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The Mentalist - Pink Tops - recap

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Written by : published Saturday 19th November 2011

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A club scene with glamorous lights and music shows a VIP room with a good-looking woman. Her name is Yolie, and she is checked out by a good looking but arrogant man in an expensive suit. He bumps into her and grins as she checks him out and laughs and smiles. Their tete-a-tete is interrupted as Yolie gets a text which alarms her.

Another woman in the VIP room has been watching her and the man in the suit. She angrily follows Yolie, who is trying quickly to get out of the club. The other woman tries to follow but she is distracted by a man grabbing her to dance and too many people in the way. Yolie is gone when she looks up.

The woman comes out of the club, bumping a blonde. The blonde woman is annoyed and can’t get into the club and gets in line, noticing Yolie walk off. Yolie  strides in high heels to her car in a deserted section of the street. An arm reaches out, with a gun at the end of it. Yolie turns. Two shots and Yolie is dead. her body lays sprawled in the street.

Lisbon and Jane arrive at the scene. Jane notes the woman has short nails and is very fit, does not really match the club-hopping bar girl she is dressed as. He thinks she had trouble with the high heels because they were unfamiliar to her. There is a bruise on her leg and Jane guesses she is playing dress-up. Lisbon is amazed.

The detective on the force who meets them says he does not know the victim but Jane instantly detects that he does know her, and rather well. She is in fact an undercover police detective on narcotics task force working the club. A lot of drug activity as flowed in recent weeks. Jane and Lisbon agree to play by his rules.

The cop Cho brings in the blonde who was trying to get into the club. She flirts dangerously with him, and he remains poker faced. They have her on solicitation and possession. She wants to make a deal for information. The other detective buys her all the food in the vending machine. She says a man named Naldo really runs the club.

That night Jane phones Lisbon from the club, pretending he can‘t hear her to get her to come and join  him. Jane is chatting with th club manager, who leaves when he senses something is not right. They go into the VIP room, where the atmosphere is very different.

Jane stops the DJ’s spin and announces to the room he will give $500 to whomever points a finger to the man named Naldo. Nobody offers and Jane gives back the needle. The buzz begins again.

Jane then walks straight across the room to Naldo, the well-dressed man who was with Yolie. Jane says he is the man nobody would  look at so he must be Naldo. Lisbon asks him questions, and he is careful to call her “Ma’am” and shows respect. He knows Yolie is dead and admits flirting with her. He says she was texting as she left.

Jane verbalizes how the clenching of his jaw means Naldo is tense and has lost a lot of respect lately. Something has gone wrong for him, something important, Naldo contains his anger and concludes his chat with Lisbon and walks away. Lisbon tell the staff to research the text messages.

The text messages don’t fit the profile. “the champagne is on ice, come to the hotel, etc.”
Lisbon questions the head detective of the task force and he swears he wasn’t having an affair. Lisbon gets a court order to search Yolie’s house because she might have been in league with th drug dealers.

Lisbon and Jane visit the husband of the dead woman. Lalo is crushed. Due to her undercover work, Lisbon and Jane can’t tell him crucial details. Jane admires the cardboard house he has made for the kids and notices he is a good father. Another woman, Yolie’s cousin, quickly comes in and smiles and gets the kids out of the way.

Lalo says he never wanted her to do undercover work. He is angry he can’t know how she died or who killed her. Jane goes into the kitchen an sees Yolie’s cousin doing housework. Jane says with Yolie gone she is now the woman of the house. She takes offense but Jane sees he has a club marker on her wrists just like he has from the VIP room at the club.

Naldo and Lisbon come into the kitchen at the raised voices. Jane shows Lisbon the mark and the cousin blurts out that Jolie was having a affair. Lalo grows angry and asks what she knows. She said she had been suspicious because she read text messages from Yolie’s phone that suggested an affair. Jane interposes this with the fact that the cousin has a thing for him.

She says she went to the club and watched to see what man she was with. She wanted to get proof to show Lalo. “I did it for you!" She wails. He angrily fires her and tells to get her things and get out of the house.

The informant says Naldo had a big shipment of his drugs stolen by the Perry boys, a rival gang, The detective briefs Lisbon and the crew about how Naldo has obliterated all his competitors in the neighborhood by killing them but he is too clever to be caught.

