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Merlin - Lamia - recap

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Written by : published Monday 21st November 2011

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Gwen’s old friend Mary shows up after her Alderman husband John is attacked in his village. Their son returns in a faint. They are just..so scared. Mary has not seen Gwen in some time Guinevere represents them to Arthur, who hears Mary tell of the sweating sickness and weird goings-on that have taken over the village.

Gaius would be happy to investigate in the village but suggests Merlin go instead. He has a knowledge of the healing arts and he can prescribe a healing remedy. Gaius says he is capable of much more than Arthur imagines.

Merlin asks Gaius if he can really do it. Merlin says he does what the physician tells him, and doesn’t hold the balance of the decision in his hands. Gaius says he puts his life in his hands every day, as does Arthur, Gwen and all of Camelot thought they may not know it. Gaius has faith in him.

Merlin travels with the knights of Camelot as escort. John is disappointed to see a boy not a physician. The knights defend Merlin, who had earned their affection and respect. The men are barely alive and it has been that way for two or three days.

John says it strikes suddenly. Merlin suggest Gaius’s cure with hot water and blankets. When John leaves, Merlin incants a charm prayer over the affected man, and is amazed when nothing happens. He stays up reading and sees the lights go out and shadows cross the window grate.

Merlin hears a hissing noise outside and detects something. He goes outside and something watches him. Then Gawain pops up answering the call of nature. Their laughter and Merlin’s watchfulness drive the thing off.

Merlin says there is something at work here he does not understand. John feared as much. John felt a presence, an evil in the air. Merlin says only Gaius can explain this.

Riding into the forest, they espy smoke from a  fire. They detect bandits and move to avoid them, but then Gawain sees a woman being taunted and cornered, and draws his sword. They smack a few of the bandits and and rest run off.

But the cortege change their bonhomie attitude toward Merlin when they discover a winsome girl in the forest alone. Gwen espies her hands have been tied and she tells of a bandits gang that abducted her. She says her name is Lamia. Her hands are scratched too.

Merlin sees Sir Bors grow snappish and calls Merlin off when he tries to talk to Lamia. That night Bors comes close to Lamia, whose eyes glow greenish yellow when he is not looking. Merlin is just there bringing water, and Bors offers him the end of his sword.

Bors decides they ride East because Lamia wants to ride East and homeward. Merlin says the people of Longstead wait for them and Camelot lies West and the knights yell at him. Guinevere is also told it is none of her business.

Soon the knights are fighting each other. Gwen and Merlin watch, amazed. Merlin suspects it has something to do with Lamia, the girl. The knights start to fight each other with weapons and cause each other wounds which Merlin treats. But Gwen says she is just a girl, and Merlin is not put off.

Merlin observes the knights are like brothers but they fight like foes now. Illian is foreign to Gwen now too.

In Camelot, there is no word. Agrivain suggests the bridge is down or word from Longstead has been delayed, But Arthur is disturbed by their extended absence and goes out with Gaius to find out what is going on. The sweating sickness has been put down.

The royal group reaches the Southrons area but finds a group of purple mantled men dead surrounding an empty cage cart. Arthur says there is too much quiet in the forest, no birdsong. The bodies have not so much as a mark on them. They are slave traders. Whatever was in the cage fought to get out.

Arthur brings one of the slave trader men, who comes to life, to Longstead. The girl escaped and killed all but one of them. The local village tells of a young girl who put a spell on them and they were bringing her to Camelot for judgment of sorcery. They suspected the girl of bewitching them. They started quarreling and fighting under the spell.

Gaius knows what she is, a Lamia. A creature of magic. Ancient high priestesses caused a powerful beast to be borne, a mixture of a young girl and a serpent. She could suck the life from a man in a single embrace. They could transform at will, become hideous monsters.

The beast could assume an amazing form and assumed massive power. The creatures were hunted down because of their powers. At Longstead, Gaius looks over the affected men and agrees there is sorcery at work.

