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Merlin - The Secret Sharer - Recap

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Written by : published Monday 14th November 2011

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Morgana seeks another wizard, Alator, to help her abduct someone in Camelot. He says she is the last of her kind. She trades the bracelet her sister gave her, forged in Avalon. He knows its worth and agrees to do it. She wants to know who Emeris is and where he is.

Meanwhile Arthur’s uncle points the finger at Gaius and asks him interrogatory questions. Gaius tells Merlin to watch out. Agrivain distracts Merlin by giving him a task. Merlin is asked to sharpen the blade of a new weapon as a gift for Merlin. He says to leave it for the king to find in the morning, meanwhile planting evidence in Gaius' rooms.

Agrivain lets Alator inside the castle. They put Gaius to sleep and Agrivain searches his chamber. They take Gaius off.

He was seen riding away from the city. The bells of Camelot ring in the middle of the night as Arthur is awakened by his uncle. The hasty departure in the middle of the night shows that Gaius is the traitor. They search Gaius’ rooms.

Meanwhile the wizard Alator rides away with the sleeping Gaius. Arthur and soldiers poke around Gaius' rooms. They find books of old and ancient magic in Gaius’ rooms. They call Gaius a sorcerer. Years of betrayal under his nose are thrown in Arthur’s lap. Arthur refuses to send out a search party.

Merlin challenges that Arthur believes this at all. That Gaius has been consorting with sorcerers is nonsense. Merlin says Agrivain has made the story up. Merlin says Gaius would not leave without saying goodbye to him. Arthur says Gaius condemned himself.

At the rock caves, Morgana wakes Gaius up and says it is time for the fun to begin. Gaius says he is not afraid to die. She wants to know where Emeris is. The torturer is a priest of the old religion. As’a learned man she knows exactly what he can do.

At the cave the wizard lights a magical fire that enters Gauis’ mind. “Let the fire search out your thoughts.”  But Gaius knows a few tricks and fights back the spell. “Feel your thoughts begin to simmer”.

At Camelot, Gwen and Merlin discuss Agrivain and how much Arthur trusts him. Merlin searches Agrivain’s chambers and finds books about sorcery lying under his bed in a box. And Merlin spies red dust on muddy boots in Agrivain's closet. Merlin creeps off but Agrivain sees him.

Gawain is sitting in Merlin’s room when Merlin comes back. Gawain says there is iron ore in the caves only one place in Camelot. Gawain and Merlin ride out and Agrivain sees them from his window.

Agrivain rides for Morgana to the woods and alerts her while Gawain looks in the caves with a torch. Agrivain says Merlin is onto them. They get to the caves. He sees Gawain's horse and says Gawain is a hothead.

Morgana orders Agrivain to kill Gaius. But as he raises a blade Gawain sees Agrivain with Gaius’ body and Gawain thinks he is trying to kill him. Gawain says “So it was you!” Gawain catches Agrivain about to slice into Gaius.

Agrivain says he followed his trail. Gawain says then he agrees he was abducted. Agrivain agrees.

Gaius’ breath shows on the blade. Agrivain says Merlin can find his own way back and that the castle guard saw them leave and he saw the kidnappers lave from the ridge. Agrivain says Gaius will die if they don’t get him back.

Meanwhile Merlin hides in the caverns from Alator, who nevertheless senses him there and passes on. Morgana taunts Merlin and shatters him with a spell and Alator walks up. He say Gaius told him everything and as Alator comes to Merlin he says he knows who Emeris is and where he is. Morgana asks and he says he will never tell Morgana.

Stunned, she sees Alator throw her to the wall and crack her head against it with a staff of power. Her body falls to the ground. Alator says to Merlin he has grown up abused as a magician and there are many like him. They would gladly give their lives to help him build Albion. He lets Merlin go.

Arthur sees the men return with an injured Gaius saying he was abducted. Arthur learns that Agrivain followed Gawain and Merlin to Gaius. Agrivain says they both owe Merlin an apology.

To Merlin, Gaius is ashamed he betrayed the secret. Merlin says that Morgana didn’t count on Alator’s true loyalties and that they can’t tell Arthur about Agrivain. Gauis says how dear Agrivain is to Arthur makes it too hard. They have no evidence.

Merlin wants the morning off but Arthur stuffs it with tasks.

Morgana awakes in the cave alone. Her bracelet is lying untouched on the ground, clearly not wanted. She is furious.

Gaius says Arthur has known him since he was a child and he should have known he could ever hurt him. Gaius says the people who abducted him were from Morgana who helped bring down the kingdom. Gaius says Morgana got nothing from him.

Arthur says that when he was asked about the sorcerer who killed his father, he lied. Gaius admits it. He chose to protect him. He feared he would seek him out and execute him. The sorcerer did not kill his father. Uther was dying.

Gaius says he is not the only one seeking to protect him. Many more who believe in the world he is trying to create are around him. One day , Gaius says, Arthur will understand just how much they have done or him.

Arthur looks thoughtful.

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