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NCIS: Los Angeles - Betrayal - Recap

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Written by : published Saturday 19th November 2011

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A man matching Hanna’s description is tortured and killed by Sudanese rebel soldiers using a video camera. they brutally burn the the man as he falls dead. Nell reads the official document and two CIA men have been confirmed dead.

Governer Khaled rules this part of the Sudan. Travel arrangements to Khartoum are made for Callen. Hetty says there is a link in the CIA’s chain of command Hetty orders the link found.

Callen tearfully opens the body bag but realizes it is not Han’a body but sala’s/ callan cals hetty and says the scar on hanna is not on the body he uses a geiger counter an reaizes it is the other man. Callen scouts out

Callen watches Governor Khaled’s group and Nell and Eric identify the players. Jada, the sister is agent Hanna’s primary target. Callen is espied by a man who runs and callen chases him. Helmsley takes off his kaffiyeh at Callen’s command and shows his idenitification documents.

Callen meets an Global Criminal Tribunal man, Alex Helmsley, meets Callen in the Sudan. He shows that Sam is meeting Kalil’s sister and she is forbidden fruit. Khaled has been hiring American security. The Global Tribunal can’t get witnesses for the atrocities trial. Helmsley checks out and he says Callen is looking for three bodies but he is looking for a thousand.

The man says that thousands of bodies are never found from mass murders. he shows him that Sam is undercover meeting with the sister of the killer. The man appeal to Callen to help him uncover Khaled as a mass murderer.

But Callen and Alex Helmsley see Agent Sam Hanna go into a hotel room and kiss passionately with Khaled’s sister Jada. Helsmley says Jada is Khaled’s property and Khaled has burned men alive for less.

Hanna was one of four agents to monitor Khled. They wanted access to the terrorist netowork. neil vernon has instructed him not to speak to him.

Sam meets Khaled’s’s sister in the hotel room.They kiss. But Sam backs off and asks to approach her brother directly for permission to know her. She says Khaled would never allow a Westerner and a Christian to be near his sister. Sam s angry she didn’t tell, him. She says he can do with her what he wants.

Jada says all they have is right now to be together.

Nell finds Colin Rand as the CIA man in charge. Rand’s cover business is in Los Angles he has accumulated a personal debt. Deaks’ buddy in LAPD says he was busted for cocaine in West Hollywood. Deaks says a drug debt is  god motivation for selling agents in the field.

Kenzi and Deaks are told to meet with Rand to determine is he is the leak. Hetty is told to protect the agents at all cost.

In the motel, Hanna is trapped. in the car Helmsley says the bodies from the massacres have never been found. Callen can’t help him. Calen says the mission is o get the Sudanese Al-Quaeda who attempted a US attack.

Callen sees a man hanging around Hanna’s room. Jada’s cellphone rings and her brother raises the roof. She thinks he suspects. Hanna hears a voice at the door, it’s Callen talking in Sudanese warning him. Sam Hanna comes into the hallway to talk to Callen. “Welcome to Sudan”.

But one of Khaled’s enforcers goes into the hotel hallway and sees Sam talking to Callen. (an obvious Westerner) they chase the man outside and Helmsley shoots him. Hanna wants to know who Helmsley is and Callen says he is OK. But a small child playing with a ball sees the murder an runs away Callen chases him but can;t get him he’s gone.

Callen says why didn’t he pick up the phone and email? Sam says he got too hot. Hanna plans to play he is revealing helmsley as a sneaky Western to earn Khaled’s trust.

Callen is told he is staying in. G will help. Hanna wants to take his picture and show it to Khaled.This is the reason he shot the enforcer, because he supposedly speaking to him.

Deaks and Kenzi talk to the man in the cover agency. His secretary blocks them. He says Vernon is going to get Sam’s name one way or another.

Vernon is the only agent besides him that had the names of the task force. The embedded agents were revealed to Khaled. Kenzi asks if Vernon has Sam’s name. They ask why Vernon doesn’t know about Sam. he says because he was outside the CIA.

Kenzi says they would die for him and he would die to keep him safe. he says what about the breach in security? Rand says “Ever try investigating your boss”?

Hanna pretends he saw the bodyguard talking to Helmsley and shows him a doctored photo.

In the Sudan, Khaled burns the body of the man they shot. Khaled asks Hanna abut coming to work for him full time.
He says he is buying
They destroy any evidence of his government’s activity with Al Quaeda. He says he is resisting working for Khaled because of business not family.

Next day Sam and Khaled’s sister are driving and she stop the car. They walk in a field they talk about she was cooking and he returned to the Susan just to be near her. he says he only took this job to be near her. He says he saw her and changed his mind. He says he came halfway around the word to being near her.

