the last of his kind after all. 

Young dragons, Merlin is told,  were called into the world by the dragon-lords. Only they had the power to summon them from the egg. Merlin is told he must make the egg hatch. Merlin asks how. 

“You must give the dragon a name.” Merlin thinks up a name and utters it in Dragonese. 

A small white beast starts poking his snout from the egg. 

In the dragon tongue he named him “the light of the sun”. The white dragon is rare indeed, and it bodes well for Albion, for Merlin and Arthur and the land they will build together.

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