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Person of Interest - Foe - recap

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Written by : published Saturday 26th November 2011

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A German man comes into New York looking for certain people. He goes to the apartment of an older man. He shoots him when the man is amazed to recognize him, asserting he is dead. As he shuts the door the shooter say they have things to discuss.

Finch finds that the man bought a burial pot but only has credit records going back to 1988. This is clearly  legend. They find he bought a burial plot in Brooklyn. Reese visits the plot and sees that the ground has been dug up. His stash of money,weapons, and materials is gone. He finds a  rare coin. Finch finds the coins were sold that morning to a rare dealer.

Finch checks out the old Stasi teams doing enforcement work for the East German forces in the 1980‘s. The trade-craft was legendary and their assassinations were grisly.

Kohl’s entire team is living in New York City under aliases. He disappeared the same year his wife died in an accident. He is killing his old teammates. Finch scans likely associates.

Reese catches up to him after the lawyer is dead. He questions him about the accident. He says he paid for his sins, for the team. the people who caught him kept him in a hole. 

The man says “I let myself forget”.

The man falls into a poison seizure and he gets into the car that Reese is driving. The lawyer wants to know who he is and the medical team at the scene is confused. Reese says he can save him but he needs to talk. What did Kohl come for and what did he want.

The lawyer says they made a secret deal in the 1980‘s that didn’t include Ulrich. They sold Ulrich for the Americans offer for new lives. He is angry at the other men’s defection.

Finch gets more history for the files. Kohl ran to the Soviets with Anya. But he had become a cold blooded killer by then, a changed man.

Finch finds ties between the men in a ethnic society, The American sons of  German extraction. Hoff and Vernich were members and Styler would have been too. Fosco communicates with his partner, who thinks Reese is a vigilante. A man wearing a suit was at both locations.

The police investigate the undercover German intel agent. They want answers from the man found in the dead German’s apartment but he can’t talk. 

They think it was shame if the police couldn’t help. Kohl was arrested in an operation 24 years ago. They made a deal with the Stasi, but when in prison, he had become old and feeble. They thought Kohl was no longer a threat and tried to move him. 

He escaped. He is smart and lethal. He was jailed without trial. They knew he would try and kill the people he feels betrayed him. The German consulate lawyer comes in then with a State department with an extradition order.

The Volks American website is hacked by Finch. he runs background checks on the others. Credit scores only of back to 1988 and the fake aliases match. He runs a construction site in The Bronx.

Detective Fosco  sends the GPS tracker coordinates for the German intel officer heading for the airport. Reese shoots the car with a sniper rifle and he approaches the man whose lawyer argues. The man pretends to deny he will help but passes Reese a piece of paper. The man gives him an address. it is of “Anna Klein”.

Finch calls the construction worker who is upset to learn that Kohl is on his way. The man realizes Kohl is there now and he puts his cellphone in his pocket. When the killer comes he talks about the past. Finch listens in on the call.

Kohl confronts his former partner. The man says he always knew this day would come. Kohl says they got comfortable lives and he got 24 years in prison. He kills them because they sold out and his wife died. But the construction man dials a phone number and hands it to Kohl. A woman answers. it’s Anya, he knows her voice. 

He says he turned into the killer they were all drafted to become. She was more afraid of him than anyone. His revenge was all for nothing. Reese comes running up the fire escape as Finch listens to the whole story unfold. Kohl runs off.

Finch escorts Anna in a limo. But she has to make a phone call. She has a daughter.

Kohl gets Reese on the drop and when he comes to he is tied up. he threaten torture but Reese says he was bagged by an insurgent patrol in Kandahar. Kohl takes out his torture needles. 

In a flashback, Reese goes over the past assassination and torture detail. His overlapping morals of questioning the deeds they do and the moving moral compass bother him.

Finch learns that the American showed Anna assassination photos in the 1980‘s from Kohl’s Stasi work behind the Cold War wall in Germany. His career shocked her although she knew he was a spy. Reese watches Kohl act like a cold blooded murderer but talk fondly of past espionage mores. 

Kohl finds a photo of a young girl in Anna’s apartment while torturing Reese. Her name and her looks match the mother he knew. He sees that Reese hid the pictures. he flips through some albums and is sure the baby is his.  

Fosco breaks in and Kohl gets away. When Fosco asks where would he go, Reese says he is going to find his daughter.

At college,the young girl says goodbye to her friends. Kohl wants up to her and asks for directions. He pulls a gun and says for her to call her mother. She says there is a man near me and he has a gun.

He was a soldier in Germany who dies before she was born. he died a hero and before the Berlin Wall fell he died so they could start a life. he says he new her father. The girl is alarmed.

When the mother shows up. She says she found out the husband she married wasn’t the man she married. She was trapped and he was a killer. He was a monster. They speak in lost pronouns.

The young girl guesses this is her father. He says he had to see her face. “To see both of your faces.” Finch and Reese watch.

Anna tries to thank him. Without him, they would not have had this life. He lets them go and then pulls a gun. Reese shoots him and Finch must get them out of there. Kohl says she was right to fear him, she was right.

Reese sees that he has no gun. Reese asks how he knew he would shoot. Kohl said Reese is a soldier like him. Kohl says they took everything he had. But part of him survived. It was her.

Fosco finds the man Kohl dead in the park bench.

Reese meanwhile flashes back to his first murder espionage assignment when his own values went South to perform necessary tasks. These men took a bribe to let a mass murderer go free. She tells him, no teeth, no fingertips. She doesn’t have any old friends. 
“We are walking in the dark here, you understand.”

Then she names him Mr. Reese.

Finch and Reese watch Kohl buried under another name and get forgotten.

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