In the camp, Illian is bewitched while on guard and Lamia sucks the life out of him. The others wake late in the morning, realizing he was on guard. Lamia lies awake. As the soldiers run off Lamia says to Gwen, “Don’t worry they’ll find your brother soon enough. “

Arthur tracks the group marching from the Lamia’s escape route from a day’s march behind. Agrivain brushes over a hoof mark and puts a branch in the way to cover the tracks Arthur is seeking. He suggests they are on the wrong track because so many people travel this way, but Arthur is insistent.  

Meanwhile at the camp, Illian’s body is borne aloft,  to a cry from Guinevere. Merlin turns sharp eyes on Lamia. The knights get ready to go. Lamia says she knows the lands nearby.

Guinevere notices the way things have changed. Lamia suggests they go to a castle nearby where they can find shelter. Guinevere and Merlin says they don’t need shelter they need to get Gaius. Sir Leon tells Merlin to keep out of it.

They ride and find the caste which looks harsh and forbidding. It is a ruin they see the closer they get. They use torches to get through the ruined dungeon entrance and move slowly through the underground tunnels. Arthur and Agrivain pulls up to the clifftop and Arthur says they have found it. Agrivain looks aggravated.

Merlin pulls Sir Percival aside and say they are walking into a trap. Percival harshly  tells him to keep to the healing that is all he is good for. Lamia walks them further into the castle and then disappears. The lights blow out.

Merlin uses magic to re-light the torches. He feels it is a trap. They walk forward into a ruined castle throne room full of dead bodies and corpses. The men are horrified but continue to “look for Lamia”. Merlin tries to warn them. He says for them to keep watch she is enchanting them.

They reject Merlin’s words but Gawain, Gwen, and Illian gets separated with Merlin while Percival and Sir Leon go the other way. Merlin ponders that only the knights and men have fallen victim to the Lamian curse.

While Gwen watches Illian fail away, she wonders why Merlin has not fallen victim to Lamia’s enchantment. Merlin tries to shrug it away but Gwen says Lamia looks at him like he is the enemy.

Gawain goes looking for wood despite Merlin trying to stop him. Later Merlin finds Gawain’s figure drained of energy and he falls in a heap.

Elsewhere, Percival finds Lamia sobbing in a heap in a dark dungeon. She says she was so worried he would not find her and he gathers her in his arms and she closes in for a kiss. Then she sucks the life out of him, her eyes glowing like a serpent’s. Percival flops to the floor.

Sir Leon turns the corner in time to see and screams. He rushes forward with a sword, which she knocks out of his hand. This time Merlin closes in to see. he sees the glow in her eyes and knows she is magical.

Leon gets sucked up too. Merlin closes in on the scene and says to a hissing Lamia that he might be a different kettle of fish for her to kill. She says she does not fear his magic.

Lamia says she could have killed him any time she chose and he says why doesn’t she try. Merlin uses his own gold glow to turn a trick or two, but Lamia is stronger. Merlin mutters some evanescent words and the sword goes flying into her middle.

Merlin mutters more words and the stones and ceiling fall on her (and the bodies of Leon and Percival). All is quiet. But Merlin turns to take a certain look and sees the rubble fly as a hideous monster moves forward. Merlin goes running. The monster follows.

Back at the chamber, Gwen hears screams and grabs a sword and rushes into the hallway. Merlin comes running and behind him a weird shadow grows. Gwen’s eyes grow wide at the horrifying monster. But Merlin’s leg is caught by one of Lamia’s tentacles and he is dragged back along the floor.

Gwen screams and flings her sword into the Lamian monster, at the same time Merlin’ eyes glow gold and he says a few words of his own. They watch the monster seize up. But then the monster falls flat, and Arthur is seen from behind it, with the others, slaying the beast.

Arthur and Gwen embrace, and Merlin says for them to roll along he is fine. In the following days, all the victims recover in Longstead under Gaius’ care. Arthur teases Merlin about being saved by a woman. Merlin says it isn’t worse than being dead. Arthur isn’t so sure.

Next day in Camelot Gwen reports to Arthur’s summons. Arthur says he wanted to make sure she is all right, and that Gwen has the courage of one of his knights and he never knew that about her before, and they kiss.

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