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Sons of Anarchy - Burnt and Purged Away - recap

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Written by : published Wednesday 23rd November 2011

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Opie comes by Gemma’s. He sees her face. She tries to keep him out of it but he know she is trying to make excuses. Gemma says there is a lot of history and Opie wants to know what happens now. She says she will take care of her family. Opie leaves.

The Irish Kings arrive in a black SUV. Galen says hello to Clay. They meet on the road to the lumber shack. The cartel is a security risk and they want a meet outside the security envelope. Jax arrives late. He says the mother of his son was ill. They apologize for Tara's accident and say these events make the cartel worry. The Russians and the Mexican small arms are more than a reasonable risk.

Jax says that it has been handled. He said that they would be standing in Ireland now unless they had fired all the big guns. All the big guns will be used South of the border. The Kings need assurances. Clay says Romeo will address all the concerns at the meet the next day. The meet needs to be on neutral ground.

Potter says there is a risk the warden knows. The changes to the prison system have been observed. Juan Carlos just locked down the Irish cartel gun meet. (Juicy has continued narcing on the club).

Eli gets props from the Mayor, the new helmer of Charming Heights. He asks Eli to be there and says it could not have happened without him. Eli tells Potter that the City Council meeting is tomorrow night and rushes through the investors. The town hall is the place.

Potter wants to know where the town clerk’s office is to check the deal. When Eli ask why he says is is a most inquisitive fellow. The RICO sting is happening tomorrow afternoon. Potter says he needs local backup. Eli says the Juice came through. Potter nods craftily.

The Indian reservation is where the sting will be and Roosevelt is all about the help. Across town, Juice nods to himself in the mirror and rides away from the garage lot. he tells Jax he is going on a  weed shop run. Jax tells him not to carry and Juice says “I know”.

Potter wants to examine Mayor Quimby’s housing proposal. 

Clay goes on the meet with the Irish under Jax indication to make it look like the Irish want the matters changed.

Clay says that the Irish have concerns blood and headlines will stain their cause. Romeo says big stacks of cash have a very persuasive effect on people. Clay says he has noticed. Romeo says he can handle the doctor (Tara) but Clay tries to stall it. Romeo says he is too close an they will finish it. No mistakes this time. Clay can’t back them out of it.

At the cabin, Piney gets dragged out. Unser is upset. Skeeter is burning Piney’s body and says the cremation will happen after hours. Gemma stops by Piney’s and she says for Unser to find Happy and says to stop him. Gemma says after Donna Opie will kill Clay.

Clay has to not get killed or her plans will be upset. Gemma wants Unser to tell Opie he made a mistake. She says she is protecting what it took her 20 years to build.
Jax indicates that he wants to know what Wendy was doing at the hospital. He finds out that Wendy was after Abel. Jax finds out Gemma knew about Wendy. Jax gets the prospect guard to get a 20 on Wendy and gets Rat to guard Tara.

Jax says he wants out after the next deal. They need to stop muling and he needs out. Munson is incredulous Jax is really leaving. Bobby gets the gavel with Chiba as the VP. Tig ain’t gonna carry it. The sergeant’s patch should go to Happy. 

He needs Tig and Happy and Chibs to translate the Catholic. 

At Stockton, Munson gets ushered into a strange room. Otto comes in with a yellow notepad of things he wants Munson to read. Munson is confused and gets out his reading glasses.

At the weed shop, Juice is picked up by a couple of feds. (Any plans he had to change the meet and protect the club are over). 

The Irish take Clay and Tig and Jax to the Catholic baby factory. They are supposed to look tough and strong arm the activities of the Irish Kings. Jax gets a bad vibe. He sees a tearful woman. He walks through the upstairs and sees all cribs with babies. (this is an echo of when the Irish took Abel).

Jax senses something is amiss and pushes through to see cradles everywhere. Our American colleagues have put profit before protocol and we are here to provide reinforcements. 

Clay talks Galen into dismissing Jax’s blowup. The brawl actually scared their men straight. They were taking highest bidder bribes from Protestant families for the babies. Jax is disgusted Clay didn’t tell them them about this arm of the Irish operation.

Jax has to go and he says that he needs to bounce someone’s head off twelve steps. Jax goes to see Wendy who stands on her rights and Jax says she has no idea what they have gone through. She says she went to see Tara out of respect for what she has down for Abel. 