She says the only thing worse than knowing him gone would be knowing he is dead. Hanna argues for Khaled being decent and his sister blows up. She says in the name of patriotism he has killed thousands. Jada says that is why she has brought him there.

The field is ten kilometers from Khaled’s farm. He sends a photograph to Hetty and Eric. They look at the the hill shown. From pictures it is a creek bed two years ago. Nell and Hetty realize it is a mass grave.

The rebels that stop Hanna in the car with the sister are Southern Sudanese. Callen and Helmsley are in the tent. Hanna says all the documents are burned.  Hanna says that it will take years before another agent can get in.

Khaled burned all documents lining the Southern Sudanese but even if they dig up the graves and nothing links Khaled to the bodies they have nothing. They need a smoking gun and they need a way to find the link. Callen says it is not an NCIS matter. But Hanna persists.

Hanna says they always tape their actions. Helmsley dares to hope there are tapes. Hanna says he wants to bring Jada to the West. Calen asks Hanna why he won’t leave. Hanna says he’d bet money on it. He needs to find the proof of massacres of three villages. He asks Callen to back him up becauu he wants this, and Callen agrees.

Back at the boat shed, Nell and Eric research Colin Rand’s boss. They hack Vernon’s computer. Nell suggests they look for emails that have been securely erased. They find encrypted files attached to an email address in the Sudan. They bring up the three CIA ID’s.

They look at the camera from the computer. Deaks and Eric and Nell identify the office. They see an office with pictures of Khaled and assume it is his. The encrypted attachment is the CIA ID pictures of the three dead agents. Kenzi is shocked and says he is the leak.

In the Sudan, Governor Khaled throws a party. The sister is sad and her brother Khaled finds her and says she s lying about why she is crying. He says she does not want to marry Samir, the arranged marriage. He says he does not want to have this discussion again. It is a family matter of family honor. He wants her to gather her wits and look nice for the visitors.

Hanna talks to Jada, who realizes she can never be his. Hanna approaches and says they can leave tonight .

Khaled will hunt her down if Hanna  takes her to the West. Jada says only an affront to his honor would threaten him and Hanna says they have to  have the tapes to shame him into remaining quiet about them leaving. Jada is upset and Hanna says they wouldn’t have to show them to anyone just having them would keep Khaled quiet.

She says Khaled is her only family and she would never betray him. Hanna says he loves her and lets her go. But after walking away she turns and tells him where the tapes are. In his office is a large cabinet and large wooden box the tapes are in there. Hanna finds the carved box and the tapes. Jada said he wouldn’t want the world to see those.

in Los Angeles, Deaks and Kenzi close on the office of the traitor. They tell Eric that Colin Rand is dead. Eric says that is weird because that minute an email is going out from Rand’s computer. they run through the place and find his secretary using the computer. She is the leak.

Hetty orders the transmission stopped. Hetty says for Eric to stop the computer transmission ad crash the network no matter what. Eric says he can’t crash the CIA network that fast. Hetty orders kensi  act.

They shoot but the secretary shots back and sends the email with Hanna’s NCIS service picture and documents. in the Sudan. Hanna calls Callen and says he has the information and is coming out.

At Governor Khaled’s mansion, the little boy from th street comes into the dining room. He says he saw something. As Hanna leaves nobody is at the dining table. he walks outside but then soldiers and Khaled runs into the forecourt and armed soldiers span out.

Khaled says “So, you are the spy". he slap him and says “Find out who he works for and then kill him.” Jada sees this.

Callen asks jad, how much do you love him?

In th tunnel Hanna is being tortured. The man says they all beg to die and they all tell him the truth. Jada comes into the room and tells her minder to leave them. She comes forward to Sam and asks if she was using her. She says ‘He said he loved me”.

They believe they were working for American intelligence. Maybe CIA.
Jada shots the torturer from behind.

Sam says she is on American soil now. She will be asked to testify against her brother. In exchange she will be given asylum for her cooperation. Callen says that she can eventually get U.S. citizenship. Hanna says she will never see him again. She says she will never testify.

She starts crying and says all that time, all those emails, he was holding her hands. Jada is very shocked. She says she will be killed if she goes back. Hanna nods. Jada is disbeleiving. Kenzi says for her to come with them. On closed circuit camera from the boat shed, Hetty observes the toll the mission has taken on Sam Hanna.

Hanna gets home and goes into his daughter’s bedroom. Then he goes into his bedroom and his wife asks how was the mission is Miami. “Hot” he says. He picks up his wedding ring and puts it on. His wife says she missed him and she loves and he replies back the same his face like a stone.

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