Jane notices the behavior of the other task force detectives. One of the women takes it very easily that Yolie is gone and wears intensely drug-dealer friendly accessories for her roles as a drug dealer undercover. The woman says she and Yolie came up together through the ranks.

At Yolie’s house, the redhead detective (Van Pelt) searches for information about an affair. She asks where Yolie would have put really secret stuff. Naldo said she was paranoid and he shows her the daughter’s computer. She finds files of a foreclosed house that has been deserted and reports to Lisbon, who says it is the perfect place for drug hideout.

Jane and Lisbon go to the foreclosed house where the crew has been shot. One dead man sits on the couch playing a video game after death. All the drugs are gone.

Jane sees another “drug dealer” cop on the task force comes back from a bust with several types of drugs and flask and beakers. He says they get a lot of product from the busts. Jane ask where it goes. They go to the storage locker to turn it in and Jane spills a drink on  the detective. The man jumps and  goes to clean it off and Jane filches two beakers of product from the shelf.

Jane goes to the club during the day and sees the manager outside. Inside he goes and counts the money using machines. The man asks what Jane wants and he says 20%. The man says he is crazy and to get out. Jane says he is counting Naldo’s money.

Jane puts the two drug beakers on the table.  He says there is a lot more where that came from, and for Naldo to call him and make a deal. But on the way out a thug puts Jane in a SUV. Cho and Rigsby watch.

The detectives follow Jane because he has a navigation beacon in his clothing. But they trail the signal and find a dumpster with his shoes and shirt in it.

Cho finds the blonde in  a bar and flashes his badge at her john. He scurries away. She is angry at him for losing her thirty minutes of time and money. Cho is stone faced and she flirts a little. He goes to cuff her and arrest her for solicitation when she does not cooperate. People stare in horror.

She makes flip remarks. He says lives are at stake and she says she wants him to treat her like a human being. He realizes she sleeps with the thugs and knows a lot more than they do.

Jane is released from the SUV, blindfolded, in a warehouse without jacket and shoes. He opens his eyes to find Naldo at a table and thugs all around. The two beakers are on the table. Naldo wants to know where he got the product. Jane plays it cool.

Jane says that he can make a deal whereby he not only gives him sequestered drugs from police busts but he is a cop and he can warn him of other impending raids and tell him where the other drug stores are. He says he shot Yolie because she was a police officer and on to him.

Just then Raina comes out into the middle of the warehouse, angrily saying he is lying. Naldo is amused that he has two police detectives of a task force of narcotics trying to broker a deal with him. Jane says he wasted he cop Yolie. She argues she did it.

Raina realizes now Naldo doesn’t need her and angrily claims guilt for the crimes. Naldo is angry not knowing what to beleive and says he will shoot them both.

Cho approaches the blonde at the bar and she is tense. He says he can use a confidential informant. She asks is it cash money and he says yes. They have a deal. Naldo is furious the Perry boys have invaded his territory.

At the warehouse, Jane makes flip remarks but waits for the cavalry to come. They do, smashing into the warehouse with guns. Jane wants to know if anybody got his shoes. Naldo is booked for possession and distribution and many other charges.

Jane and others interrogate the killer Raina and ask why she did it. She says she went to the Perry Boys’ house but they changed the deal. They threatened to turn her in and expose her and she shot them. Jane says he knew it had to be someone they trusted because otherwise the man on the couch would have had a gun in his hand. Yolie knew too much and was closing in.

Yolie got suspicious of the busts. The woman invented this idea someone on the force was helping one of the drug gangs and invented false information. They used text messages in code to throw off anybody reading their messages. She stood outside the club and when Yolie came out at her coded text to meet across town, she shot her.

Jane knew she was guilty because she wore her drug dealer “disguise" even when off duty in the office. They can’t believe she did it. She says the suits wouldn’t understand. She says she has worked for fifteen twenty years and the thugs still  live large and she doesn’t. Her illusions about doing the right thing have blurred.

The drug dealers make what she makes in a year in a month. She says after all that time, it is easier to join them than chase them. Lisbon says she can join them in prison.

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