Wendy says they should have told him she was a meth addict that bailed on him and secrets ruin kids. He tells her to stay away. 

From Tara and from Abel. She says she is the most stable adult in Abel’s life. She says she turned her life around judges love a good comeback story. 

Wendy thinks now she is clean she can walk back into Abe’s life. She tells Jax he cant d anything to her and she isn’t going anywhere. But he says that’s OK because he is.

Clay locks himself into Tara’s hospital room, locking the door. Tara wakes u and get frightened to see him there. Clay dismissed the prospect guard and Gemma comes into the hospital and sees the guard getting a snack. Gemma realizes that they are alone together and runs

Clay says only one thing can get in the way of that escape dream.  Clay says he knows what happens if Jax reads those letters. it complicates the departure. Tara says she saw how he slowed her down. Clay demands the letters from Tara for peace of mind. He wants to be able to sleep at night.

Opie stands at Donna’s grave. He does not answer Clay’s call. Tara asks what happens if she does not give them to him. Clay says he is not sure she and Jax will ever make it out of Charming.

Potter gets the signature of Otto in Stockton as Munson waits. 

Gemma finds Clay leaving Tara in the hospital room. She warns Clay about Opie knowing about Clay killing Piney. the cold bloodedness about how Piney went and the way Donna was killed. Opie will want a settled score.

 She gives him a  kiss and says “I love you” and walks away. Tara says he wants the letters. Tara guesses that her accident was deliberate and Gemma says it is because he panicked. Tara pretends she has been released and tries to pack up.

Jax walks back into the hospital room. He does not know she has been released. Jax tells his mother did you think he wouldn’t find out. Gemma hears him say he doesn’t care abut anything but him and Tara leaving. Jax says she has an offer from the hospital. The day after tomorrow they are getting out of Charming.

Gemma says that he has no idea what she has done to protect Jax from the truth. Tara says all she wants is the truth. Gemma says she has buckets of truth for her to drown in. 

Clay finds Tig with the some girls at the clubhouse. Tig is on a coke binge and turns down the opportunity to back Clay up with the Mexicans. Clay sense a vibe. Rat’s in the garage. Chibs and Happy went home. 9he wants to know about what will happen if Opie comes for him).

In the room with Munson at the prison, Otto speaks to Bobby about the list. He only asked one thing to take care of Lu-Ann Bobby says yes, they did. He says no he didn‘t.

Otto sits calmly as they drag him off. Otto said “Now you are gonna feel that”.

He says these are all the things he has done for the club including that which got him life and that which got him death. Munson has no idea what is going on. Then the federal men come in and grab him and drag him off. Munson barely figures it out and starts screaming. 

Potter walks back in and hears him says “Time for you to start a list Bobby”.

The cremator needs to talk to Opie about something. But when Jax comes in he sees Opie holding Piney’s jacket. 

Jax is stunned. Opie says “I just wanted to say goodbye. I know that he’d want you here.” Unser hangs back. They burn his jacket. Opie demands to know if Jax knew about it. Jax says this is a matter for the table.

Munson and Juice both lie inside Stockton Federal Penitentiary. Munson is stunned and Juice is afraid.

Jax denies that Clay killed Piney. Jax does not know what he is talking about. Opie says “What table? You’re out”. Opie rides off.  Jax can’t start his bike because Opie shot his bike and Unser’s starter.

The cremator runs outside at the noise. “Is that a gun ? Jax asks. The man looks at Jax. “Why ?" he asks. “I need it.” Jax says. He runs out after Opie.

Jax rides off but Opie wheels too fast and Jax steals another motorcyclist’s bike to get back on the road after Opie.

Gemma sits smoking weed at home while Jax rides behind Opie. Tara sits at home with Abel while the prospect looks on. Clay sits smoking a cigar in the clubhouse until he hears a bike roll up. Clay hears someone come in and watches through the blinds. Opie busts in and grabs Clay.

Clay asks if he doesn’t get to say anything.

“My old man get to say anything before you blew a hole in his chest?” Opie says. He mentions Donna.

Having Donna killed is a settled score, Clay claims. Opie says no it isn’t. Opie screams for Clay to sit down and he does after a moment. Clay says someone has been lying to Opie. but then Opie positions Clay at the table and tells him he will die at the gavel.

Jax comes in and says for Opie to put the gun down and says “Please don’t make me kill you”.

Opie then puts two shots in Clay’s chest. Jax looks on in horror, his gun to Opie’s face.

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