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Suburgatory s01e07 "Sweet Sixteen"

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Written by : published Saturday 19th November 2011

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Reminder: Tessa turns sixteen and George hurts his back.


Tessa just wants a nice small party with Malik and Lisa and some pizza, but Dallas convinces her that if she lets Dahlia plan her party, she can have her favorite band play there. It's too much for her, so she says yes. Dahlia creates a truly extravagant party that's impressive until she learns that Malik and Lisa were turned away, and after one song from the band, she realizes that she'd rather just have the original party with her friends.

Meanwhile, George is feeling old, and when he throws out his back, he lets Sheila take care of him. She takes it way too seriously, though, and after Dallas says something about the last guy she helped out dying, George is convinced she's trying to kill him. He breaks out and gets to Tessa's party in time for her realization, and then they go home and have their pizza.


A little heavy-handed on the whole remember-your-friends message, but a cute episode anyway. Allan Tudyk is nuts as Noah, and utterly shameless about using any means he can to support his business, including inventing drinks that will stain your teeth just to get people to go to him for whitenings afterward.

George's friendship with Dallas seems to be progressing nicely in the background, and the real warmth she seems to feel toward Tessa is still there, too. Dahlia had more to do than she ever has in any episode, and she actually smiled once, but turned out to still be an unpleasant dip.

And the band was the epitome of Indie excess--a theremin, a standup bass, an accordion and an oboe, and a song about toasters that sounded a little like a Bowie song and a lot like everyone else and made no sense. It was brilliant.

So all in all, nothing drastically story-changing, but it didn't really pretend to be, so that's fine. None of the episodes so far really have been all that story-changing, but this one is comfortable with the satus quo, and so we can ignore it and just enjoy the silliness.

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