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The New Girl s01e05 "CeCe Crashes"

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Written by : published Saturday 12th November 2011

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Reminder: Cece breaks up with her boyfriend and stays with Jess for a while.


CeCe has a major public breakup with her DJ boyfriend, but since he's staying at her place, she can't go home. Jess lets her crash with her and the boys, and it's immediately a mess. CeCe is drunk, and wants everyone to dance with her. Schmidt lets her sleep in his bed, and from the moment she wakes up, it's a competition between Schmidt and Winston to see who can get to bed with her first--mostly on Schmidt's side. CeCe is not really intersted in either, but she makes them run around and plays them against each other until Jess tells her that she can't play mindgames with her friends because it'll only mess things up, and she likes the way things are. In the end, she lets Schmidt back into his bed, and they sleep side-by-side, both admitting that they don't like to sleep alone. She tells him that she'll have him killed if he tells anyone that she held his hand...so, of course, he calls Winston to rub it in.

Meanwhile, she tells Jess that Nick is into her, and Jess takes it too seriously and makes him worry that something's gone wrong. When she jumps out of the car and runs away, he spends an hour looking for her, worried that something happened to her, which CeCe takes as proof that he likes her. But as usual, Jess backs off and apologises to Nick, and everything's fine...even if they are a bit smily and sweet anyway.

And we meet my new favorite character: the Bid Cat--the cat raised by birds, who Schmidt is deathly afraid of and who lives in a nest on the roof. I really hope it comes back.


I guess we're not getting any immediate imput on what's going on with Nick and that girl from the bar, but I like him better with Jess anyway, and it's sweet watching them figure out that they like each other, even if it causes abject terror in Jess and severe confusion in Nick, and then gets a little too much. This show is always skating along the edge of obnoxious, and it's stuff like that that pushes it over the side. What saves it, though, is Jess's understanding that she's being weird on purpose and that it's a self-defense mechanism--it's not just that Zooey Deschanel is trying too hard or something, it's that the character is doing it on purpose. It doesn't make it any less obnoxious when she does, but it makes it more understandable.

But the really sweet thing about this week was that Schmidt and CeCe both showed a little vulnerability, when usually both are so confident that they come across as characatures. CeCe is the perfect model and Schmidt is the sleazy lady's man, and that's all there is. This week showed us that there's more. Schmidt is a mess of old insecurities and weird fears, and he lets girls do whatever they want because he's afraid they'll discount him like they used to. CeCe gets involved with bad guys because she doesn't want to be alone and anything is better than nothing. And both make more sense as best friends now--we still don't know how a kindergarten teacher and a model met, but if CeCe is as insecure as Jess, they make more sense together, and they really seem to understand each other. And accept each other, which is probably more important.

And apparently, Jess's ideal man is Walter Mathau in Grumpy Old Men. While that's strange, it shows that she really just wants to skip to the part where they've been together forever, and where they're comfortable and safe, and that might be part of why she's so neurotically afraid of getting re-involved with someone. New relationships aren't safe.

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