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The Good Wife Net Worth -Recap

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Written by : published Thursday 17th February 2011

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Rita Wilson (Mrs. Tom Hanks) stars as Viola, a lawyer who hands over a big Zuckerberg-type client to Lockhart Gardner for the week because flights to Chicago are snowed in. The plaintiff is Patrick Edelstein, the computer programmer targeted by a popular movie about a hacker who made a website to get girls. The hacker is smart and sits in on depositions. The lady hired Diane because they had a big success with a defamation suit when Cary was on board with Alicia.

Alicia is in Oregon helping her brother move to Chicago. But the client Edelstein is worth 4 billion dollars. The brother talks about Will but Alicia can barely let go. The Oregon trail winds further when Will calls Alicia to get help on the case since Cary is with the D.A.'s office. Alicia goes to great extents to get Wi-Fi, including using rogue network asswords and sharing a hotel room with her marijuana smoking brother. The client says his mother gets calls from people who says the money has ruined him, because they saw the film.

Will wants the case to be won but they can't get clear of the lawyers. The Duke Roscoe case proved Chicago a good venue for defamation. Will says Cary has burned too many bridges to come back to Lockhart Gardner . Diane says "Let's Not Fight Dear". Edelstein has a tough beef arguing a public figure case. Then Will gets the screenwriter to talk about his motivation about channeling Edestein's real name to get back at people who talked about his drug use online. Will looks for a fight they can win.
The lawyers say the movie is a transformative work of art. Diane nails it down that it was not a work of commerce, then.

Will can't get the lawyers to talk about reckless disregard for the truth.  The lawyer for the studio tries to make friends with Will. Then Diane proves that serious product placement was used to finance the movie. Then she interviews the sponsors of the product placement, who show that Edelstein's name was used to market the promotions and that they would not have sponsored a film about just anybody.
Edelstein's main attorney Viola (Rita Wilson) comes into Diane's office just as

she has won the case with Will and an apology for the client. The losing attorney has phoned her and she is livid because with the case settled she can't bill more hours to the rich client. She calls Diane a bitch then fires her. A shocked Patrick Edelstein says from the doorway, "No, you're fired". A big new client and fee for Will and Diane, just when they need it against Bond.
Kalinda gets questioned by Cary's office, namely the detective (Wyatt) with the baby. A glass o

f Lockhart Gardner with Kalinda's fingerprints was planted in the beat up doctor case. Kalinda realizes besides her bat the attempt was to really implicate her and Lockhart Gardner. Kalinda sees Blake also being questioned by Wyatt.

Cary and his cops invade Blake's apartment, due to an email about stationery sent from Blake's home computer. Cary is warned off trying to help Kalinda because it makes her look more guilty. Cary is not scared by Blake (who doesn't seem to own a sport coat anymore) and his threats and makes fun of Blake's paintings. Cary mocks his Georgia O'Keefe art books. Cary has been told he is valued principally for his ability to beat Lockhart Gardner, and Blake might be his lever.
Kalinda learns from an old squeeze who works at the FBI that Lockhart Gardner is not a good place to be and will get worse. The Feds know Lamont Bishop is on retainer and has no legitimate businesses. Kalinda realizes Diane and Will are in a tough fight to retain control of the firm. The attractive Fed puts the moves on Kalinda. She asks for Kalinda to come work for her. Kalinda goes to Blake's apartment and they play strip poker airport-search style.

Kalinda says she didn't plant the email that secured the search warrant to Blake's apartment. Blake Calomar is working for Bond and Associates not Lockhart Gardner. Blake confesses during a Kalinda based strip search his job was as a fixer to get something on Lockhart Gardner associates. Kalinda is on the brink of letting go when Blake calls her Lila one too many times. She hits him with the baseball bat, and as he writhes on the floor she calls 911. He gasps out that he has found her husband.
Meanwhile Alicia gets told by her brother she can't change and will never take chances. She then puts on a dress and goes into the office to tell Will she never got the second message. He lies and says that he said she made the right decision. Alicia covers her disappointment and as she walks down the hall Will looks back over his shoulder.

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