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Blue Bloods - Thanksgiving - recap

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Written by : published Sunday 20th November 2011

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Jamie Reagan and Tony work the street and discuss how the job gets in the way of a Thanksgiving dinner. Tony takes a private call on his cellphone from someone who wants something he can’t give him and it gets on his nerves.  Jamie looks away but hears this. Suddenly they hear a loud thump and a scream.

Jamie wonders what is up when a body falls to the sidewalk a few hundred yards away. People scream. Tony hangs up and they run to the body and check it. The young woman is dead. They look up but see nothing. Tony calls it in but Jamie is emotionally shook badly. The crowd gathers and the area is taped off.

Danny is on at the scene soon with Jackie, checking out the dead woman’s apartment. They see she works out a lot and has a big bunch of Thanksgiving fixings in the fridge. The place looks nice. They don’t make her for a suicide. They look at her phone and find a  text reading “You know what to do. Stop Humiliating Your Family”.

Jackie and Danny both see she is of Middle Eastern heritage. Jackie finds a letter from  home with a message about being true to her culture. They know about hate crimes and they discuss how the modern version is that the family puts pressure on the girl to kill herself and thus take the legal blame oppression away from the male members of the family of the  “honor” killing. technically this is  not suicide.

Danny sees Jamie at the street level and sees how he is shaken. Jamie says before the fall of the dead victim he was thinking of Thanksgiving dinner and now he can’t think of eating at all. Danny distracts him with talk of how they beat the other family team at backyard football. Jamie contests Danny’s account and Danny soon has him laughing. Danny leaves and says he’ll see him later.

Linda and Henry ready the bird for the Reagan family Thanksgiving. Their bird is immense and Linda is moaning about the cornball turkey plate Henry bought at a yard sale he claims Eleanor Roosevelt gave to them. Danny calls and says he will be home soon.

Linda and Henry dispute the stuffing. Henry suddenly gets a pain in his left arm and starts moaning. he falls with a heart attack. Linda rushes to his side.

Danny and Jackie check out the girl’s family home. The mother and sister are upset and so is the brother. The mother says she had a relationship with the boy that their son did not like. Danny gets the call from Erin about Henry’s attack. Jackie notices he is stunned.

They continue to the interrogations. Why did the family not support the boyfriend? Danny and Jackie accuse the son of hate crimes.

He reacts violently, saying they are atrocities and how could he accuse him of such a thing. Danny show him the text and the mother is appalled. The other sister disagrees with the brother and eaves the room.  The brother says he did send the text.

But it was not to shame her, he did not like the man his sister was seeing, man to man he did not trust him. His instincts told him the man was not right for his sister. When he says the name “Kurt" Danny instantly knows who the man is.

Frank and the Mayor hand out food at a soup kitchen together. The mayor and Frank discuss their stuffing references. The Mayor presses for special civic and armed police arrangements for Thanksgiving and looks out for a public threat. Frank says “Not on my watch”.

Erin is stopped on the street by a call from a persistent admirer her daughter thinks is hot. When she ignores his call she gives her daughter a lecture, not knowing the man is right behind her. She turns and sees him while he speaks into his phone as if he is calling her.

Jacob asks her out to lunch.  She turns and says she is returning his call. He asks them both out to lunch and she says no while her daughter says yes. Her daughter accepts and walks away, and Erin follows them both, noticing a man across the street in a car taking pictures of them.

Danny talks to Linda at the hospital from the precinct. He says he was glad she was there for his grandfather and see the suspect, Kurt,  walked in. Danny knows him by sight. He says he has to go and interrogates Kurt. He says he dated the dead woman and he was at Radio City Music Hall at the time of death with his parents,who are in from out of town.

Danny asks for their name and phone number. He wants to check the story out.

But then Erin calls, saying she saw a man taking pictures she made as a NYPD man. Danny can’t figure out why she doesn’t know who he is. Just then Erin sees the man in her office doorway and hangs up. He comes in. She asks why he was taking pictures of her.

Erin finds out he is a federal investigator of art fraud and is after Jacob for a fantastic number of art thefts internationally for years. Erin is shocked. The man seems very sure of himself but Erin questions his motives for telling her. Where does he get the idea Jacob is guilty?

Erin says how can he have no evidence after eight years. She says as a prosecutor she knows he can’t just sling accusations with no proof. The man says this warning is a courtesy so she knows who she is dealing with. he goes away and Erin looks worried.

Danny and Jackie pursue a murder angle on the dead girl for the boyfriend. They check out his story. Their alibi checks out. They wonder if they did not like their son’s girlfriend. But the  parents say they love the girl their son is dating. They show the detectives the girl they met with their son.

Danny Reagan sees that it is the sister of the victim in the photo. He and his partner show the photo to the  Middle Eastern family of the victim, who can’t believe the update. the mother ad son are crushed by the news.

They don’t know how Kurt would be seeing both sisters when just seeing the one man was forbidden by their religious teachings. The brother, (whose instincts about Kurt  proved right)  is angry the other sister was promiscuous and the mother is angry her daughter killed her other daughter’s chances for happiness by taking away her boyfriend.

The other daughter comes in and sees that they all know the truth. The mother hurls blame and he brother calls her a slut. The family and the mother in particular says how could you do that to your sister. The brother says “You stupid slut"! and Jackie and Danny halt this.

