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NCIS Los Angeles - Debts - recap

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Written by : published Thursday 24th November 2011

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In Griffith Park, the Clarence Fisk organization is watched by NCIS while he meets with white supremacists for buying stolen missiles. Fisk wants money. Deaks and Kenzi watch nearby joggers run around the perimeter. Callen and Hanna watch Fisk meet the white Aryans.

Deaks and kenzi watch the public move along. They radio to Callen when one of the women joggers gets stopped by the thug. But Deaks shoots one of the thugs when he reaches for a gun and then they find he was reaching for a cellphone.

Then the LAPD is blaming NCIS for spooking Clarence Fisk. The remaining DX explosives are still for sale to the white supremacists. Deaks is under suspicion for being trigger happy.

Sam Hanna speculates Deaks might get suspended. Fisk has stayed ahead of them for way too long. Kenzi asks what about Deaks . Hetty fires Deaks when Bates cuts his liaison ties with NCIS.

Callen says we can offer him moral support but not much else. Hetty talks to her counterpart in the LAPD but they wanted him for fifteen years. Deaks is sent back to the LAPD.

Bates meets with Hetty about Deaks. He says that Deaks had skills but he was never one of the guys. But now he is trigger happy and must answer for it.

Hetty says he saw a threat and acted accordingly. The Lt. Bates says Internal Affairs will judge. Bates is considered the best interrogator in the LAPD. But somehow he never caught Fisk.

Eric reports Fisk just called his attorney Monica Lee and she has never lost any of the 15 LAPD  cases. Callen alleges the winning streak means a leak. They look at the attorney and the connection with the LAPD. Angela Tully the missing LAPD investigator working on Fisk and perhaps the mole.

Eric and Nell find out that Monica lee got her entire law school education paid for by Fisk. he owns a shell corporation  that paid for her special schooling.

Callen and Hanna go to the lawyer to smoke her out they claim to be business associates of Fisk’s and got a visit from the task force. She says that it impossible because it was dissolved. They say she could only know that if she’d heard from the leak. 

She wants to know who they are and says she is very busy and walks out. They track who she talks to. 

Deaks punches the bag saying he might just be another thug with a gun. But Fisk has 20 bricks on RDX explosive.

Kenzi and the group say goodbye to Deaks as he leaves. Kenzi thought he would have more to say to her. Hanna wants Lee’s cellphone logs. Fisk paid for Lee’s legal education.

Bates says he thought NCIS would fight a lot harder to keep him. Deaks says he can hep but Bates says he is on traffic duty. Bates tells him to get shave and a haircut. Deaks is noticeably uncomfortable about getting a haircut.

Meanwhile Kenzi mopes around the boat shed. Hetty probes why Kenzi is more upset than she should be about a partner. Then Bates calls Kenzi and she tells Hetty he wants to meet with her.

Deaks looks into the haircut angle and sees car shadowing him in the background. Deaks goes running and then crashes through the driver’s window with a brick from an an alley. He grabs the driver and pulls him out of th car, and finds it is a familiar face.

He says the class clown has been bad and Deaks says the Valedictorian Quinn, is in Internal Affairs. Deaks says that Quinn  is the worst tail in law enforcement. Quinn talks fast. There is a mole inside the LAPD, and it is Bates.

At the boat shed, Bates tries to get Kenzi’s take on Deaks. He tries to get under her skin. 
He says that partners like Deaks come and go. Deaks swore he’d never work with a female partner again and he says to ask Deaks why. Bates says Tully is one of the good guys.

Bates has a personal laptop and Quinn want Deaks to get the Fisk laptop. He says if he files for a warrant then Bates will know.  Deaks and the valedictorian talk about the Bates case. He says not all good cops come from broken homes.

Deaks says that Quinn is paid to bust cops. Quinn says Fisk’s mole inside LAPD is Bates. Deaks says he could never figure out why he had LAPD in his sights, he had Harvard and prep school. Quinn says Deaks is the one who can help now.

Kenzi finds Bate’s girlfriend, Angela Tully, the investigator. She is staying in a Hollywood hotel. She places calls to her mother and Bates inside the same time window and Eric flagged her contacts.

Kenzi tracks her to the hotel room and she says she had to break off a relationship to be with Bates.  Tully is married. She says she is there because of the breakup. Bates wants a family now and she wants to take a break from both of them.

Deaks gets to the office of Bates. He stops into the office and finds Bates’ laptop. He gets the thumb drive transfer. He gets a call from Bates and jumps out on the ledge while Bates is jabbering at him. Deaks falls into another office as Bates barks at him.

Nell purposely walks up to Kenzi and asks a dumb question. Kenzi follows the smoke to where there is fire. The guy Deaks supposedly killed landed in Dulles.

Callen tells her without the ploy she would never have been believable and they would never have taken Deaks back. Kenzi knew something was off. The fake shooting was a ploy to force Bates to cut ties and take Deaks back. It was Hetty’s call. Kenzi is angry her feelings were forced to the fore and Deaks’ weren’t.

Deaks meets with Hetty but she get a phone call. He gets word of an off-the-book raid Bates set up and notifies Deaks. Bates says that Clarence Fisk is his. Callen and Hanna watch the meet shape up. They notice the Aryan brotherhood is continuing to make the deal. 

Deaks and Kenzi are tasked with tailing Bates to the meet. Kenzi and Deaks talk and he says they were pretending their thing. Kenzi says oh so they do have a thing. He thought they could talk about it over drinks. She has plans every night for the rest of her life.

Kenzi tracks Bates waiting for Quinn but Deaks shows up Quinn turns the gun on Callen and Hanna. Bates says Quinn will show him the leak. Callen and Hanna close in from busting Fisk 3 bricks short of the full explosives load. Kenzu jumps out that the car is rigged to blow.

Mom and Dad set him up with a free ride. The free ride came from Fisk. If he didn’t become a cop, his cop, or Fisk would wreck everything. Desk runs up and Quinn is upset because Deaks is the hero.

Deaks says “this is over, man.’

Quinn says the only person he saw with love was Tully, and she fell for Bates.

After Deaks cuffs Quinn, Bates tells Deaks he obviously has a home at NCIS. Bates says not to trust the tea-sipping Svengali (Hetty) and make sure the ninja (Kenzi) doesn’t come after him.

At the boathouse Kenzi calls Hetty on the betrayal of trust making her the scapegoat for the Lt. Bates ploy. Kenzi says after Deaks was taken from her she felt like she was fifteen again and the police had no answers about her father’s killing. Kenzi is deeply hurt.

Hetty says that is why she was the one to back up Deak’s cover story. Hetty couldn’t take any more risks. Hetty says she is in Kenzi’s debt. She says she’ll be cashing it in one day.

As Callen and Hanna discuss the concept of “swagger” in a villain, they note that it is more than a car or a way of dressing. Hanna pretends to be “game" and recognises a badass in Fisk, like himself.

Hanna as Game, says Game recognizes nothing and Callen responds that “Haters are always gonna hate”.

Time and again they repeat this exchange. When Deak flubs a chance to make up with Kenzi, Deaks asks for help. Hanna and Callen recognize nothing. Deaks is shot down.

Deaks begs Hetty for advice, and she says “Haters gonna hate”.

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