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How I Met Your Mother s06e15 - Desperation Day

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Written by : published Wednesday 16th February 2011

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Watch How I Met Your Mother, "Desperation Day" right now!

Reminder: The one with the day before Valentine's Day.


Valentine's Day is coming, and, as Barney explains, all the single ladies want to find a date before then, so they're super-open to being picked up. He spends a lot of time trying to line up a series of dates, until he meets Robin's friend and Robin sets them up-- putting him on a date on V-Day, which he was trying to avoid. He doesn't mind that much. Could there be a new actual girlfriend for Barney?

Meanwhile, Marshall is still in Minesota with his mom, and Lilly misses him more the closer they get to Valentine's. They have a tradition of watching Predator on Valentine's because of a mix-up with the tapes ages ago, and she's afraid he's going to miss it. In the meantime, she's gotten a body pillow and put one of his shirts on it... and that spirals into a whole side-story about how she's having a rocky marriage with a pillow.

Also meanwhile, Ted and Zoey decide to take it slow, since she's only just going through a divorce right now, and there are a few misunderstandings that lead to her saying she can't wait until their first Valentine's together, which spooks Ted and sends him to "get Marshall", which really translates as "Hide out at Marshall's childhood home". Eventually, he and Marshall go home and that leads to everyone having a nice holiday.


A pretty good episode. Not the best one ever, but not at all bad-- just a little crowded. So much goes on every episode that it must be hard to maintain the balance, and sometimes it slips just a little. In this one, it seemed like everything was happening too fast. Everyone was in a different place doing a different thing, and there wasn't much time where they were just together, being friends. Nor was there much time where they were making sense of all the crazy things they were going through, which means the episode sort of just skated along until it was over. It was enjoyable, but not one of the super-memorable episodes of the season. However, it did get everyone back into one place, and that's a good sign for next week.

The Bottom Line: Enjoyable.

Watch How I Met Your Mother, "Desperation Day" right now!

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