Danny and Jackie break this up but the other sister says you can’t choose whom you fall in love with and it just happened. She didn’t want to hurt Isla. Kurt was supposed to go talk to her that morning and tell her about it. When she heard abut the suicide she couldn’t bring herself to speak.

Danny reacts to the fact that Kurt was supposed to be at the apartment that morning.

Tony gets more phone calls from someone who won’t take no for an answer. Jamie asks what is going on. Tony confesses he owes a bookie $3,000. He can’t pay it.

The Mayor gets news of a terrorist bomb threat on the Lincoln Tunnel and asks Frank to close it. Frank says he has dealt with a lot of these situations and h should trust him to deal with it. Closing the Lincoln Tunnel would cause a panic.

Erin has lunch with Jacob and finds out more about him. She says if he is a known thief it looks bad for her as a New York City attorney to know him. She confesses about the man who came to see her and he says he has done nothing wrong. He says he is in the business of returning things. She has tea.

Jacob asks what is the most precious possession she has. She shows him her locket from her (dead) mother. It has a picture of her with her mother and one of her with her own daughter. Jacob says it is lovely. Her mother said to her that as long as she has the locket she will always be with her.

Jacob supposes she lost it. She says she would be heartbroken. He says what if he could return it to her. She says if he broke the law to get it that would be wrong but he says she wouldn’t care about that, at the time he returned it all she would care about was that she had it back.

Jacob says he returns things to their rightful owners. After World War two the war tribunals didn’t effectively return stolen belongings to the rightful owners. Erin understand what he means.

Jamie talks to Frank Reagan about his partner owing money. He says he is speaking to him as a son to his dad not as a cop to the commissioner. Jamie says he wants to call the bookie and ask for more time, but can’t speak to the bookie for him. Commissioner Reagan says he can’t be undercover and intervene for a cop, you never know who knows who.

Jamie say it is stupid six ways. The Commissioner agrees. They go to the hospital and see how Henry is. The doctor needs list of his medications. Frank realizes he has no idea.

Frank and Linda  work with the doctor to get the best surgeon for Henry, who undergoes a serious operation to clear a blood clot.

The Mayor shows up and asks Reagan with everything that is going on, if he trusts anybody to handle these things and delegate, and he says you’re looking at him. The Mayor says it was just what he wanted to hear.

The art theft guy comes to Erin, who is not happy to see him. He comes to report another art theft. The provenance is questionable because the painting went missing during WWII. He acts as though they both know Jacob stole it. He says that  Jacob Crystal was at the Wyndham Museum the day before it was stolen. He wants Erin to help them nail Jacob for art theft.

Erin brings pastrami sandwiches to Frank Reagan at the hospital and says now Linda is another Reagan woman who saved grandpa. The Mayor stops by with stuffing. Henry scowls against the doctor’s orders to  miss Thanksgiving at home and recover from surgery. Frank makes him stay.

Danny and Jackie find Kurt having brunch with his parents. They weren’t at Radio City Music hall. They handcuff him. He says it was an accident. His father says not to say anything.

He says that he’s looking at manslaughter. The parents say it is an outrage and Jackie says they say they are looking at obstruction of justice for lying. Kurt blurts out the truth. He went over to the apartment to tell her about being in love with his sister. Kurt says she overreacted and got up and she ran out the open window.

Danny says this window was conveniently open and he probably pushed her out. They haul him away. Jackie and Danny leave, with Danny saying they are sorry to interrupt the Thanksgiving Dinner and to enjoy the desserts.

Commissioner Reagan calls Jamie’s partner Tony into his office. He says Jamie is Danny’s supervisor. The Commissioner says he is worried about Jamie. He says his son came to him and told him some secret. That he has some sizeable gambling debts.

Tony is watchful. He says “Is that right?”. The Commissioner says he can’t worry about the officer getting tempted by some drug bust money or something with a gambling debt over his head. They both know Reagan is talking about Tony, not Jamie.

Frank goes on talking. On his best day a cop needs his integrity. The officer says he probably never meant for it to get out of hand. The Commissioner says he can’t help him a second time. He says it is important to him that Tony understand the “Jamie" situation. Tony says yes sir.

Commissioner says “Will you keep a sharp eye out?" Tony says he understands. The Commissioner offers him the (debt) money and leaves, saying Happy Thanksgiving. A stunned and touched Tony stands there and says “Happy Thanksgiving”.

Next morning, Jacob approaches Erin on the street. She says he shouldn’t be there. He gives her a sketch to match her mother’s pendant pictures. She says it is beautiful and he says he had four years of art school and he still can only sketch. (He drew it from seeing it for only seconds).

Erin references his activities. She says there are other ways to right this wrong. He says the courts and lawyers have done as much harm to his cause as the original crimes. She ask what does he want from her? He leans in (to avoid the bugs). He says in her ear “A little faith". Erin is confused as he walks away.

Henry watches a football game in the hospital. Frank comes back because he feels guilty. They are going to cafeteria to get a turkey sandwich. They go to get it out of a vending machine. Henry says it isn’t the first time he missed it. Frank argues that he is wrong.

Frank guides Henry to the cafeteria, where the great glazed bird is fixed and the entire Reagan clan is dressed for the family dinner. Henry is thrilled.

Erin says it is nice to see him smile again and he says it is the drugs talking. Danny says it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without him.  Henry says grace and gives thanks for Dr Durell and all those less fortunate, and those kind enough to open their doors to them. Henry thanks Linda, who brought his “Roosevelt" platter.

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