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Kitchen Nightmares - Burger Kitchen part 2 - recap

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Written by : published Sunday 13th November 2011

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(Daniel’s father took $250,000 from his trust fund to start the restaurant) The Burger Kitchen in Third Street in Santa Monica is teeming with problems. They serve terrible raw burgers and unseasoned messy stuff. The owner’s father is a delusional man who thinks he is a beef sculptor.

They use frozen beef and Australian wagyu mix. Gordon Ramsay says it is cat food. The chef David (the 10th chef) makes beautiful burger with gruyere and a seasoned burger but Alan wont let him serve it. David is fired. David demands payment under California law the staff don’t have.

The Yelp people have put comments online. But the owner Alan said they were deliberate lying and taking away five star reviews. Alan said that there were a conspiracy in his mind. Ramsay organizes a meeting with the community manager for Yelp Katie Burbank. Daniel’s mother falls asleep and snores during the Yelp presentation and Ramsay wakes her up.

They Yelp feedback is real. Real people talk about how bad the burgers were. The people say how bad the experience was and many people say that they signed up for Yelp accounts only because of how bad the response was. Alan attacked many Yelp customers and emailed them threats.

David makes allegations that the operators are on a wavelength that is drugged. Jenn walks away from the first discussions with Ramsay. He follows her outside. David says he is the tenth chef to leave. At a key meeting she starts to go to sleep.

When Alan fires the chef David, Jenn asks Wendy if she will put the money in to cover the money paid to David to fire him. Jenn, Daniel’s mother, leaves and complains whenever real situations come in. Alan does not listen to the reviews and simply says that the reviews were faked.

Alan points at the people and says they are a conspiracy. Alan complains about his son yelling at him. The executive chef of the Foundry (a very good Los Angeles restaurant) on Melrose. The chef says that the massed complaints tell the company how to reposition themselves.

Alan says he cares about unfairness. They say to “Look at it as feedback” Danny says his father thinks in blissful ignorance. Daniel thanks Ramsay for caring and Gordon tells him to hang on.

Ramsay says they must clear the air. Alan says he is in charge by default. Daniel says he does not trust him. He confesses he does not trust him because of the way they put the money. He says the father put the money into the restaurant and he has no paper trail. He feels like the way they treat the restaurant is a game.

Alan starts to complain that he is not paid. Wendy explodes. They take from the cash register and they repay themselves. Danny’s girlfriend Wendy says they have been paid and the father says she is a liar. Evidently Wendy accuses Jenn and Alan pay their bills with restaurant funds.

Wendy accuses Daniel’s parents of taking payment from cash register funds while is not repaid for his investment. Daniel wants to see the books. Daniel wants them to stop making excuses and making lies and being right. (Daniel has almost a nervous breakdown when his father tries to deny the situation).

Jenn asks Daniel what does he want. Ramsay asks what does Daniel want. Daniel says they don’t have to win and be right all the time. Jenn says she can’t get along with her (Wendy) , Ramsay says to her that she has to do it and learn to walk away.  Ramsay says the viciousness is not necessary. Ramsay stayed up to 4 a.m. reading Alan’s book about his father.

Daniel says “You have to admit what the father did with the money was really really wrong. Wendy stands up for him. Ramsay says they are in a dreadful predicament and just walk away and be civilized. Ramsay says he read Alan’s book.

Ramsay reads extracts. Ramsay reads pieces of the book is exactly like Daniel describes Alan. He’s got to listen. Ramsay says it’s a live sequel and it’s going on in the four walls. Alan says “Like Father like son”.

Alan says it’s irrelevant to everything, he has done the wrong thing. Daniel is very emotional when he says that this is the first time he’s seen all of them get along for more than a few moments. (Daniel’s father took $250,000 from his trust fund to start the restaurant).

Ramsay makes a few changes and tries another service with a classic burger. The old food is horrible. During service, Alan tends to get in the way and duplicate all the things Daniel is saying. Daniel wants his father to let his take the lead and act like the owner. Alan sees his role change.

Ramsay makes a special classic burger with seasonings. He instructs them this is their product specialty. The new redesign has murals and an urban feel with chalk on the bar.The new restaurant feel much more contemporary. It looks hip.

 The burgers on the new menu has an Asian burger, the onion rings burger, and other burger variations. There are sweet potato fries and other sides too.

The new point of sale system includes devices given to the waitresses. They use this to keep the tickets orderly, and not spread all over the back table and mixed up. Ramsay says he has invited bloggers from the big Los Angeles cuisine sites.

Alan cruises the tables and starts injecting his presence. Alan says he can't stop him moving to help customers. He said he was an owner not a vegetable. Daniel ask him again and again to go behind the bar.

Daniel’s mother and father step aside from the restaurant so Daniel can lead. In the following weeks they kept the division working so the restaurant flourished.

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