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2 Broke Girls s01e09 "And the Really Petty Cash"

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Written by : published Saturday 19th November 2011

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Reminder: The one where they cater an art show.


Johnny shows up and makes sure everything is cool with him and Max, and apparently, her spiky snarking is too much for him, because he kisses her. This only complicates their problems, however. They've been hired to cater an art show for $500 at the last minute, and after Max stays up all night making the cupcakes, they find out that the coordinator is Johnny's beautiful not-ex girlfriend Kash. Max wants to just leave the cupcakes and go, but they're paying them so much because they're expected to serve the whole night, and won't get paid until they're all done.

Things get complicated again when it becomes obvious that Kash knows something is going on--and then more when Max kisses Johnny again. So they hide the rest of the cupcakes so they can get paid and leave.

Caroline uses the pay, however, to buy that picture of Max and Johnny kissing that was on the billboard last episode, insisting that she needs to destroy the image so she can really move on. It takes coaxing, but she does eventually break it, and then goes to rest. caroline covers for her and lets her sleep.


The ridiculousness hits an all-time high here, with the girls stuffing their faces and their shirts with the cupcakes to get rid of them, but there's that emotional stuff, too. Max and Johnny obviously have something, but max is determined to move on and Johnny either can't break up with Kash or she won't let him, so they're at a stalemate. And even if he does, how much of the attraction is the forbidden nature of it? Would they both sabotage the relationship if they got together?

They're fun together, with an equal amount of snarking and wittiness, but this could easily fall into a Ross-and-Rachel situation, where they keep getting together and falling apart, only to repeat the process, and that would be really sad. This show is too young and new to let that happen.

And what happened with his friend who liked Caroline?

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