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Community s03e07 "Studies in Modern Movement"

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Written by : published Saturday 12th November 2011

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Reminder: Annie moves into Troy and Abed's, and Jeff goes on a strange date.


It's time for Annie to move, and everyone pitches in. Except Jeff, who despite falling for Annie, has an aversion to effort that always seems to lead to effort of a different kind. Troy and Abed spend a lot of the time being goofballs--using all the tape to stick Troy to the bathroom door, using all the bubble wrap to make Abed impervious, and so on. They get the first batch of Annie's stuff to their apartment, and she finds that they've given her a blanket fort. She was expecting a room, but she tries to make it work, and she's charmed by the shadow puppet show they give her, telling the story of how they rescued her from 'Bad Neighborhood Forest'. But it goes wrong when she finds that there IS a second bedroom, except they've decided that it's to be a 'Dreamatorium' and they won't convert it into another room for her. She decides to not move in, and they have a fight, and Troy and Abed realize that they are too wrapped up in their own world. So they giv her their room, and they move their bunkbed into the blanket fort, and the Dreamatorium gets to be left alone for a future episode.

Meanwhile, Britta and Shirley have a discussion about whether you need to be religious to be moral. Britta tries to prove that an atheist can be moral by picking up a hitchiker who needs a ride and going way out of her way to get him where he needs to go--and he turns out to be a super-Christian, which makes Shirley happy. Then, he turns out to think he's Jesus, which makes Britta happy, especially when he says that pot is a gift from God and should be legal. Then he sings a song about how 'Jesus loves marajuana'...that ends in 'and drinking human blood', which makes them both unhappy. They kick him out when he starts getting into how the races shouldn't mix.

Meanwhile meanwhile, Pierce is trying to fic a broken outlet in Annie's old apartment and fries the wiring. While trying to get the pain open to cover the scorch marks, he spills it all over the floor and the fumes make him hallucinate that he's hanging out with hula girls and playing a baby grand. So Annie doesn't get her security deposit back, but the landlords keeps Pierce from accidentally dying.

And last, but not least, Jeff tries to convince everyone that he's sick so he doesn't have to help move, and runs into the Dean (did you know his name is Craig?) at the mall. Craigular Guy tells him he'll not tell everyone about the lies if he goes to lunch. At lunch, he makes Jeff order for him, and then demands that they go have fun, which turns out to be one of those make-your-own-music-video booths. They sing "Kiss From A Rose" in what turns into a pretty great medley with Pierce's hallucination song and the hitchiker's pot song, and by the end of it, Jeff actually is getting into it and having fun. Until the Dean lets it drop that he reads Jeff's email. Jeff eventually shows up with a case of beer and apologises for being a jerk, but they aren't mad at him because the Dean has already Tweeted the video they made, and that's better than being mad.


Man, this show manages to cram a while lot into the 24 minutes of a half-hour show that aren't commercials! Look at all that!

On the one hand, Jeff's refusal to help makes his falling for Annie seem a little less intense than it has previously, but on the other, it's exactly what we'd expect from him, and he gets his come-uppance, so it's fine. The discussion between Shirley and Britta was a fun way to make points for both sides of the arguement and leaves us with a stalemate that's probably the most realistic answer to the problem anyway. But the best part of the episode was the Troy-Abed-Annie dynamic. They really do have a separate world that they live in, and here we get an inside view of it--and of how closed it is. Annie comes up against that wall, and bounces right off it, but she makes enough of an impression (as it were) to get them to realize that they do want her there with them, and they understand in their own terms that they've messed things up. And they fix them in their own terms, too. The whole arc sets her up as sort of a Wendy to their Lost Boys, and that should be a fun dynamic as it unfolds. And the bit that ran over the credits shows how great it would be to be in their world--the story that Annie is in on, and that makes Jeff cry. It kind of makes me sad that the real world isn't like the way they see it, and it makes a really good argument in favor of entirely ignoring reality.

it was great, in the end, that everyone was together. Even Jeff, who is usually left out of the festivities--see "Remedial Chaos Theory"-- and that they patched up all their little bickerings to be a happy group pulling together to make something work again.

And there were Blorgons! Inspector Spacetime has made it into their own personal reality. Awesome.

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